How To Make Women Do Anything You Want

I haven’t been posting much recently, but this topic is just wayyyy to important for me to not share!

. . .

I came across this guy recently who had an interesting question for me…

How can I make my girlfriend go down on me? How can i have her do every kinky thing I crave for?



Basically, what this guy was asking is how to make a girl do anything you want from her, like for instanse – how to make her be a dirty little slut for you or how to make her be a great girlfriend for you that doesn’t sleep around. Or, more importantly and perhaps even more specifically – how to have your girlfriend please you in bed any way you want.

And the answer is simple, but, for that, we need to go back to the basics.


A few years ago there was this video going around on the internet about two guys walking up to girls, not saying anything else other than just a simple:

“Put your number in my phone.”

Surprisingly, there were a huge bunch of women that said yes or just acted as the man said. Now, why did they do that?

Let me clear this up for you guys, because I love you. I really do. Lol.


Those two guys that were in that video were not demanding nor threatening in any way. What they were instead, was sure of themselves. They acted in such manner that any girl that they approached would feel this sense of entitlement instantly, they would feel leadership. And what does that tell you, about the question that I uplifted right in the beginning of this post and about women’s biological response system?

Women go for leadership, they go for the guy that knows what he wants and is not afraid to show it. They want a guy that is unapologetic for his cravings and at the same time aware of the situation and ready to make amends when the shit goes wrong. Not in a beta-male kind of way, but by understanding that she’s not ready for that kind of thing yet, therefore toning it down a bit and go about from there.

See what I mean?


A man that’s alpha-like and leading, yet at the same time can understand the social dynamics and knows when to back off, yet be unapologetic for his actions, therefore understanding the feelings of both parties.


How to make the woman do anything you want?

Tell her what you want without being needy nor demanding, instead be entitled, leading and sincerely sympathetic. 

Just tell her what you expect from her in a loving, caring, yet leading way.



Movie Characters That Always Get Laid And Why

I’m a huge fan of movies, which you probably already know about me since I have a couple of movie reviews about their philosophy up in this blog.




Yes, it’s true.

Characters that get laid a lot in movies (and I’m not talking about mediocre Hugh Grant/Richard Gere love stories here), the guys that we seem to think have it all, always, and I do mean ALWAYS, possess the same kind of characteristics.


In other words, the guys that get laid a lot in movies tend to have the same kind of personality, the same kind of outlook on life, and especially about women.

Characters that tend to get laid a lot tend to think the same way about sex, dating and everything in between, meaning – the laws of being an attractive male that has sex with many beautiful women in a short period of time seem to be following the same pattern.


Conclusion? You’ve guessed it!

There is a certain behavioral pattern that helps you to get laid.

Let’s break down a typical “womanizer” on-screen that women seem to love.

pizap (3).jpg


  • Pretty much every single Humphrey Bogart role.

This guy is often considered to be the first womanizer to be put on-screen, since almost in every movie he starred in he had the same kind of personality and his treatment towards women followed the same mannerism. So, what did he have?Bogart always put himself on a pedestal, always saving his own neck before others, not playing the knight on a white horse. Although he was in several “damsel in distress” flicks, his attitude towards any given situation always stayed the same. Even though a killer was after the hottest woman in the city, Bogart always dealt with his own affairs first, making sure his ass was covered before actually reaching out to help that poor woman.Pedestal_(PSF).pngBogart was an alpha male, if not a hyper-alpha. Apart from being confident as hell, he acted as if he always had a plan, rarely losing his cool and always having that “even if I’m wrong I’m never in doubt” face on.


In most cases Bogart was a wreck, an alcoholic who could even be considered a strong nihilist. Bogart knew what he was about even if that thing was not considered to be nice or polite. Bogart did not care much for mannerism. He knew he was being an asshole, he was completely aware, yet he did not care and always had a way of making himself get out of trouble by referring to the fact that he’s an asshole or blaming a specific situation for making him act in such way, therefore getting off the hook. Perhaps one of the strongest charismatic portraits on-screen.


I don’t think I even have to point this out. EXTREME CONFIDENCE in himself and knowing what he’s about.


