How To Get Laid As An Introvert

Last night I got this question from a good friend of mine. How does one get laid as an introvert? Since every approach that involves picking up girls that I talk about in this blog seems like it’s meant to the people who have no problem with socializing. The guy that asked this question is a shy person who really struggles with social anxiety, who is not fueled by social interactions and who would prefer to stay home on a friday night to play video games or watch a movie. Are introverted people in this sense doomed? Hell nah!


So, what’s the solution?

Let me start off by saying this. You are what you think you are. If you think you’re an introvert and bad as socializing, then you’ll act like an introvert and are bad at socializing. But, if you think you’re an extrovert and like socializing, then you’ll talk more and be more social. It’s a simple mind shift.

All this being said, there are people who tend to reload their batteries when alone and vise versa. I don’t believe this is something we can choose, yet it’s something we can create during long periods of time. This concept mainly comes down to your childhood experiences during those first 7 years, how you’ve been brought up (have you been brought up as an introvert or an extrovert) and which side you relate with the most.


Even though we can’t really choose whether we want to be social or not just out of the blue, we can choose our perception and what we think is going to happen and how are people reacting to us. And, perhaps the most important point, we can choose how our life’s philosophy, of why we’re here and what we value the most in life. You can be an introvert, yet still choose to love socializing and talking to new people, making friends, creating connections and being a fun person around others. This is something we CAN choose no matter which personality side we might identify with. The ability to be able to talk to others and also enjoy every single minute of it comes down to you.

If you think you’re an introvert, but you also think you like to socialize, then you’ll socialize. It’s just that it might take a little bit more energy for you than for an extrovert. You might not be able to gather energy as you go about meeting people, but you can arrange your life in a way that when you hit up venues that are filled with potential new partners and other connections, you’ll be set to approach and enjoy your time with them.


Think of yourself as a phone. You do not need to have your ass stuck to a charger at all times, only during nighttime or even an hour or so from your day if you’ve been really busy. A phone also works when it’s not connected to any sort of power supply, battery wise of course. Same case with introverted people. The fact that you are losing energy when socializing does not mean your life is over. It’s just a feature of yours that’s not a big deal and can easily be played around.

All this being said…

Do YOU see yourself as an introvert?

Yes? Then read the following:

You’ve seen yourself as an introvert and that’s the meaning you’ve placed yourself around, therefore it’s the way you have acted. Due to the label you yourself created. But what if you didn’t see yourself as an introvert? What if that label would suddenly change? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes having fun with people? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes to offer value, do cool shit and experience life? What if you believed in yourself so much that approaching strangers and asking for their number would not be your small little victory, but instead be theirs? What if you going up to that girl and asking her out in your mind would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to that girl despite her reaction? If you were a freaking celebrity like Leo or Brad, would you really be gaining more from the interaction than the girl from you? No, that girl would run home crying, texting and calling all her friends while hysterically screaming “Brad Pitt just asked me out!”

What if you saw yourself as that cool guy that’s not winning himself, but that others are winning the lottery by you simply approaching them? Wouldn’t it be nice to make someone’s day (or even life) by doing this simple act of saying “Hi?”

Now that’s up to you, man.

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Become The Next Dating Prodigy In 4 STEPS

Warning! This post might save your dating life.

Anyway, let’s begin…

When I was new to the dating world, not knowing what sparks attraction within a woman, thinking looks matter and therefore starting to work out, trying to get myself down to a low body fat percentage just so that women would approve of me and sexually want to be with me, I had major troubles with getting girls to actually like me. Needless to say I did achieve my fitness goals and looked freaking amazing without a shirt, but the results with women did not add up. Due to this I made a powerful discovery –


When trying to find a girlfriend, your physical appearance does not matter. On women it does, and loads! On men, not so much (I’ll get into this in a second).

