I hope you don’t do this…

The #1 mistake of the NICE guy…

“If a women gets to know me.. Then she will want to have sex with me”

Women don’t usually have sex with a man they have gotten to know.

They usually try to get to know a man they want to have sex with..

The mistake men make is playing it too safe and not risking either offending by being real.

Women either feel the tension or they don’t..”

Dr Robert glover “No more nice guy” book is a pure example of this.



I got another message from a student who had coaching with me a few months a go about how FREE he feels.

Literally feel like a new man now! After our session I’m seeing everything completely different. I understand the mistake I was making, this has changed everything for me. I was just focused wrong and my view of women didn’t help, I used to be both afraid to express how I felt, now I’m excited and I’m just starting.

On the day of his training he said he felt he was “being creepy”.


But, with some guidance and coaching…

He came to terms with his own sexuality. He was able to understand his masculinity. The whole of not having it figured out stopped becoming a burden.

His intentions became aligned.

The crazy thing about this is…

We only chatted for a about an hour!

He literally changed that day, I could see it.


Then we interacted with some very beautiful women, he used the tools I provided (ways of leveraging his beliefs..not actual drills and hammers) and now he sees this area of his life completely different.

Now he is constantly sending me pictures of girls he has slept with to me.

(He literally can’t believe it…)

I can.

On the day of our coaching he told me some stories about different women who had either flaked on him or he had become some kind of GAY best friend to that girl, girls he chased for months with them giving him mixed signals. It is a common theme.. And it’s always the same mistake. Guys are afraid of their sexuality and are afraid to express it. I provide a safe place for guys to be very honest about the things they end up going through because of sexual shame.


It took a while for me to get over these myself..

I had to find a safe person to talk to.

I had to find myself again and come back into alignment with who I really was.

A lot of the guys who are already practicing pickup are ignoring their deep-seated shame.

They feel on some level some form of guilt.

I enjoy releasing them from the prison of being oppressed.

Some don’t even realize they are…

Some are convinced that they just want to learn the ADVANCED TRICK that they think will “make her attracted”.

I tell them it won’t matter unless you are truly showing up as you..

I tell them this is it.. You will keep showing up this way.. Present and as a man of action.

Your intentions become clear.

It’s powerful stuff and keeping this responsibly up as a man can be overwhelming for some.

Sadly, most of us can’t handle it at first and can slip back into old habits.

This is where one has to keep reaffirming his students these new beliefs they’ve learnt.

Soon, they are a new person! Good times ahead!



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Aces In Your Pocket

During my years of learning the subtle ways of dating and also teaching it, it has come across my mind that even despite having read books on how to be attractive to women and consuming endless online products on this matter is no use if you do not have certain game plan.

How to have all the aces in your pocket, so to say.


In my case, a year or so back I knew everything there was to know about successfully picking up women from the very first moment I laid my eyes on her. But, it was not enough.

You see…

Brain is a tricky thing. Even if we know how to do something, even if we realize that a good diet and exercise, dropping the junk food habit and drinking less alcohol will make you lose weight, we have a hard time actually fully going for it, we struggle with the execution of our own plans and living up to our own values.


Let’s say you know how to lose weight (because come on, we all do), but you’re still a bit chubby and it is in your value system to be fit and healthy. Now, if you value a good look and a functional body so highly, then why are you not living up your own values yourself? In fact, why are you not taking action today in order to become that person of your own desire? You do not need to be that person today, but you can strive to become him by taking action today, eating less and going for a run.

Deep down we all know what needs to be done, yet we do not always do it.

It’s the same deal with dating. We know how one is supposed to approach this matter, yet we delve in our own thoughts, looking for an easier way, fantasising what could be if we used our potential, our strength to the fullest. In other words, we know how and who, we just don’t have the willpower to actually put one foot in front of another and do the damn thing.


Therefore, without any further ado, here’s my three step formula to open ANY girl at any place at any time, AND without having your own “weak” self tune in and make you sit there without taking action while that hot girls strolls past you. And not just that, but this formula can be translated into any other area in your life. Sounds freaking amazing, doesn’t it.


Are ya ready?


First right off the bat, notice someone who you would be interested in based on her looks. Stop lying to yourself about her not being hot enough, about her probably having something important to do and you’d be just interrupting her, stop making excuses about why you should not approach her.