Funny enough, you could see Bogart be vulnerable and knowing it, yet still a go-getter and “fight until the end” type of guy. Vulnerability creates comfort and shows a girl that you’re still human, therefore she can relate since women are typically extremely insecure.


Follow these guidelines up to your own personal perspective, play around with these by adding them into your own persona, and see how your relationships with women slowly start to shift towards you getting more attention, more publicity and ultimately –

More sex.


Isn’t that what’s life mostly about anyway? To win the approval of the opposite sex.



To find out more on how to become the man of your prime,


To gain the characteristics of an alpha male with ease,


To be like a movie character and have endless stories about your sexual encounters,


To always be the most interesting person in the room,


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How To Get Laid Consistently With Only 5 Cents In Your Bank Account

I’ve been picking up girls without spending a dime for more than three years now. I can tell you from hard learned experience that it can really have toll on your self-esteem, having no money what so ever. It will make you feel as if you don’t have value to offer. Therefore, you’ll be scared to even spark up a conversation with women, which leads to

Approach anxiety.

You, me, them…we’ve all felt it at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, going up to a stranger to just chat her up will always be a somewhat frightening task. We as humans are meant to be thriving, but in order to keep us alive and well, our brains have come up with this wonderful invention called fear, that is supposed to keep us alert and at bay against any danger that might come up. Therefore, since approaching a stranger used to be a grand threat to us because during those ancient times you never knew if he or she was friendly or not. Back then you could have been clubbed to death for something as simple as entering someone’s territory.


Luckily, this stuff does not happen that much anymore, but since this sense of danger has been deeply coded inside us due to the way the world is, fear is probably never going to leave us. When I look around on the internet, browse all kinds of online programs, I tend to see online marketers promising guys that their fear of approaching women will be gone after they’ve enlisted themselves into their highly expensive program, which is completely insane.


First of all, fear can never be removed since it is an important feature and also something that makes us human. It’s our survivor mechanism that will keep us safe. However, our brain signals fear whenever the potential for threat might occur, which in many cases during our day to day lives is completely false. Therefore, it’s up to us to separate danger from fear and use logic as our core value. It’s really damn important to be aligned with reality.

Yes, it’s true. Fear can never be removed, but we can overcome it by using simple logical facts such as nobody is going to kill you for approaching that girl on a street. If anything, guys around you will be baffled and wish to have your unbreakable courage. And the girls will feel as if you’re the most valuable guy around since you’re the only one with balls to approach a stranger, which is attractive as fuck. And, also taking the most important point into consideration – nobody actually gives a fuck. It’s highly likely that nobody even notices you, or even if they do, you’ll be forgotten in the next minute or so.


There is really no downside in approaching strangers. You can only gain from that.

That being that, most of us struggle with this despite knowing there’s no downside. For guys, even if there’s a reward in the end, they still choose to reject themselves and not approach the girl at all.

Psychologists have proven that it’s much more effective to not offer a reward, but to take something from that individual if he fails to deliver.


All that being said…


Let me introduce you the 5 Cent Technique.


I’ve been marketing this as a poor man’s way to get laid, and that’s exactly what this is. The reality is that you can be anyone and still use this technique, since it’s one of the best ways to cure approach anxiety as a guy for good.

So, what does one need for this to work?

  • Any coin
  • A friend

Here’s how this game works. You and your friend both meet up and go out to a venue where you can constantly see girls walking by. Once you’re there, and you feel as if you’re unable to approach girls, have your friend take out a coin, pick a side in which case you have to approach, flip it (assuming you get the “approach her” side), and give you 5 seconds to approach that girl who he picked for you. If you fail to do so in the next 5 seconds, he has the right to slap you as hard as he wants to. If you get the other side of the coin, just pick another girl in a minute or so and repeat this process.


Now, who wants to be slapped, am I right? The chances are not many. The key here is to not beat the shit out of your friend for not talking to a girl (or is it?), the key is to give him something to lose so that he’d have to work to get it back. In this case, it’s his organs staying in the right place, but it can literally be anything. You can just flip out 50 euros and give that to your friend, which he’ll give back to you after you’ve approached some girl. This is really the ultimate way of how to destroy approach anxiety – give yourself something to lose if you fail to deliver.