Now, let’s talk about the quality of girls. If you want a woman of higher quality, let’s say someone who works out and is winning in business, relationships… a woman who’s an overall winner, do looks matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Same with money. Does it matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Ultimately what makes a woman be attracted to a man is who that man is. No, I’m not talking about what that man does for a living or what status he holds in the eyes of our society, I’m talking about who that guy ACTUALLY is.

In my mind there are four pillars of attraction and by having them all properly balanced out you’ll be the most perfect guy she could find.


Nothing is more attractive than a guy who has a drive in life and who’s working on himself as a person.

This is when you’ve set a specific goal for yourself in life, knowing where to go and actually taking action and going there! This is when you know what you’re about and are not afraid to show it. Keep it fun, keep it lighthearted since the girl will not be attracted if you keep trying qualify yourself by sharing your goals and telling her how she should like you just because you have a goal. Not at all. Figure out what your life is about, set a goal for yourself whether it’s long-term or short-term, doesn’t matter, and then interact with the girl as if you did not care whether she finds out that you’re man of purpose or not. By doing so you’ll be purposeful almost automatically simply due to having the proper inner game sorted out before the approach.

Also, the girl will not fuck you if you do not take the conversation as a foreplay for sex. Since that’s what it is. Act with her as if you’re a man and she’s a woman and you’re both horny as fuck, yet there are social norms that prevent you two from fucking right then and there. Know as if you both are totally willing to fuck, but not yet. Do not try to win her over, already believe that you’ve won.

Besides, who the fuck would have the balls to actually approach with a sober head and then make it work? Almost no-one. So take some fucking pride in that. By being in self-help, by improving and focusing on learning more about life, having that as your main priority so to say, you’re already on the top. Money and good looks won’t change that. Your perception, in other words the way you view yourself however does!

By approaching, realize that girls want to meet a sex-worthy guy, and then there’s you providing that opportunity for them.

Therefore, have a purpose for your own life AND know why you’ve just approached that girl you’re talking to. If it’s for sexual purposes, own it.  If it’s to just make a new friend, own it. Girls will be whatever you like them to be, if you’re grounded and real in your intentions while being able to show some empathy and realize what’s going on so that your extreme masculinity would not scare them away.


Control the interaction. Think of yourself as a tree whereas the girl is the squirrel running around the tree. It’s the rule of being in reaction versus being grounded. If you want to have sex with a girl, you need to be the tree while she is being the squirrel. Whoever is reacting to the other more is the one that’s being controlled. And if the guy is being controlled by the girl, he’ll lose his sex-worthiness. Simple as that.

Also have an alignment in your thoughts, words and actions. If you’re out there approaching girls just with the sole purpose of having sex, own it up and act like it. This does not mean to be like a dog and chase girls, just assume every girl in the venue has already seen you and wants to have sex with you and now it’s time for you to choose. In other words – view yourself as a fucking god.

Is it realistic? Fuck no, but does it have some truth to it? Fuck yes. By improving yourself as a man and moving towards better understanding of our world you’re on the top, therefore one of the most sex-worthy guys out there. Having a STRONG sense of your own reality, whatever that might be. And is that far away from being a god? Hell no.

Act like a rock-star and get treated like one. You don’t even have to back it up, that’s the beauty about psychology and game. The one who has the strongest frame, wins. In the girls eyes you can be whoever you want to be.

Girls want a guy that’s alive, in his prime, on top of his shit, going places, has certainty, goes through life with ease, knows where he’s going. She wants a guy that’s potent and in his fucking prime.


You will be meeting tons of girls when you go out. By meeting more people you’ll become more at ease with your interactions. You’ll be in this state of flow where talking to people and getting sex at the end of the night with a girl you like seems effortless. You’ll be in the zone, so to say.

Talk to everyone, sleep with the ones you like and learn from EVERYBODY. Even the guys that are trying to game and are competing with you. Learning is KEY.

