Why Are Rockstars Getting Laid So Much? (The Truth)

Why Are Rockstars Getting Laid So Much?

We are all exposed to the fact that rock stars and famous men overall have a big swarm of women who circle around them and are ready and open for a sexual intercourse with them at any moment. It’s like they have this aura around them that just attracts the opposite sex and does it with a major success. Or maybe those guys are just rich and all the women that wish desperately to get their attention, are all gold-diggers? Let me explain you a woman’s subliminal thought process behind all this by using the example of rock stars, since most of them are overly known to have slept with thousands of women.

A rockstar has many quality traits that make him EXTREMELY attractive to pretty much all women. Many of them don’t even dare to admit this, but the more likely the chances of her to sleep with a rockstar are, they’ll most likely take it. Rockstars possess more than just one trait that makes them attractive and puts them in the top list of guys out there. Let’s take a look at what they are.

A famous singer/rockstar/musician…

is expressing his true self through the music he creates. He is putting his personality out there and risks everything. If it’s not fake and also something that he is outside of the stage life, then it’s attractive as hell. Major confidence, not giving a fuck attitude and doing something that he loves for a living. An authentic self. All quality traits of a successful and smart alpha male who knows what he wants and how to get it.

is rich. Money is not the deciding factor here because he is able to provide, it’s more of a signal, an indicator that the guy has mastered something in his life, and therefore most likely has other valuable traits to offer. It’s called costly signaling. When you have the ability to do something that’s considered hard, you signal that you also have other successful traits. The real reason girls said they life humorous guys is not because women actually like jokes, since they could just watch a comedy show on YouTube at any time they like. Women like funny guys because it’s a costly signal meaning people have to use glucose in their brain to exhibit IQ and wit and all that stuff. All humor ever does, is showing the girl that the guy is witty, smart and worthy to keep around. It’s the same with power, money, fitness and all that kind of high class stuff.

is overall cool thanks to his “live fast die young” lifestyle. Girls are designed to follow guys meaning they’re attractive to this function, this leadership like personality. They care a lot more about man’s ability to lead and be cool, looks and money and fame will always be secondary and viewed as a bonus, not the actual reason why to sleep with you. If you have the first level of attractiveness cleared up in your own head and you fall into the category of having your shit together, then these secondary traits will not be necessary at all. Once again, this is a costly signal of a high value guy.

is loved by tons of other people. This is social proof that the guy really is something special. If so many others like and even love him that much, if so many other women want to be with him also, then he must have something to offer, something of high value. Social proof also eliminates the factor of fear, meaning the guy is probably not a killer or a rapist, so the girl will feel much more safer without the star actually needing to prove it.

We can’t deny the fact that there are also many gold diggers that really go for the money, but at the end of the day, they have feelings and emotions as well as the rest of us. They’re also human. So even if they’re going after financial values, they cannot help to notice other traits that I just described and that the stars usually have, or at least signal to have.

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Become The Next Dating Prodigy In 4 STEPS

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Anyway, let’s begin…

When I was new to the dating world, not knowing what sparks attraction within a woman, thinking looks matter and therefore starting to work out, trying to get myself down to a low body fat percentage just so that women would approve of me and sexually want to be with me, I had major troubles with getting girls to actually like me. Needless to say I did achieve my fitness goals and looked freaking amazing without a shirt, but the results with women did not add up. Due to this I made a powerful discovery –


When trying to find a girlfriend, your physical appearance does not matter. On women it does, and loads! On men, not so much (I’ll get into this in a second).

Now, let’s talk about the quality of girls. If you want a woman of higher quality, let’s say someone who works out and is winning in business, relationships… a woman who’s an overall winner, do looks matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Same with money. Does it matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Ultimately what makes a woman be attracted to a man is who that man is. No, I’m not talking about what that man does for a living or what status he holds in the eyes of our society, I’m talking about who that guy ACTUALLY is.

In my mind there are four pillars of attraction and by having them all properly balanced out you’ll be the most perfect guy she could find.