Keep this in mind:

The First Approach Is Always The Hardest One.

You might just need the coin trick to do that one approach, after which you’re ready to tackle this matter on your own. Do whatever works to get the results you desire.

After all, if you fail to accomplish your goals, you just don’t want it bad enough. If you actually wanted to get to know that girl who just walked past you, you would not even need a damn coin or a punch. You would not need anything, you’d just go.


If you want to learn more about this process and get to the level where you don’t even need a damn coin to tell you what to do,



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Sounds good?


The Easiest Way To Connect With Girls (And People In General)

Perhaps the easiest way to get a girlfriend and to connect with humans in general in such manner of which they see you as the most charismatic, open and fun person in the world is to actually GIVE A SHIT about others.

Don’t get me wrong here, not giving a fuck is the most powerful idea in the world, but this idea does not revolve around the idea of not giving a fuck about anything, instead it’s about giving a fuck about the right things.


For instance you might get mad over some sleazy salesman scamming you or a homeless person trashing your car. The best option would be to not give a shit about it, therefore have no emotional outbreak. You’d be like “Okay, that’s pretty fucked up and the person that did this is a motherfucker, but fuck it, I ain’t mad.” But to not give a shit about anything means godlike nihilism and hedonism, which in turn will fuck up your life. Drugs, sex and endless alcohol. Might seem fun, but that shit gets old and once you realize this, then it’s too late. But do what you like man, really.

Moving on…

Always try to put yourself into the shoes of others. People are not NPC’s, there’e people, with their own ideas and perceptions. Try to understand what he or she is all about, try to understand that she is also a human – as are you. She is not some goddess that needs godlike treatment. She is not special. She is not a unique snowflake. We are all different, and yet the same. We are all the same meat bags that walk the earth, or as Tyler would say, we are the same compost heap, the all dancing all singing crap of the world. Each and every one of us unique in our own way, yet from an outsider’s perspective the same ant as that guy that’s standing right next to you.



Try to somewhat immerse yourself mentally and emotionally into someone else’s point of view. Be compassionate, yet live your life for you anyway. Projection is key.

That girl you find to be the most attractive girl in the world is not her looks. She is not her bank account. She is not her tight yoga pants. She is not her trimmed amazing looking butt muscles. She is not special because every single guy out there tries to hit on her. She’s a simple human, and as with humans the thing always is – we’re flawed. We take a shit every day. No matter how cool you are, at some point of the day you’re sitting on a toilet trying to squeeze one out while looking overly funny and ridiculous. It’s all natural.

The idea is to put yourself in the other person, and I do not mean this literally, even though this is a dating blog for men. Try to understand the girl, the guy, your parents, your boss or whoever might be in your life. Try to see the world through her eyes. Try to realize why she thinks in such way. Try to see how her thought process works. Once you do that, it’s easy to realize that no person is good or bad. We are just either ego thriven or love thriven, and this last part is in tremendous minority. If you’re ego thriven, then you’ll be just like everyone else that’s trying to gain from other’s disadvantage, some being subtle about it and some open. If you’re love thriven – well, you’ll be the next Buddha.


So how to get a girlfriend, that’s the main question of this post, believe it or not.

Simply. Care. About. Others.


Care about other people, care about their perspective, try to understand it, but on the flip side also try to disconnect your own emotions from their doings. Their actions might be selfish, utterly stupid and maybe even evil, but once you understand where their deeds are coming from, you won’t be mad at all. Have the decency to see humans as humans. If you do that, then your insecurity, you putting women on a pedestal, any kind of criticising and putting others down will be a mere history. You’ll be the man who’s real, who doesn’t fall onto his knees in front of a girl begging for validation. You will be grounded in your own energy and also have this incredible sense of empathy for others, the healthy kind which does not fuck up your emotional state whenever you see or hear about stranger’s death. You’ll be the high value guy.

Understanding and projecting is the key to life. Wisdom is power. 


Want to go deeper?