Also, keep in mind that a girl is not a goddess. Snap out of that illusion, all girls are human just like you. They have families, they have issues, they are insecure, they try to be cool, they are living their own fucking life and are by NO MEANS perfect. She is the same value as you on a ground level, and if you’re a hardcore go-getter who’s eager to learn from everyone, your value will be even much higher!

And that’s okay. Accept everyone for what they are, you can be playfully judgemental yet never quite mean it (don’t call an actual fat person fat and so on). Accept people for what they are since they’re all fighting their own battles, big or small. Have some respect for that.

Anyway, flowing. Take it easy, there’s no need to rush things. Know that everything will work out eventually if you just keep at it. Come from an abundant mindset. Don’t let anything disturb your peace. Consistent meditation is of tremendous help here.

Act like a rock-star and you’ll be treated like one.  Act like a rock-star and everyone will assume you’re one. Simple.


Whenever you go out, fun is such an important element. And I’m not talking about drinking, playing Pokemon with friends, sex or board games. I’m talking about having fun on your own, seeing the light side in everything that comes in your way and embracing the chaos, creating fun vibes out of nothing simply because you’re a giving person who loves to share good vibes.

Share good vibes! Be positive! Be the guy who’s good mood cannot be broken! Be like fucking Tom Cruise, the most positive guy ever!

Only you can determine your own entitlement. You see a hot girl, you feel approach anxiety yet you go anyway – that there defines you! It’s not the smile you get from the girl or the sex or any other validation you receive. It’s your own perception.


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.                  .                                                           .                         .


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What This Blog Is Really All About

Many people have been wondering why is there so much content about meditations, fitness optimisation, diet and other self-development concepts in a blog that is strictly meant for dating, especially for men. In fact, some of my last posts have been about embracing chaos, success barriers and even enlightenment!



What the fuck is going on?

Well, first right off the bat let me say that this blog IS strictly about dating and nothing more. Everything that I post up here is about becoming a stronger version of yourself, becoming the best man (and woman) you could possibly be. Even though many of my posts are meant for men only, since they talk about the ways of becoming irresistible to women, most of my content is also extremely beneficial for women too. Many of these attraction laws that I talk about endlessly are the universal truths of what it means to be human, how to optimize your learning curve and get the most out of life.

Therefore, how does it all correlate into picking up women and embracing the lifestyle of a womanizer?

pizap (10).jpg

If you learn the ways of becoming a womanizer, you’ll see how it’s not so much about what you do and more about who you are. Sure, you could have flawless verbal skills, always knowing what to say to a woman, yet that would not work if you did not have the mindset to back up your manhood, so to say.

You see…

Dating is actually very simple, if you follow a couple of universal laws, or in this case – laws of sexual attraction. One of these laws is being the best version of yourself. Now as you see, the things you can talk about in that category are pretty much endless.



Let’s take meditation for an example. 

Mastering the art of meditation and practising it daily will benefit your dating life in a way you cannot even imagine! You’ll become more aware of your surroundings, you’ll be more present to the moment and have this cool guy vibe around you that just makes people want to be around you since you’re so chill, so at ease with yourself, so awake. And that’s rare as fuck!



Let’s take fitness….

Costly signaling, people. By mastering the art of fitness, being ripped, being fit beyond measure will make you look like you’re a winner, a real confident guy who is able to handle tough situations that life throws at you. On top of this you’ll be more confident since you feel stronger, faster and much much more healthier. You’ll overall happiness will be much higher!






The ability to handle chaos…

To be able to handle chaos is a trait only a handful of people on this planet possess. If you learn to be one of them, you’ll be drowning in female attention.



The ability to not give a fuck…

It’s not just about not giving a fuck, it’s about giving a fuck about the right things. Therefore, you’ll filter out the everyday bullshit that makes most of us angry and frustrated on a daily basis, which will ultimately attract more women since you’ll be more confident and sure of yourself since you know what you’re about and what matters in life.