Do you know that the act of romance and love tops everything else? You could be late to a meeting, yet that cool guy coming up to you and saying hi would change everything now wouldn’t it? Your day would feel much better, you’d be meeting him again the next day for coffee and so on…


In other words, life would feel easy as fuck if there is something such as romance to live for. We, humans, love that. We love that dynamic more than anything. We are able to sacrifice valuable work time just so that we could have a chat with a potential match.

Funny, eh.

Therefore, you going up to that girl and she reacting to you is the most important thing she could be doing right now.

The next step is to realize that you’re enough. You are enough in every way possible. Yes, you might now have a Ferrari or a summer beach house to offer to this wonderful girl, but guess what – the guy with those things most likely doesn’t have the balls to approach a random chick on a corner of 5th avenue and actually have his shit together thinking he’s enough during this process. Therefore, if you’re able to do it, then you already have higher value in the eyes of the girl than that other guy with external riches. You have inner riches, which tops external values at any day.



At the end of the day, girls look for romance, not cars or houses. Girls looks for emotions since they’re human. Girls look for a guy that is able to provide them with an interesting story. Sure, Lambos and beach houses help to create a cool story, but if you don’t have what it takes inside yourself, then those fancy cars and houses won’t do you much good.

Therefore, if you’re able to go up to her, then you’re completely enough for her. You’re in her league at least, if not higher.

And the third and final step is easy.

Just do it 😉


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Dating Is Not A Science

The biggest problem by far that I see in my students is their thought process going about picking up women.

Guys that I coach tend to come from a background that does not support the lifestyle of constantly getting laid with beautiful women at all. Therefore, the mindset these guys possess is extreme technicality and their ability to go about learning pickup as this tremendously complicated thing, such as opening a math book and once they’ve memorized every single algorithm, every single nuance that might hit them, then they’re ready to actually get laid.

In other words,


Guys that I teach tend to look at pickup as a science, on which in order to successfully pick up their first girl one needs to completely understand the concept of how, why, who and when women fuck.

This is most certainly NOT the case.

Don’t get me wrong, picking up women and the art of seduction in general can be pinned down to a very specific science which explains why people tend to do the things that we do and how to play with these facts to create a favorable outcome for a guy to get laid.

Therefore, picking up women IS actually a science.

But, it can also be summed up very easily by understanding this one core principle.


Picking up women is a form of art, since when one is dealing with people and the spontaneity of a human mind there is always a level of confusion and randomness involved. Just think about it and I’ll do my best to describe you this phenomena.

Women have an abundance of dick (aka men). Well, most women do and it’s pretty hard to fuck that up (overeating, extreme negativity, overuse of drugs n alcohol). Men, however, don’t have an abundance of pussy. The way our evolution has made us is that men need to work for women and women need to make themselves hard to get in order to preserve their high value, but also be accessable to the right type of guy of their choosing, since at the end of the day life on earth according to our biology needs to continue.

It’s an endless cat ‘n mouse game.

Realizing this fact is already in many ways enough. Girls go to social gatherings with the idea of finding a cool guy in the back of their mind even if they themselves deny it. Our life as we know it revolves mainly around sex, our primal urge.


Men do the same. They go out to clubs and bars, work hard to make good money and go to gyms in order to be a high value guy, which in end is because we want to be on top of the “sex” pyramid.

And there you have it. Our entire existance is ant-like. We are ants dancing around our creation, being lead by sex. It’s all just like a game, not of any significance to the universe, but of great significance to our own small world.

That is literally it.

Now, if you see pickup as a science that needs to be mastered, then good for you, but you will overcomplicate this dynamic that I just explained you about.

It’s all just a game, and as long as you play it, you’ll get laid eventually, and also get good in the process.

How to get good? Haha, well…

Read my blog. 😉


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How To Get Laid Consistently With Only 5 Cents In Your Bank Account

I’ve been picking up girls without spending a dime for more than three years now. I can tell you from hard learned experience that it can really have toll on your self-esteem, having no money what so ever. It will make you feel as if you don’t have value to offer. Therefore, you’ll be scared to even spark up a conversation with women, which leads to

Approach anxiety.