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Reasons Why You Should Not Wait For The Perfect Woman

Many guys are stuck in parallel thinking. In this case, what I mean by that is living your life without taking any action in terms of dating and such and waiting for the „perfect“ girl to step into their life just like in a romantic comedy movie with Hugh Grant.

And I’m not here to diss those kinds of movies. Haha.

They are fun to watch and give hope for many of us. Although, that kind of thinking is not healthy and sure as hell won’t help you to achieve your goals. If you are such a softy with your dating life, then it’s more common, that the behaviour of that type translates into other areas of your life.

Let’s say you’re not working as hard as you could in the gym. You feel a little bit of tired and you quit. If that’s the case, then it’s highly likely that you will act such way with your job also. Not going to the limit and settling for mediocrity.

The more relevant problem for this topic with this type of behaviour is that even when that girl shows herself, then you would not know how to act the way she finds attractive, since you’ve been waiting for her for your entire life and haven’t talked much to the other girls, because in your mind you were not so interested in them and not „right“ for you.

Pretty much all my friends have this problem. They rationalise not talking to girls with girls not being as cute, as beautiful or nice as their taste desires. In result of that they do not get the reference experience of talking to girls or just have very little. So in their mind when the right girl comes, they can just chat her up and get her to like them. In reality that’s definitely not the case.

If you have not done pickup at any point of your life and been successful at it, then the chances are the girl is not going to like you because you just don’t know how to attract a woman. At least not a high quality woman. And their perfect woman is always labeled as high quality. Women can see what type of man you are by just listening to you and looking at your body language. Even if you had the courage to go and talk to the so-called girl of your dreams, why would she pick you? You have little experience, you probably don’t know how to trigger attraction and the only thing you can do somewhat right is to ask her out for a drink, because you read somewhere or saw in a movie that guys always buy girls drinks.

Now that is just ignorance and screams of you being inexperienced. Why would a woman like that choose a man like you? Mostly they do it only for the „provider“ role which I explain in another chapter.

That’s if you’re lucky…somewhat, because you attracted her for the wrong reasons and there can never be real love. It’s more likely that she does not want to have that kind of relations with you at all.

So what would be the ideal situation? Talking to every woman you see in terms of sexual encounters? Well, almost. The idea is to have an abundance of woman to choose from. Then you can actually see, what you like and not choose from the state of desperation and frustration. In this scenario you can actually figure out, what type of girl you like most and you can choose the coolest, beautiful and most appealing female companion. Most guys choose the woman who they can get. That’s desperation and feeling like you have no other option because no one else is going to love you. This is one of the main reasons, why there are so many divorces and men losing money to women who just married them for money.

So go out, talk to the cute girl at the coffee shop that you see every day, or the woman who works right next to you. Give them a try, see what they are like. Maybe you like some of them and maybe you even wanna see them again. Even better, maybe they even like you back! You will never know before you try. And when you meet that dream girl of yours, you’ll have the reference experiences and know how to not creep her out be actually a cool human being with being too needy, cocky or just simply stupid.

It is possible to truly find someone very special to you without learning pickup. But think of the chances of that happening. Pretty low. You can meet a woman alright, but the chances of her being the right one for you — really fucking slim. Also think of all the experiences that you’re going to miss when you don’t learn game. You will miss all the epic stories such as dating celebrities and all you will ever talk about is how you won that beer-pong contest twenty years ago. That might not be the case for everyone, but it’s the reality for most of us.

“Nothing worth having comes easy and without failing countless times before.”


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Become The Next Dating Prodigy In 4 STEPS

Warning! This post might save your dating life.

Anyway, let’s begin…

When I was new to the dating world, not knowing what sparks attraction within a woman, thinking looks matter and therefore starting to work out, trying to get myself down to a low body fat percentage just so that women would approve of me and sexually want to be with me, I had major troubles with getting girls to actually like me. Needless to say I did achieve my fitness goals and looked freaking amazing without a shirt, but the results with women did not add up. Due to this I made a powerful discovery –


When trying to find a girlfriend, your physical appearance does not matter. On women it does, and loads! On men, not so much (I’ll get into this in a second).