Nothing is more attractive than a guy who has a drive in life and who’s working on himself as a person.

This is when you’ve set a specific goal for yourself in life, knowing where to go and actually taking action and going there! This is when you know what you’re about and are not afraid to show it. Keep it fun, keep it lighthearted since the girl will not be attracted if you keep trying qualify yourself by sharing your goals and telling her how she should like you just because you have a goal. Not at all. Figure out what your life is about, set a goal for yourself whether it’s long-term or short-term, doesn’t matter, and then interact with the girl as if you did not care whether she finds out that you’re man of purpose or not. By doing so you’ll be purposeful almost automatically simply due to having the proper inner game sorted out before the approach.

Also, the girl will not fuck you if you do not take the conversation as a foreplay for sex. Since that’s what it is. Act with her as if you’re a man and she’s a woman and you’re both horny as fuck, yet there are social norms that prevent you two from fucking right then and there. Know as if you both are totally willing to fuck, but not yet. Do not try to win her over, already believe that you’ve won.

Besides, who the fuck would have the balls to actually approach with a sober head and then make it work? Almost no-one. So take some fucking pride in that. By being in self-help, by improving and focusing on learning more about life, having that as your main priority so to say, you’re already on the top. Money and good looks won’t change that. Your perception, in other words the way you view yourself however does!

By approaching, realize that girls want to meet a sex-worthy guy, and then there’s you providing that opportunity for them.

Therefore, have a purpose for your own life AND know why you’ve just approached that girl you’re talking to. If it’s for sexual purposes, own it.  If it’s to just make a new friend, own it. Girls will be whatever you like them to be, if you’re grounded and real in your intentions while being able to show some empathy and realize what’s going on so that your extreme masculinity would not scare them away.


Control the interaction. Think of yourself as a tree whereas the girl is the squirrel running around the tree. It’s the rule of being in reaction versus being grounded. If you want to have sex with a girl, you need to be the tree while she is being the squirrel. Whoever is reacting to the other more is the one that’s being controlled. And if the guy is being controlled by the girl, he’ll lose his sex-worthiness. Simple as that.

Also have an alignment in your thoughts, words and actions. If you’re out there approaching girls just with the sole purpose of having sex, own it up and act like it. This does not mean to be like a dog and chase girls, just assume every girl in the venue has already seen you and wants to have sex with you and now it’s time for you to choose. In other words – view yourself as a fucking god.

Is it realistic? Fuck no, but does it have some truth to it? Fuck yes. By improving yourself as a man and moving towards better understanding of our world you’re on the top, therefore one of the most sex-worthy guys out there. Having a STRONG sense of your own reality, whatever that might be. And is that far away from being a god? Hell no.

Act like a rock-star and get treated like one. You don’t even have to back it up, that’s the beauty about psychology and game. The one who has the strongest frame, wins. In the girls eyes you can be whoever you want to be.

Girls want a guy that’s alive, in his prime, on top of his shit, going places, has certainty, goes through life with ease, knows where he’s going. She wants a guy that’s potent and in his fucking prime.


You will be meeting tons of girls when you go out. By meeting more people you’ll become more at ease with your interactions. You’ll be in this state of flow where talking to people and getting sex at the end of the night with a girl you like seems effortless. You’ll be in the zone, so to say.

Talk to everyone, sleep with the ones you like and learn from EVERYBODY. Even the guys that are trying to game and are competing with you. Learning is KEY.

Also, keep in mind that a girl is not a goddess. Snap out of that illusion, all girls are human just like you. They have families, they have issues, they are insecure, they try to be cool, they are living their own fucking life and are by NO MEANS perfect. She is the same value as you on a ground level, and if you’re a hardcore go-getter who’s eager to learn from everyone, your value will be even much higher!

And that’s okay. Accept everyone for what they are, you can be playfully judgemental yet never quite mean it (don’t call an actual fat person fat and so on). Accept people for what they are since they’re all fighting their own battles, big or small. Have some respect for that.