And so on…

You get my point by now. It’s not just about field reports and teaching you techniques to attract women. It’s about becoming a guy worthy of a fuck. And, as I like to always tone out – this blog is also a huge influence for an enterprising woman who likes to be on top of her game!





On top of all this, this blog is packed with beautiful pictures taken in various places of the world to make the experience and the message for the reader even more meaningful.





The White Knight Syndrome

“Damsel in distress, who must be saved by any means and circumstances. Those Disney movies have been fucking with your head, mate.”
Let’s clear some things up.
A white knight is someone who tries to benefit for his own gain from seeking out disapproved behavior, calling them out, sometimes violently even. These people possess something called “madonna-whore complex”, where an individual is labeling females only as madonnas or whores. This person is well out of touch with reality and probably needs this article more than anybody.

The ‘white knight’ is never trying to save the damsel in distress, he is seeking to mate with her by acting heroic.

If you have been out, and I mean like really, out of your house actually working on your social skills and becoming a better version of yourself through self-controlled, sometimes even mindless and wild action, the chances are you’ve come across these so-called “proud members of the society” yourself at least a couple of times, if not more.
The guy going around attempting to rescue women from “evil” men are simply driven by their biology and want nothing more than her reproductive abilities.
They portray a false narrative with the opposite intention lurking below the surface. It’s a strategy to lower the other man’s status while attempting to raise his in her eyes.
He believes his fake performance of bravery will notify the girl of a caring and protective nature, only for her to realize she should align with him out of a need for safety. It’s all bullshit. He simply wants to sleep with her.
It’s a cowardly way to solicit and attempt to build attraction by making someone else look bad while actually providing no value in the first place. These men are parasites.

What to do about it?

Educate yourself on social dynamics, learn about human behavior and evolutionary psychology and go out, develop an abundance of women and realize how pathetic being a knight in this day and age really is.


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New-Year’s Resolutions Are POINTLESS… kind of

WARNING: This might shock you.


The new year is upon us, and we, self-help folk, do not hesitate making our goals for the upcoming year. We have big dreams, we have strong desire to do great things with out life, we want to move the world in a direction of our choosing. We are the people with high aspirations, strong character and admirable willpower of getting things done.

At least, that’s what we believe to be true.

Ain’t it funny. As you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve lost relationships over suddenly picking up a Tony Robbins book, which commanded you to set high goals and work insane hours on something that doesn’t even pay yet. Oh you know what I’m talking about. Many of us have alienated our friends and colleagues, even our own family just because they are having a hard time relating to us due to our ever-growing desire to be better than everyone else…

At least that’s how they’re defining our new way of being, which in fact, is all an act (I’ll get to this in a second).

Allow me to explain.



A person who gets into self-help does it for one reason and one reason only – to feel good about himself. We don’t get into self-help for money, for power, for women nor for fame – well, we think we do, but all that shit is just to feel good about our lives. You don’t get laid, so you google “how to get laid” and, determined by the strength of your desire, you begin to study the ways of picking up women.

Your perception of yourself tells you that you’re fat, so you google “how to lose weight” to find out how does one have abs, which is due to our society praising standard beauty of staying lean and healthy. Nature tells you to eat, however the society tells us otherwise. Which one is right is for you to choose, since ultimately there is no right or wrong answer.

There are just the things we do.

Being overweight causes early death rate, yet there is no way of saying whether that’s bad or good. You can say death is bad, yeah. Well, it might be so for you, but centuries ago men were praised for giving their life for their country, no mention of their fat percentage what so ever. In fact, that’s still the case even today.



It is not clear if getting laid is good or bad. All we know is the present-and aftereffects we get from getting laid, learning to do so and the act itself.