Now, let’s talk about the quality of girls. If you want a woman of higher quality, let’s say someone who works out and is winning in business, relationships… a woman who’s an overall winner, do looks matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Same with money. Does it matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Ultimately what makes a woman be attracted to a man is who that man is. No, I’m not talking about what that man does for a living or what status he holds in the eyes of our society, I’m talking about who that guy ACTUALLY is.

In my mind there are four pillars of attraction and by having them all properly balanced out you’ll be the most perfect guy she could find.


Nothing is more attractive than a guy who has a drive in life and who’s working on himself as a person.

This is when you’ve set a specific goal for yourself in life, knowing where to go and actually taking action and going there! This is when you know what you’re about and are not afraid to show it. Keep it fun, keep it lighthearted since the girl will not be attracted if you keep trying qualify yourself by sharing your goals and telling her how she should like you just because you have a goal. Not at all. Figure out what your life is about, set a goal for yourself whether it’s long-term or short-term, doesn’t matter, and then interact with the girl as if you did not care whether she finds out that you’re man of purpose or not. By doing so you’ll be purposeful almost automatically simply due to having the proper inner game sorted out before the approach.

Also, the girl will not fuck you if you do not take the conversation as a foreplay for sex. Since that’s what it is. Act with her as if you’re a man and she’s a woman and you’re both horny as fuck, yet there are social norms that prevent you two from fucking right then and there. Know as if you both are totally willing to fuck, but not yet. Do not try to win her over, already believe that you’ve won.

Besides, who the fuck would have the balls to actually approach with a sober head and then make it work? Almost no-one. So take some fucking pride in that. By being in self-help, by improving and focusing on learning more about life, having that as your main priority so to say, you’re already on the top. Money and good looks won’t change that. Your perception, in other words the way you view yourself however does!

By approaching, realize that girls want to meet a sex-worthy guy, and then there’s you providing that opportunity for them.

Therefore, have a purpose for your own life AND know why you’ve just approached that girl you’re talking to. If it’s for sexual purposes, own it.  If it’s to just make a new friend, own it. Girls will be whatever you like them to be, if you’re grounded and real in your intentions while being able to show some empathy and realize what’s going on so that your extreme masculinity would not scare them away.


Control the interaction. Think of yourself as a tree whereas the girl is the squirrel running around the tree. It’s the rule of being in reaction versus being grounded. If you want to have sex with a girl, you need to be the tree while she is being the squirrel. Whoever is reacting to the other more is the one that’s being controlled. And if the guy is being controlled by the girl, he’ll lose his sex-worthiness. Simple as that.

Also have an alignment in your thoughts, words and actions. If you’re out there approaching girls just with the sole purpose of having sex, own it up and act like it. This does not mean to be like a dog and chase girls, just assume every girl in the venue has already seen you and wants to have sex with you and now it’s time for you to choose. In other words – view yourself as a fucking god.

Is it realistic? Fuck no, but does it have some truth to it? Fuck yes. By improving yourself as a man and moving towards better understanding of our world you’re on the top, therefore one of the most sex-worthy guys out there. Having a STRONG sense of your own reality, whatever that might be. And is that far away from being a god? Hell no.

Act like a rock-star and get treated like one. You don’t even have to back it up, that’s the beauty about psychology and game. The one who has the strongest frame, wins. In the girls eyes you can be whoever you want to be.

Girls want a guy that’s alive, in his prime, on top of his shit, going places, has certainty, goes through life with ease, knows where he’s going. She wants a guy that’s potent and in his fucking prime.


You will be meeting tons of girls when you go out. By meeting more people you’ll become more at ease with your interactions. You’ll be in this state of flow where talking to people and getting sex at the end of the night with a girl you like seems effortless. You’ll be in the zone, so to say.

Talk to everyone, sleep with the ones you like and learn from EVERYBODY. Even the guys that are trying to game and are competing with you. Learning is KEY.

Also, keep in mind that a girl is not a goddess. Snap out of that illusion, all girls are human just like you. They have families, they have issues, they are insecure, they try to be cool, they are living their own fucking life and are by NO MEANS perfect. She is the same value as you on a ground level, and if you’re a hardcore go-getter who’s eager to learn from everyone, your value will be even much higher!

