Aces In Your Pocket

During my years of learning the subtle ways of dating and also teaching it, it has come across my mind that even despite having read books on how to be attractive to women and consuming endless online products on this matter is no use if you do not have certain game plan.

How to have all the aces in your pocket, so to say.


In my case, a year or so back I knew everything there was to know about successfully picking up women from the very first moment I laid my eyes on her. But, it was not enough.

You see…

Brain is a tricky thing. Even if we know how to do something, even if we realize that a good diet and exercise, dropping the junk food habit and drinking less alcohol will make you lose weight, we have a hard time actually fully going for it, we struggle with the execution of our own plans and living up to our own values.


Let’s say you know how to lose weight (because come on, we all do), but you’re still a bit chubby and it is in your value system to be fit and healthy. Now, if you value a good look and a functional body so highly, then why are you not living up your own values yourself? In fact, why are you not taking action today in order to become that person of your own desire? You do not need to be that person today, but you can strive to become him by taking action today, eating less and going for a run.

Deep down we all know what needs to be done, yet we do not always do it.

It’s the same deal with dating. We know how one is supposed to approach this matter, yet we delve in our own thoughts, looking for an easier way, fantasising what could be if we used our potential, our strength to the fullest. In other words, we know how and who, we just don’t have the willpower to actually put one foot in front of another and do the damn thing.


Therefore, without any further ado, here’s my three step formula to open ANY girl at any place at any time, AND without having your own “weak” self tune in and make you sit there without taking action while that hot girls strolls past you. And not just that, but this formula can be translated into any other area in your life. Sounds freaking amazing, doesn’t it.


Are ya ready?


First right off the bat, notice someone who you would be interested in based on her looks. Stop lying to yourself about her not being hot enough, about her probably having something important to do and you’d be just interrupting her, stop making excuses about why you should not approach her.

Do you know that the act of romance and love tops everything else? You could be late to a meeting, yet that cool guy coming up to you and saying hi would change everything now wouldn’t it? Your day would feel much better, you’d be meeting him again the next day for coffee and so on…


In other words, life would feel easy as fuck if there is something such as romance to live for. We, humans, love that. We love that dynamic more than anything. We are able to sacrifice valuable work time just so that we could have a chat with a potential match.

Funny, eh.

Therefore, you going up to that girl and she reacting to you is the most important thing she could be doing right now.

The next step is to realize that you’re enough. You are enough in every way possible. Yes, you might now have a Ferrari or a summer beach house to offer to this wonderful girl, but guess what – the guy with those things most likely doesn’t have the balls to approach a random chick on a corner of 5th avenue and actually have his shit together thinking he’s enough during this process. Therefore, if you’re able to do it, then you already have higher value in the eyes of the girl than that other guy with external riches. You have inner riches, which tops external values at any day.



At the end of the day, girls look for romance, not cars or houses. Girls looks for emotions since they’re human. Girls look for a guy that is able to provide them with an interesting story. Sure, Lambos and beach houses help to create a cool story, but if you don’t have what it takes inside yourself, then those fancy cars and houses won’t do you much good.

Therefore, if you’re able to go up to her, then you’re completely enough for her. You’re in her league at least, if not higher.

And the third and final step is easy.

Just do it ūüėČ


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Become The Next Dating Prodigy In 4 STEPS

Warning! This post might save your dating life.

Anyway, let’s begin…

When I was new to the dating world, not knowing what sparks attraction within a woman, thinking looks matter and therefore starting to work out, trying to get myself down to a low body fat percentage just so that women would approve of me and sexually want to be with me, I had major troubles with getting girls to actually like me. Needless to say I did achieve my fitness goals and looked freaking amazing without a shirt, but the results with women did not add up. Due to this I made a powerful discovery –


When trying to find a girlfriend, your physical appearance does not matter. On women it does, and loads! On men, not so much (I’ll get into this in a second).

Now, let’s talk about the quality of girls. If you want a woman of higher quality, let’s say someone who works out and is winning in business, relationships… a woman who’s an overall winner, do looks matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Same with money. Does it matter? A little, yet nothing crucial.