So I guess, what I really want to say with this post is this: When you set up your new year’s resolutions, take the things that we’ve talked about in this post into an account. Understand that you do not NEED to do anything, yet it sure feels good to do something. Take it into an account that even if you do decide to go for something much bigger than a normal 9-5 family guy would aspire to be, people, especially your colleagues, friends and family do not NEED to be like you. They do not NEED to have the same goals as you, they do not need to have high standards like you, and they sure do not NEED to even like you.



And for sure, you do not NEED to hold anybody’s life choices against anyone. Do yourself a favour and take people for who they are at the moment without any judgement. Your best friend could lose some weight? Maybe according to your standards, but since he is not taking any action just yet, then clearly not according to his. If the need is strong, one shall find a way without us, the self-help crazies pushing our loved ones into doing something they’re not quite ready for, perhaps never will be.

You can’t teach a pig to fly, since he can’t and will only get mad at you for trying to make him into something his not. You might be okay changing your persona, your values, your strengths and so forth, but maybe he is not. It is best to let people do what they want to do, and focus purely on your own life. Happiness guaranteed.

It would be great for you, AND for them, if they did.

Once again, the point that I’ve emphasised for years now…

Every-single-fucking-body is perfect right where he or she is right now in his or her god-given life. We don’t need to be liked, yet for our biological condition it feels great if we are. We don’t need to be healthy, yet it feels amazingly fantastic if we are able to move our bodies on a top athlete level. We do not need to get laid, but it feels so damn fantastic, so it would be wasting our time on this earth if we did not experience the awesomeness of sex. In fact, anything.






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How To Make Women Do Anything You Want

I haven’t been posting much recently, but this topic is just wayyyy to important for me to not share!

. . .

I came across this guy recently who had an interesting question for me…

How can I make my girlfriend go down on me? How can i have her do every kinky thing I crave for?



Basically, what this guy was asking is how to make a girl do anything you want from her, like for instanse – how to make her be a dirty little slut for you or how to make her be a great girlfriend for you that doesn’t sleep around. Or, more importantly and perhaps even more specifically – how to have your girlfriend please you in bed any way you want.

And the answer is simple, but, for that, we need to go back to the basics.


A few years ago there was this video going around on the internet about two guys walking up to girls, not saying anything else other than just a simple:

“Put your number in my phone.”

Surprisingly, there were a huge bunch of women that said yes or just acted as the man said. Now, why did they do that?

Let me clear this up for you guys, because I love you. I really do. Lol.


Those two guys that were in that video were not demanding nor threatening in any way. What they were instead, was sure of themselves. They acted in such manner that any girl that they approached would feel this sense of entitlement instantly, they would feel leadership. And what does that tell you, about the question that I uplifted right in the beginning of this post and about women’s biological response system?

Women go for leadership, they go for the guy that knows what he wants and is not afraid to show it. They want a guy that is unapologetic for his cravings and at the same time aware of the situation and ready to make amends when the shit goes wrong. Not in a beta-male kind of way, but by understanding that she’s not ready for that kind of thing yet, therefore toning it down a bit and go about from there.

See what I mean?


A man that’s alpha-like and leading, yet at the same time can understand the social dynamics and knows when to back off, yet be unapologetic for his actions, therefore understanding the feelings of both parties.


How to make the woman do anything you want?

Tell her what you want without being needy nor demanding, instead be entitled, leading and sincerely sympathetic. 

Just tell her what you expect from her in a loving, caring, yet leading way.


Next Year Is Not Going To Save You

Who Is To Be Blamed For Your Misery?

I believe the biggest problem we have in our world today is not taking responsibility for our own life. We tend to let others control the paths that we are able to choose and even the choices that should be left for us to decide. It’s all coming from the state of insecurity and the lack of information, the right knowledge, the right education in our modern society. A big majority of us will blame everyone and everything before they get to the point of pointing a finger towards themselves. We think others are to be blamed for our current life situation. Our countries, laws, terrorists, bad and dishonest people and most of all, luck. Luck is the most commonly used excuse in the world we live in today. Sure, it does play a small part in it, but much more is about whether we let the right influence create us.