You, me, them…we’ve all felt it at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, going up to a stranger to just chat her up will always be a somewhat frightening task. We as humans are meant to be thriving, but in order to keep us alive and well, our brains have come up with this wonderful invention called fear, that is supposed to keep us alert and at bay against any danger that might come up. Therefore, since approaching a stranger used to be a grand threat to us because during those ancient times you never knew if he or she was friendly or not. Back then you could have been clubbed to death for something as simple as entering someone’s territory.


Luckily, this stuff does not happen that much anymore, but since this sense of danger has been deeply coded inside us due to the way the world is, fear is probably never going to leave us. When I look around on the internet, browse all kinds of online programs, I tend to see online marketers promising guys that their fear of approaching women will be gone after they’ve enlisted themselves into their highly expensive program, which is completely insane.


First of all, fear can never be removed since it is an important feature and also something that makes us human. It’s our survivor mechanism that will keep us safe. However, our brain signals fear whenever the potential for threat might occur, which in many cases during our day to day lives is completely false. Therefore, it’s up to us to separate danger from fear and use logic as our core value. It’s really damn important to be aligned with reality.

Yes, it’s true. Fear can never be removed, but we can overcome it by using simple logical facts such as nobody is going to kill you for approaching that girl on a street. If anything, guys around you will be baffled and wish to have your unbreakable courage. And the girls will feel as if you’re the most valuable guy around since you’re the only one with balls to approach a stranger, which is attractive as fuck. And, also taking the most important point into consideration – nobody actually gives a fuck. It’s highly likely that nobody even notices you, or even if they do, you’ll be forgotten in the next minute or so.


There is really no downside in approaching strangers. You can only gain from that.

That being that, most of us struggle with this despite knowing there’s no downside. For guys, even if there’s a reward in the end, they still choose to reject themselves and not approach the girl at all.

Psychologists have proven that it’s much more effective to not offer a reward, but to take something from that individual if he fails to deliver.


All that being said…


Let me introduce you the 5 Cent Technique.


I’ve been marketing this as a poor man’s way to get laid, and that’s exactly what this is. The reality is that you can be anyone and still use this technique, since it’s one of the best ways to cure approach anxiety as a guy for good.

So, what does one need for this to work?

  • Any coin
  • A friend

Here’s how this game works. You and your friend both meet up and go out to a venue where you can constantly see girls walking by. Once you’re there, and you feel as if you’re unable to approach girls, have your friend take out a coin, pick a side in which case you have to approach, flip it (assuming you get the “approach her” side), and give you 5 seconds to approach that girl who he picked for you. If you fail to do so in the next 5 seconds, he has the right to slap you as hard as he wants to. If you get the other side of the coin, just pick another girl in a minute or so and repeat this process.


Now, who wants to be slapped, am I right? The chances are not many. The key here is to not beat the shit out of your friend for not talking to a girl (or is it?), the key is to give him something to lose so that he’d have to work to get it back. In this case, it’s his organs staying in the right place, but it can literally be anything. You can just flip out 50 euros and give that to your friend, which he’ll give back to you after you’ve approached some girl. This is really the ultimate way of how to destroy approach anxiety – give yourself something to lose if you fail to deliver.

Keep this in mind:

The First Approach Is Always The Hardest One.

You might just need the coin trick to do that one approach, after which you’re ready to tackle this matter on your own. Do whatever works to get the results you desire.

After all, if you fail to accomplish your goals, you just don’t want it bad enough. If you actually wanted to get to know that girl who just walked past you, you would not even need a damn coin or a punch. You would not need anything, you’d just go.


If you want to learn more about this process and get to the level where you don’t even need a damn coin to tell you what to do,



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Sounds good?


Perfect Text Game

This is without a doubt the most asked question I get. It’s not hard to realize why is it so as well, since today’s world has become so comfort driven that going out and meeting girls, taking them home and whatnot is not nearly as effortless as simply texting a girl and asking her to come over. Can’t blame ya though, I’m an avid user of Tinder for about three years now, but only recently have I stumbled upon the most optimal technique that works for getting laid off the internet without actually having to meet that girl in person first.

Also, it’s important to point out that this method works for texting crushes as well, not just for one night stands off Tinder, HotorNot or some other weird dating app. This method that I use is universal and works in general for all kinds of social interactions with girls through your phone. Messenger, Tinder, text messages… one night stands, lovers, soon to be wife…you name it!

