Who Is Johann Rannu?

Everything about the author Johann Rannu…

“I philosophise. I read a few new books every week. I take seminars and listen to educational audio programs. I work out and maintain a fit physique. I write and sell my own books. I own a blog. I watch tons of movies, both good and bad. I teach the laws of seduction to guys. I spend time with the ones that are less fortunate, and the ones that are much more advanced than me. I don’t judge, or at least try not to. Sometimes I even play video games.

On top of all this, I go out almost every night to have and offer fun, and have sex with beautiful girls who are going to have a wonderful time. I do all this because I simply feel like it. I don’t have any responsabilities, because I don’t emotionally invest in anything that can come back and bite me hard.

This is my life. Would I change something in an instant if I could? Probably yeah. Not because I’m unhappy, but because I love change. I love experiences. I love to be present to the moment. I love to live.”