Anyway, flowing. Take it easy, there’s no need to rush things. Know that everything will work out eventually if you just keep at it. Come from an abundant mindset. Don’t let anything disturb your peace. Consistent meditation is of tremendous help here.

Act like a rock-star and you’ll be treated like one.  Act like a rock-star and everyone will assume you’re one. Simple.


Whenever you go out, fun is such an important element. And I’m not talking about drinking, playing Pokemon with friends, sex or board games. I’m talking about having fun on your own, seeing the light side in everything that comes in your way and embracing the chaos, creating fun vibes out of nothing simply because you’re a giving person who loves to share good vibes.

Share good vibes! Be positive! Be the guy who’s good mood cannot be broken! Be like fucking Tom Cruise, the most positive guy ever!

Only you can determine your own entitlement. You see a hot girl, you feel approach anxiety yet you go anyway – that there defines you! It’s not the smile you get from the girl or the sex or any other validation you receive. It’s your own perception.


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Magnetic Attraction

Social conditioning tells us a lot of different things, from which a lot of is really good and useful for our everyday life. It gives us community values, knowledge without having to experience every little thing ourselves such as jumping of cliffs will cause death and so forth. Thanks to social conditioning we have no need to experience everything firsthand. The way we, humans, get new knowledge really fast is thanks to social conditioning.

In any social interaction, there’s one person who’s reacting more to the other person. Our conscious minds are looking to see who’s more sure of themselves, and the person who wins this battle will be rewarded with other’s attention. The person who’s more confident in himself, in his speaking skills or whatever it might be, will have more attention from women. You can call this guy the alpha male. The stuff that he says, does or thinks does not have to make sense, it does not have to be logically nor politically correct. The only criteria is that the guy must feel more confident than any other guy the girl has met in the last few hours, and what it does is that it sparks attraction almost immediately.

The more reactive guy will always lose the girl to the guy that’s less reactive, because being less reactive shows that you’re not intimidated by the situation. The guy that’s more intimidated is, in the eyes of a girl, much lower value and would probably not handle life as well as the guy who’s able to handle adversity. 

Now, it’s still okay to put people in their place whenever you feel like it, but it’s really important to add an element of comedy in it and not take yourself as seriously. The less you care the better off you’ll be. Just look at Jack Nicholson. That’s the perfect mould of an alpha male.

The more someone tries to put you down in front of a girl whereas you stay calm and unreactive, the more she’ll want you.

In evolution, women have always gravitated towards the man who can get things done, that is able to provide and protect whenever needed, which can be seen in the guy’s character. One way of projecting these character traits is to actually be a millionaire, physically overpowering every other guy around you or have every single person on earth worship you, which is something that many movie stars have.


Being the superior man through external values is most definitely not needed, since women are attracted to the guy that has those character traits that I talked about before and not to the guy who makes himself look like that alpha male, yet does not have it figured out deep down inside himself. Therefore, the guy that reacts more is seen as lower value. Pussy has been a valuable currency for a very long time and even the “normal”, not very good-looking yet still okay girls will not give themselves to the guy that appears to be mentally weaker. Even if they look like shit, they’ll know that getting sex is not really difficult for a girl, so they’ll still go for the more appealing man. And the more appealing man is not the one that has it externally figured out, but it’s the guy that has internal values. There are golddiggers, sure, but at the end of the day every single golddigging bitch would surrender to romance. We think we want money but what we actually want are emotions. Money can provide girls with emotions, but the real romance is almost priceless, since it requires a guy who can spark attraction within a girl without having the need to use luxury objects such as penthouses, cars, villas or suits from Hugo Boss.

Inner values beat external values, romance beats money.

External values act as a signal that maybe, since that guy has it figured out financially or physically, then maybe he’s also a cool guy deep down. External values help, but are most certainly not needed to find women beyond your dreams. Only when golddiggers cannot see your value as a man, they’ll go for your wallet. Really simple.

Why Technique Is The Best?