Anyways, let’s begin.

When texting a girl it’s important to realize that you’re not going to build much attraction throughout texts. The girl can’t see you, the girl can’t feel your vibe. I used to add tons of emoticons, work on my humor to always be appealing through texts throwing jokes then and there after every message or so, being overly playful and brainstorming to come up with literally anything illogical just to keep her entertained, which in my mind was the same as keeping her interested. This is a lie.

Keeping the girl entertained is not the same as keeping her interested.

You have no idea how many great conversations I’ve had through text, but when I’ve asked them out, they’ve always said no. Like really. Fucking blows, am I right.

As a man you do not need to entertain her. The more you do try and do that, the more she’ll think of you as a texting buddy that’s always available, always happy and always ready to make her day. Sure, it might seem like a fun thing to do, good even, since in this case you are acting as a bundle of joy that’s extremely fun to be around. But guess what? That’s the same as having a dog, a small child or even just a fucking phone. It’s not hard for a young girl to be entertained in our modern world. Funny enough, the more you try, the more you go out of your way to keep the conversation going, the more she’ll lose interest in you due to your neediness and just plain out creepiness. I’m not saying humor is bad, not at all. I’m saying overly tryhard’ish humor, overblowing her phone with messages and long tedious texts with the aim to make her giggle is needy. A man of value already knows he’s high status, he already knows his good enough for the girl. Now think about it…if you had extreme self-worth, let’s say you’d be a billionaire with endless resources, would you spend two hours of your day just texting a girl? Fuck no.

You are already enough. Your texts don’t change that in any way. That’s the frame you should be coming from.

Point number two. Do not be always available. This is soooo key. Basically, what you should be implementing through your texts is being a high value male whose not dangerous to her in any way. Studies show that the biggest problem for males with online dating is that the girl might be a catfish, or in other words – good pictures, fat in real life. Whereas for women the biggest worry is that the guy is going to rape and kill them, and not necessarily in that order. Therefore, sending tons of messages shows utter neediness, which the girl will see as the guy having wayyyy to much need for this one girl, therefore he’s probably not a high value guy since he doesn’t have other options, otherwise he would not pay that much attention towards me.

Text the girl five to ten minutes later after she texts you, or just whenever you feel like it, unless she’s really hard to get hold of, in that case just message her whenever she’s online and ready to have a chat with you.

Third, and the most important point of all – texting is only a mere tool to get her to meet up with you. You are not going to be her next text buddy. You are not going to fuck her through text. You are not going to show her a good time and outdo other guys through text. You NEED to meet up with her in order to create solid attraction.

Now that we have established the basics, don’t be creepy, don’t be needy and don’t always be available, let’s look at some examples on how to text.



From the book “High Status”





Here’s a common flake:


Some simple examples of two of dating prodigies.

When you text a girl, keep it light, keep it simple and most of all – keep it short. DO not be writing long novels back and forth, do not make the conversation deep or anything, just give her a glimpse of you, show her that you care about her, but also that you are able to walk out in five seconds flat without shedding any tears for her. As a high value guy, you do care about others, but you will not worry about things that are outside of your control, such as the girl being too scared to meet up or her having different interests at this point. Our choices are always half luck.

You’ll get laid when luck meets preparation. Not every girl is down to meet you or to fuck you, but you’d be surprised of how many of them actually are. Practise, practise, practise, and when you meet that girl that’s down, you’ll pull it off easily.



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How To Get Laid As An Introvert

Last night I got this question from a good friend of mine. How does one get laid as an introvert? Since every approach that involves picking up girls that I talk about in this blog seems like it’s meant to the people who have no problem with socializing. The guy that asked this question is a shy person who really struggles with social anxiety, who is not fueled by social interactions and who would prefer to stay home on a friday night to play video games or watch a movie. Are introverted people in this sense doomed? Hell nah!


So, what’s the solution?

Let me start off by saying this. You are what you think you are. If you think you’re an introvert and bad as socializing, then you’ll act like an introvert and are bad at socializing. But, if you think you’re an extrovert and like socializing, then you’ll talk more and be more social. It’s a simple mind shift.

All this being said, there are people who tend to reload their batteries when alone and vise versa. I don’t believe this is something we can choose, yet it’s something we can create during long periods of time. This concept mainly comes down to your childhood experiences during those first 7 years, how you’ve been brought up (have you been brought up as an introvert or an extrovert) and which side you relate with the most.