Ultimately what makes a woman be attracted to a man is who that man is. No, I’m not talking about what that man does for a living or what status he holds in the eyes of our society, I’m talking about who that guy ACTUALLY is.

In my mind there are four pillars of attraction and by having them all properly balanced out you’ll be the most perfect guy she could find.


Nothing is more attractive than a guy who has a drive in life and who’s working on himself as a person.

This is when you’ve set a specific goal for yourself in life, knowing where to go and actually taking action and going there! This is when you know what you’re about and are not afraid to show it. Keep it fun, keep it lighthearted since the girl will not be attracted if you keep trying qualify yourself by sharing your goals and telling her how she should like you just because you have a goal. Not at all. Figure out what your life is about, set a goal for yourself whether it’s long-term or short-term, doesn’t matter, and then interact with the girl as if you did not care whether she finds out that you’re man of purpose or not. By doing so you’ll be purposeful almost automatically simply due to having the proper inner game sorted out before the approach.

Also, the girl will not fuck you if you do not take the conversation as a foreplay for sex. Since that’s what it is. Act with her as if you’re a man and she’s a woman and you’re both horny as fuck, yet there are social norms that prevent you two from fucking right then and there. Know as if you both are totally willing to fuck, but not yet. Do not try to win her over, already believe that you’ve won.

Besides, who the fuck would have the balls to actually approach with a sober head and then make it work? Almost no-one. So take some fucking pride in that. By being in self-help, by improving and focusing on learning more about life, having that as your main priority so to say, you’re already on the top. Money and good looks won’t change that. Your perception, in other words the way you view yourself however does!

By approaching, realize that girls want to meet a sex-worthy guy, and then there’s you providing that opportunity for them.

Therefore, have a purpose for your own life AND know why you’ve just approached that girl you’re talking to. If it’s for sexual purposes, own it. ¬†If it’s to just make a new friend, own it. Girls will be whatever you like them to be, if you’re grounded and real in your intentions while being able to show some empathy and realize what’s going on so that your extreme masculinity would not scare them away.


Control the interaction. Think of yourself as a tree whereas the girl is the squirrel running around the tree. It’s the rule of being in reaction versus being grounded. If you want to have sex with a girl, you need to be the tree while she is being the squirrel. Whoever is reacting to the other more is the one that’s being controlled. And if the guy is being controlled by the girl, he’ll lose his sex-worthiness. Simple as that.

Also have an alignment in your thoughts, words and actions. If you’re out there approaching girls just with the sole purpose of having sex, own it up and act like it. This does not mean to be like a dog and chase girls, just assume every girl in the venue has already seen you and wants to have sex with you and now it’s time for you to choose. In other words – view yourself as a fucking god.

Is it realistic? Fuck no, but does it have some truth to it? Fuck yes. By improving yourself as a man and moving towards better understanding of our world you’re on the top, therefore one of the most sex-worthy guys out there. Having a STRONG sense of your own reality, whatever that might be. And is that far away from being a god? Hell no.

Act like a rock-star and get treated like one. You don’t even have to back it up, that’s the beauty about psychology and game. The one who has the strongest frame, wins. In the girls eyes you can be whoever you want to be.

Girls want a guy that’s alive, in his prime, on top of his shit, going places, has certainty, goes through life with ease, knows where he’s going. She wants a guy that’s potent and in his fucking prime.


You will be meeting tons of girls when you go out. By meeting more people you’ll become more at ease with your interactions. You’ll be in this state of flow where talking to people and getting sex at the end of the night with a girl you like seems effortless. You’ll be in the zone, so to say.

Talk to everyone, sleep with the ones you like and learn from EVERYBODY. Even the guys that are trying to game and are competing with you. Learning is KEY.

Also, keep in mind that a girl is not a goddess. Snap out of that illusion, all girls are human just like you. They have families, they have issues, they are insecure, they try to be cool, they are living their own fucking life and are by NO MEANS perfect. She is the same value as you on a ground level, and if you’re a hardcore go-getter who’s eager to learn from everyone, your value will be even much higher!

And that’s okay. Accept everyone for what they are, you can be playfully judgemental yet never quite mean it (don’t call an actual fat person fat and so on). Accept people for what they are since they’re all fighting their own battles, big or small. Have some respect for that.