The new year is not going to save you. You alone are responsible for your own life and if you’re sitting around waiting for something or someone to come and save you, to fix you to even help you, you’re simply wasting your time. The sooner you realize that bad things happen to all of us at some point of our lives, but the way we react to them and what our attitude is like will make us or break us, the sooner you are able to enjoy life. Bad shit happens all the time and but as long as you keep blaming outside factors for your misery, you will never find any sort of relief, no improvement, no change and no happiness.

It does not matter where you come from. Just take a look around you. Look at all the successful people and what they had to go through to get there. It’s not luck, it’s not talent, it’s only their attitude towards life. They are willing to take responsibility for their own life. No matter what life throws at them, they will focus on what they can do to improve instead of looking other factors outside of themselves to blame. Yes, maybe you are not to blame, but you are the only one who is able to fix it.

I want you to really be aware of this. Whenever you notice yourself blaming something else for your misery no matter who or what it is, stop. Keep doing it untill your paradigm changes and you begin to see world and success in it for what it truly is.

Do it now or don’t do it at all.

How To Keep Your Girlfriend

Learning how to keep your girlfriend is an interesting topic, since this blog is mainly about picking up new girls and increasing your lay count as a man, one can’t help not to think how keeping your girlfriend and misogyny in general is related to such lifestyle.

Let me tell you this one thing…

In life there are different periods of which we go through. One year you might want to dedicate on getting laid with different girls as much as possible and the other you might want to find a quality girlfriend that would satisfy you and support you through life as a worthy companion. Needless to say, you know where I am at this stage of life due to writing this blog post. Haha.



Many guys think keeping a girlfriend means pleasing her in every way she asks for. This is false.

Do not get me wrong, a caring and loving man is what women want more than anything, but this comes with a twist. Are you ready?

Women want a loving and caring man who doesn’t compromise his own goals in other to please his women. Women don’t want a guy who sacrifices his goals and ambitions in life just to make his woman happy. That’s a beta male quality that screams of scarcity and insecurity.

Just think about it.

If Albert Einstein or Elon Musk gave up on his grandiose life goals just to be with a woman, then their destiny would be screwed up. I don’t believe in destiny, but you get the idea. Funny enough, women crave for a man who is loving and caring deep down and who wants the best for her, yet who lives up to his own values and is willing to lose her at any moment if it comes between her and his destiny.

I can’t empasize this enough!


Women want a guy that has a clear path in life, at least in his own eyes whatever it might be (even play video games for fuck sake, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re sure of yourself). For an alpha male, women are meant to be a side quest that empower their life, but are NOT THEIR LIFE.

I see this concept, guys trying so hard to keep their woman, on a street almost every day. I can see it in their eyes. They would want to go and check out a souvenir store, get a cup of coffee of maybe even go and greet a random woman who they find appealing, yet they are limited to do so since they seem to not let go of their woman’s hand even for five minutes.

It’s sickening.

The other day I was out exploring the nature of my country with my lovely girlfriend and I came across this swing that was meant for children. Being an inner child and whatnot, I left my girlfriend staring at the sea to go and swing there for a while without saying a word.

She notices, she comes towards me and starts creating drama, playfully of course. She asked why am I such an asshole and doesn’t even tell her where I’m going. Now, if you know the social dynamics between a man and a woman, you know that women LOVE to create drama unconsciously just to test their man and feel his manliness, which is expressed in an act of freedom and followed by an act of being perfectly fine with it.


Therefore, I told her to not worry and pulled her on top of me, she started to laugh and giggle, her face was filled with joy since I past the so-called “shit test” as we would say in the world of pickup.



If you compromise your own life for someone else, you’ll end up being the beta male, which is not attractive at all. If you only think about yourself and don’t care for the people, especially women around you, you’ll end up being an alpha aka the asshole.