And that’s okay. Accept everyone for what they are, you can be playfully judgemental yet never quite mean it (don’t call an actual fat person fat and so on). Accept people for what they are since they’re all fighting their own battles, big or small. Have some respect for that.

Anyway, flowing. Take it easy, there’s no need to rush things. Know that everything will work out eventually if you just keep at it. Come from an abundant mindset. Don’t let anything disturb your peace. Consistent meditation is of tremendous help here.

Act like a rock-star and you’ll be treated like one.  Act like a rock-star and everyone will assume you’re one. Simple.


Whenever you go out, fun is such an important element. And I’m not talking about drinking, playing Pokemon with friends, sex or board games. I’m talking about having fun on your own, seeing the light side in everything that comes in your way and embracing the chaos, creating fun vibes out of nothing simply because you’re a giving person who loves to share good vibes.

Share good vibes! Be positive! Be the guy who’s good mood cannot be broken! Be like fucking Tom Cruise, the most positive guy ever!

Only you can determine your own entitlement. You see a hot girl, you feel approach anxiety yet you go anyway – that there defines you! It’s not the smile you get from the girl or the sex or any other validation you receive. It’s your own perception.


If I could summarise my whole book on dating for men, this would be it. 200 000 words said in 1500 words. But, it won’t just cover EVERYTHING you need. It just cannot be done. This article just exposes you to the main concept of sexual attraction.So, once again:


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.                  .                                                           .                         .


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Stuff Women Say… (Allow Me To Translate)

After years of trial and error…LOTS and LOTS of trial and error…


Let me translate some common sentences for ya into a language that will make you understand women a bit better:


I’ve been busy.” – She has not been interested enough to text or meet up with you.

There has been a shitload of things to do lately.” – She’s probably been genuinely busy, yet you haven’t been special enough to her for her to think about you. Most likely.

I have a boyfriend.” – She’s letting you know that there’s an obstacle without ruling out the possibility of having sex with you, hence why she’s still texting or talking to you.

I’m not into you.” – She’s either testing your mental strength as a man and your ability to stay sure in yourself, or she’s telling you that the type of approach that you’ve used has not worked on her yet, or a least for a very long time. Possibly a mixture of both.

You’re funny.” – You’ve got 50% of requirements down, now she just needs to see if you got what it takes as a superior man. 50% fun + 50% confidence. Play around with these numbers.

I like you, but…” – You’re okay as a friend, but have not shown masculine interest enough to be her lover.

I reeeaalllly like you, but…” – Same deal, but she’s probably already able to have sex with you and is just presenting a certain problem which you need to solve before penetrating her. Keep in mind that solving a problem is usually just verbal, you don’t need to go and actually kill her husband or anything. Go on to her with a bit more persuasion and certainty in your act, and you’ll break through.

I don’t want to see you every again!” – Now this can go both ways. She either does not want to see you again, or she’s just proving a test which you need to pass. A simple way to find out is to always assume that the girl wants to have sex with you more than you want to have sex with her. If she keeps resisting and you can feel this sense of defection, then pull the fuck back and move on to another girl. If you happen to be a normal human being without autism or anything such as that, then just trust your gut and you’ll be fine.

I love you.” – She’s throwing herself at you, hoping that you accept. If you do so against your own will and be on some kind of a mercy mission, she’ll know. If you do so because you also feel the same way about her, she’ll know.

I wish we could be friends.” – You have what it takes to be her lover, but there’s something negative about you and her being together. Maybe you have great sex but are not able to get along. Maybe she’s looking for someone else, yet your persistence and masculine energy is too strong for her to say no. Maybe she’s not ready to have sex with you and you’re not accepting her as just a friend.

He’s so mean.” – She likes you and you’re giving her a hard time that she secretly enjoys. Let loose a bit, yet do not compromise your identity as far as she knows it.

“I wish he would just go away.” – Go away.

“I wish he would just die.” – She’s into you and hates it.

“Even your mom has not more balls than you.” – She’s trying to provoke you. You’re being too soft.

“Why doesn’t he just leave me be?” – She’s annoyed about your clingyness, yet on some level she enjoys it. Your chances of getting laid are low, yet they’re still there.