Anyway, flowing. Take it easy, there’s no need to rush things. Know that everything will work out eventually if you just keep at it. Come from an abundant mindset. Don’t let anything disturb your peace. Consistent meditation is of tremendous help here.

Act like a rock-star and you’ll be treated like one. ¬†Act like a rock-star and everyone will assume you’re one. Simple.


Whenever you go out, fun is such an important element. And I’m not talking about drinking, playing Pokemon with friends, sex or board games. I’m talking about having fun on your own, seeing the light side in everything that comes in your way and embracing the chaos, creating fun vibes out of nothing simply because you’re a giving person who loves to share good vibes.

Share good vibes! Be positive! Be the guy who’s good mood cannot be broken! Be like fucking Tom Cruise, the most positive guy ever!

Only you can determine your own entitlement. You see a hot girl, you feel approach anxiety yet you go anyway – that there defines you! It’s not the smile you get from the girl or the sex or any other validation you receive. It’s your own perception.


If I could summarise my whole book on dating for men, this would be it. 200 000 words said in 1500 words. But, it won’t just cover EVERYTHING you need. It just cannot be done. This article just exposes you to the main concept of sexual attraction.So, once again:


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.                  .                                                           .                         .


Here’s the book that will take your dating life to a whole another level.


How To Become A Real Life Pickup Artist

We’ve all seen those social experiment videos of guys that go up to girls and ask them to go out with them, often¬†times even more. Girls in those videos, and I’m talking about those real videos where the girls are totally random strangers and are not being paid, are in the beginning of the interaction always a bit nervous and insecure of themselves, since it’s a new situation for them. They try to be nice and you can almost see in their eyes that they’re trying to be as pleasant as possible and not step on any toes. If the girl does not like the guy that just came up to introduce himself, she’ll almost always try to let him down nicely without hurting his feelings.

Then, there are those occurrences where the girl is really into him. The better the guy is at game, the better the reactions he’s going to get. It’s all about your level of skill and how much experience you’ve got with women, with social interactions and with life in general. This is also one of the reasons why girls tend to go for guys that are older than they are. Older guys are simply more secure of themselves, more self-established and have a wider grip on life. In other words – older men are usually more manly than the young guys.




Through practising picking up women one is able to achieve those high levels without having to actually so to say “make it” in life, without having to earn millions, becoming fit as fuck or grow older and more experienced. Through practising pickup one is able to achieve the level of a master in just the matter of few years, in some cases even much less.

(Pay close attention now!)

When you do have all those fancy things that society encourages you to have, then it’s easy to create an identity around your possessions. Say you have an expensive car which makes you come up with thoughts such as maybe I am worth more than other guys because I have this car and they don’t, therefore increasing your situational confidence and making girls like you more because of it. Or say you have slept with 100 women in one year, therefore feeling as if maybe I’m better than everybody else simply because women want to have sex with me instead of other guys, therefore I am more valuable and more awesome. Again, you have this identity¬†created around your persona which brings you confidence.

At the end of the day what all of these different ways of achieving confidence really do is making you feel as if you’re capable of achieving great things. They make you feel as if you’re able to take on challenges and defeat them with ease, or how else you could have gotten that precious car or slept with 100 women in a year. It is all about realizing how powerful you really are.¬†That’s what draws women into your life and is the most essential pillar in picking up women. And that power can come from anything, whether it’s running a marathon, losing those last 5 pounds that bother you, get those abs showing, kill it at a job interview no matter what kind of job it is…whatever grinds your gears. If you’re only impressed by doing big things, then lower your standards and give yourself props for much small accomplishments such as cleaning the dishes despite not feeling like it, going for a morning run despite not feeling up to it and so on. BY now you’ve already gotten my point.




How to become a pickup artist?

In order to become one, one has to re-create his identity and make the new one a really powerful one. The same stuff that I wrote about in the last section, about going for a run and such, pick something that’s meaningful for you and dominate it. In other words, sticking to something that’s meaningful to you, keeping your word in a sense. ¬†Such action builds courage, confidence and the feeling of self-worth. Your confidence starts to base around your power and what you’re able to achieve if you put your mind to it. Hell, it can even be a fucking video game (speaking from experience).