The truth about picking up women…

I want to get one thing straight right now. Women get just as horny as men! They just don’t want to initiative that shit all the time. They want to feel desired, shown some effort for. They want to feel like it was your idea to sleep with them. To give us, men, clues, they have all sorts of tactics that we completely miss. It can be as simple as touching her hair while talking to you or just  giggling. They are normal behaviours, but they come off as sexy. You might be thinking like „ Oh my god, I see this literally every day! It can’t be so easy.“ Yes, it really is. Women usually are interested in a big number of men just like guys, but they need to give you a chance to prove yourself first and they give you clues so that you could approach them. This is why we as men will have to approach to show courage, talk to them to show you’re comfortable with her and lead the way so that she could feel safe with you. These are the things that trigger attraction in women. Being mad at them for not doing any approaches and asking guys out themselves to find a partner is totally wrong. It’s like asking a guy why he does not approach a woman he’s not interested in. The whole concept of dating amongst men is entirely misunderstood. As far as technique goes, well…

There are some tweaks and such for different styles of game, but overall –  a certain technique does not exist. Small behavioural patterns here and there, but it’s far away from having a special technique that will unlock every woman. There is a guy who goes for the women he likes and that is it. You will work on being the best you can be every day and when you meet a woman, you’ll be confident in yourself because you’re improving, smart because you’re learning and will portray yourself, not some fake Bond’ish type fellow. You’ll create your own brand just like entertainment business created Bond. This is what women ultimately want in a guy – someone who is sure of himself. Everything else is circumstantial. You don’t need any pickup lines. You don’t need to study some certain lines to say for girl’s each reaction. Why? If you have the line of what you’re going to say ready in your head, then it will make you seem needy and especially fake. You will lose a portion of confidence and you’ll be just like a machine with no soul.

How to?

Well, that’s easy. 😉


How to notice in a club if a guy is into pickup or not? Just look for guys who just stand there not having fun, that’s like half the pickup community right there. They are quite easy to pick up with your eyes. Those are the guys who are scanning the room looking for potential „prey.“ They are not original and not being part of the vibe, instead they come off as extremely creepy and needy. They have no soul in their interactions. It’s like a machine has learned our language and now is trying to fit in. It might say the right things, but you’ll still see it’s a machine, not a real person just like with seduction the girls are able to spot a cool guy who is sure of himself from the crowd of admirers. A guy who is not thinking about what to say and does not care enough to be liked for not expressing his true personality, is being natural and most likely having fun. He does not care about some fucking opening sentence. No woman ever has told a guy no to sex after they had talked for hours just because he had a bad opening line.

When you’re real with the girl, then you will be successful one way or the other. You either get the girl or she rejects you for being you – that means she would have not liked you anyway. If you feel like you’re not successful because you’re natural state, your „realness“ is not cool, then you need to learn how to bring out the best in your personality, lose the small petty insecurities by either not caring about or just removing them (getting in shape etc.). Most importantly – read about game. Get yourself some self-help books, copy the knowledge into your brain and then apply it in your everyday life. This is what my book is for. To help those who seek it. The point is to get as much information as you can, but to not overthink it, because it leads to getting discouraged.

Number one rule is always taking action. Guys have different personalities, they have different attitudes, movement gestures, facial expressions, color, body sizes, accents and there are pickup artists with all of those different styles. What can we learn from that? Style, looks, status does not matter, taking action and approaching matters. So just jump in and stay on the course. Your mind will take care of the rest, I promise. You can be complaining at home or you can be out there doing it, giving your all and at the same time having the life that will lead to earning extreme value. At the end of the day the women want you to succeed with her. Why wouldn’t they? Why the fuck would women not want to meet a cool guy who shows them a good time and could be a potential partner? There is no why. They all do.


Pickup/game is sharing your personality the best way you can. In result of that you’ll find more than just one woman, who is attracted the you. It’s not about using a secret technique for manipulating girls into liking you. You’ll have losses and you will have victories. Game is about creating options for the victories.

Being labeled as a player is called having options, because I’m a man in his prime.