Even though we can’t really choose whether we want to be social or not just out of the blue, we can choose our perception and what we think is going to happen and how are people reacting to us. And, perhaps the most important point, we can choose how our life’s philosophy, of why we’re here and what we value the most in life. You can be an introvert, yet still choose to love socializing and talking to new people, making friends, creating connections and being a fun person around others. This is something we CAN choose no matter which personality side we might identify with. The ability to be able to talk to others and also enjoy every single minute of it comes down to you.

If you think you’re an introvert, but you also think you like to socialize, then you’ll socialize. It’s just that it might take a little bit more energy for you than for an extrovert. You might not be able to gather energy as you go about meeting people, but you can arrange your life in a way that when you hit up venues that are filled with potential new partners and other connections, you’ll be set to approach and enjoy your time with them.


Think of yourself as a phone. You do not need to have your ass stuck to a charger at all times, only during nighttime or even an hour or so from your day if you’ve been really busy. A phone also works when it’s not connected to any sort of power supply, battery wise of course. Same case with introverted people. The fact that you are losing energy when socializing does not mean your life is over. It’s just a feature of yours that’s not a big deal and can easily be played around.

All this being said…

Do YOU see yourself as an introvert?

Yes? Then read the following:

You’ve seen yourself as an introvert and that’s the meaning you’ve placed yourself around, therefore it’s the way you have acted. Due to the label you yourself created. But what if you didn’t see yourself as an introvert? What if that label would suddenly change? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes having fun with people? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes to offer value, do cool shit and experience life? What if you believed in yourself so much that approaching strangers and asking for their number would not be your small little victory, but instead be theirs? What if you going up to that girl and asking her out in your mind would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to that girl despite her reaction? If you were a freaking celebrity like Leo or Brad, would you really be gaining more from the interaction than the girl from you? No, that girl would run home crying, texting and calling all her friends while hysterically screaming “Brad Pitt just asked me out!”

What if you saw yourself as that cool guy that’s not winning himself, but that others are winning the lottery by you simply approaching them? Wouldn’t it be nice to make someone’s day (or even life) by doing this simple act of saying “Hi?”

Now that’s up to you, man.

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The First Kiss With A Girl You’ve Just Met

When I look around, I see people struggling with their approach anxiety, being afraid to put themselves out there due to low self-esteem and self-worth.  Then there are guys that have HUGE entitlement and think they deserve every girl out there, yet have no sold actions to back it up, and I’m talking about body language and pickup skills. There is also a big group of guys that think they do not need to improve and therefore end up sucking with social interactions, failing to create arousal within the girl and fail to present themselves as a man in general.

My sticking point, however, has always been the same. The first kiss.


For some fucked up reason I’ve always found it hard to go in for the kiss and as many of you already know from my book, that first kiss between you and the girl you’re trying to seduce is almost the biggest stepping stone towards creating strong and meaningful attraction between you two. Sure, you have probably seen me pull girls without kissing them or seen girls chase guys without the guy doing anything to even seem appealing to that specific girl. Those things happen and are entirely dependent on that specific situation that you’re in, but in most cases kissing the girl you’re with before having sex with her is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL.


After dealing with this problem for years (yes, that is correct) I finally found out why it was so. The reason was actually very simple. My frame was just not optimal for the attraction or in this case, the kiss, to take place. I did not have a clear goal in mind, like what I want from the girl and what I’m even doing there in the first place, which was mostly caused by me being overly keen on Eckhart Tolle’s books and practising the power of now without having a clear purpose in mind. Sure, you can feel happy and satisfied when being in the “power of now” zone, but the kiss is not going to happen if you do not implement that shit yourself, and to do so one must have at least a clear destination in mind of where he wants to go with this girl. My frame at that time was to just enjoy every moment and experience the present, but I got too caught up in it and forgot to work towards my future goals, which is this case were to improve my seduction skills and eventually have sex with lots of women.

So in the end my failure to kiss the girl on a date even when she was into me came down to these simple principles:

-Lack of experience (obviously)

-Lack of purpose, not knowing what I was there for, not having a clear sense of where I want to take this.


But hey, I make mistakes so that you guys would not have to!


Oh and one last thing.


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