Once you have confidence, you must learn at least a little bit about different techniques and social dynamics, which are really easy to learn if you’re up for it.

I have all of these topics covered on an extremely deep level in my book. If becoming a man in your prime is something that interests you, then this book is most definitely a must read. At least that’s what my last client said. Haha ūüôā






The “Cinderella Syndrome”

What I want to share with you today is a quick tip when it comes to seeking validation from women. I always find it funny when I see guys night after night going out, thinking they’re practising pickup, but in reality are just looking for those good reactions from girls. They’re not in it to win it, rather procrastinating and getting small victories such as the girl smiling back at them, not telling him to fuck off and mind your own business… those types of reactions. Long story short – guys like this are looking for girl’s approval, for girls to give them their blessing so to say.

“Am I good enough?”

“Are you entertained?”

“Do I deserve you?”

If these types of questions go through your mind, then you’ve already lost the girl , especially if she’s really fucking hot. Any type of mental weakness will not be tolerated.

As long as you’re trying to sell yourself to the girl, as long as you’re coming from the seller’s mindset, you’ll lose over and over and over again.¬†

Coming from a seller’s mindset will automatically set the girl you’re trying to seduce on a pedestal.

First of all, let me ask you this. Who are these perfect, wonderful and, in your eyes of course, simply amazing women? Who is this perfect model-like 10/10? Is she a majestic goddess? In almost every single case – No.

I’ll share with you a quick story. There was this girl I knew who lived quite close to me. Naturally, given the close proximity, we met eventually and also hooked up. And this girl, keep in mind, is a perfect fucking woman. Everything that you can imagine – triple that and you’ll have her. A real dream girl. She would go out and guy would buy her drinks, clothes, flowers, basically anything she desired. Like in that movie “There’s Something About Sally”, she was annoyingly unstoppable. If a girl like this said to a guy that she like him, then that guy would not need anything else in the world for the next few weeks. For real! This girl was a killer.

If you look behind the scenes, then it’s never quite what it seems. I remember the first time I visited her apartment where she lived together with her flatmate. Now, you’d picture the place where she lives as something really amazing, but in realty her room is this:

You walk in and the only thing there is a blow up mattress with a hole in it. There are not even any sheets, just a secondhand blanket. Keep in mind that this is the room of a girl that makes it look like she has the life¬†of a Hollywood superstar. Dirty blow up matress with a little secondhand blanket. Are you even fucking reading this? You look on the walls – nothing. In a corner she had her clothes all in this one big black plastic garbage bag., there’s like a closet that’s open, absolutely nothing on the shelves.

This is it.

Then there’s a laptop on her mattress where she spends all her days uploading hourly selfies, scrolling on Facebook, listening to music and so forth. Pretty much just a life filled with one act – seeking validation. So the guys that would die to get her approval do not even see the reality, that she’s just another girl, not a goddess, not a special little snowflake, but just a fucking ordinary human being. As long as guys don’t treat her as such, they’ll have little to no chance, taking some occasional horny outbursts and tons of luck into account, of getting her into bed. A girl like this spends all her life getting guy’s approval. Posting selfies on Facebook over ten times a day, listening to songs non-stop to get that external stimulus, that small kick to stimulate herself…it’s really nothing to write home about.

Now that you know what most of these girl’s lives really look like, stop and think about this for a second. Why would you care what someone like her thinks of you? I’m not saying her life is trash, not at all. I’m simply shedding some light on her situation to show you how even the hottest girls are really just another girl in this grand pool of women in the world. As long as all women keep being human, those special snowflakes that are never dirty, don’t make mistakes and are perfect in every way, do not exist.

Now…why would you give a shit about what some other flawed individual with her own problems that are most likely nothing special and not even so much different from your own, thinks of you? It’s all just an illusion.

Start creating your own self concept. Who cares what someone thinks of you. Really. Be the master of your own reality, value your life on your own terms. Base your self-confidence on who you are as a person and not on something that a random bimbo at the club tells you. Always listen to feedback, especially if it’s constructive, but always be making your own assumptions.¬†Oh, and also try to be sober when you do it ūüėČ