The goal here is to be a caring asshole, who does what he wants, but shows some empathy and solves drama that his girl creates like it’s not even a big deal.

Which by the way – isn’t.


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I hope you don’t do this…

The #1 mistake of the NICE guy…

“If a women gets to know me.. Then she will want to have sex with me”

Women don’t usually have sex with a man they have gotten to know.

They usually try to get to know a man they want to have sex with..

The mistake men make is playing it too safe and not risking either offending by being real.

Women either feel the tension or they don’t..”

Dr Robert glover “No more nice guy” book is a pure example of this.



I got another message from a student who had coaching with me a few months a go about how FREE he feels.

Literally feel like a new man now! After our session I’m seeing everything completely different. I understand the mistake I was making, this has changed everything for me. I was just focused wrong and my view of women didn’t help, I used to be both afraid to express how I felt, now I’m excited and I’m just starting.

On the day of his training he said he felt he was “being creepy”.


But, with some guidance and coaching…

He came to terms with his own sexuality. He was able to understand his masculinity. The whole of not having it figured out stopped becoming a burden.

His intentions became aligned.

The crazy thing about this is…

We only chatted for a about an hour!

He literally changed that day, I could see it.


Then we interacted with some very beautiful women, he used the tools I provided (ways of leveraging his beliefs..not actual drills and hammers) and now he sees this area of his life completely different.

Now he is constantly sending me pictures of girls he has slept with to me.

(He literally can’t believe it…)

I can.

On the day of our coaching he told me some stories about different women who had either flaked on him or he had become some kind of GAY best friend to that girl, girls he chased for months with them giving him mixed signals. It is a common theme.. And it’s always the same mistake. Guys are afraid of their sexuality and are afraid to express it. I provide a safe place for guys to be very honest about the things they end up going through because of sexual shame.


It took a while for me to get over these myself..

I had to find a safe person to talk to.

I had to find myself again and come back into alignment with who I really was.

A lot of the guys who are already practicing pickup are ignoring their deep-seated shame.

They feel on some level some form of guilt.

I enjoy releasing them from the prison of being oppressed.

Some don’t even realize they are…

Some are convinced that they just want to learn the ADVANCED TRICK that they think will “make her attracted”.

I tell them it won’t matter unless you are truly showing up as you..

I tell them this is it.. You will keep showing up this way.. Present and as a man of action.

Your intentions become clear.

It’s powerful stuff and keeping this responsibly up as a man can be overwhelming for some.

Sadly, most of us can’t handle it at first and can slip back into old habits.

This is where one has to keep reaffirming his students these new beliefs they’ve learnt.

Soon, they are a new person! Good times ahead!



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Control Freaks And Why It Does Not Work

Guess what, bro.


You can’t control other people. Trying to do so will cause pain and suffering and anxiety, and that leads to a whole waterfall of issues that become very difficult to stop.

You can complete control over yourself, if you choose to have it. However, you don’t have control over other people. You can influence them in a way of your own choosing, but you can never fully play them as a marionette doll. You just can’t, because life does not work that way.

As for dating,


You can’t control the reaction which the girl will give you. You can’t control her liking or loving or hating you. You can’t do that, that’s up to her and her own blueprint, of which personality type she fancies and who she’s attracted to.


We can influence the girl’s reactions by changing our own state, our own mood, our own personality according to our own will. You can influence who you’re going to be in the next few minutes, in the next few months, in the next few years.

The law of state transfer.

Whatever you feel, they feel to a certain degree. If you’re okay with your own value system, your job, your physical appearance, your financial situation, your parents etc.

Then they will be too. People look for leadership. If you’re fine with a certain situation, then other people will be influenced by you depending on how much authority you have, and begin to shape their own perception according to your own. They unconsciously, without even themselves realizing it, put their fate in your judgement.

This is a powerful too, ecpecially in dating.

Whatever you’re okay with, the girl will be okay with.


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