Approach Anxiety Buster – 30 Seconds Or Less

As long as you know what you’re bringing to the table, as long as you know you’re worthy and go about meeting people with good intentions, who the fuck cares if you get rejected.

You’re there, open and ready to make someone’s life better. And you even took the first step out of pure kindness of your heart, handing the perfect opportunity to her on a silver plate.

If she says no, it’s her own fault. It’s a reflexion of her, not you.



Here’s some more on how to destroy Your approach anxiety once and for all.


Here’s the book that will take your dating life to a whole another level.





Believe it or not, but this is my 100th blog post. Yay!


One hundred blog posts on self-help, yet people are still not happy. One hundred blog posts on how to become attractive as a man, yet guys are still not able to do so without sounding creepy, needy or just plain out boring. One hundred blog posts written about becoming the man of your prime (or a woman!), yet people are still unhappy, ungrateful, bored, stressed out, tired of hustle on top of so many other negative things that are not helping them to enjoy life and make their dreams come true in any way…

In other words, you can try to change the world as much as you’d like, there will always be people who are unable to change due to their own personal upbringing, the experiences they’ve had and the people they’ve been influenced by.

If you look at some self-help kings such as Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck and the company of Real Social Dynamics, you’ll see the same. We’re the people who have been devoting our everyday life towards sharing useful and extremely valuable knowledge (just as Tai would say), yet we’re only able to reach a small fraction of people no matter how many views our articles and videos get.






What we can learn from this is that in many ways our world is fucked, meaning in so many ways we’re in a really bad shape. As humans we are flawed, greedy, needy, jealous on top of so many other things. We’re not perfect by all means.

But let me ask you this:

Is perfection obtainable?

Most definitely not.

So should we even ask for it?

Yes and no.


The bar can never be straight, but it can strive to be straighter. In many ways life is just this journey that we have, without a certain destination, if any. We will always be working on something, we’ll always have goals, we’ll always be wanting more since that’s our nature, at least for now. It’s like unhappiness is coded within us, this relentless need to go for more than we have.

Appreciating the things we have is essential for happiness, yet one is not able to do so at all times. Therefore, dissatisfaction is guaranteed.

But should we really be focusing on worrying about the fact that we’re not perfect. Well, since perfection is not obtainable, then absolutely not. There will always we flaws in some form or another, and despite us, the people who focus on sharing experience and valuable lessons, will always be in high demand. We can never be perfect, but we can always strive to be closer to it.

That’s the beauty of improving yourself. It’s fun, it feels good and the work never stops.



What This Blog Is Really All About

Many people have been wondering why is there so much content about meditations, fitness optimisation, diet and other self-development concepts in a blog that is strictly meant for dating, especially for men. In fact, some of my last posts have been about embracing chaos, success barriers and even enlightenment!



What the fuck is going on?

Well, first right off the bat let me say that this blog IS strictly about dating and nothing more. Everything that I post up here is about becoming a stronger version of yourself, becoming the best man (and woman) you could possibly be. Even though many of my posts are meant for men only, since they talk about the ways of becoming irresistible to women, most of my content is also extremely beneficial for women too. Many of these attraction laws that I talk about endlessly are the universal truths of what it means to be human, how to optimize your learning curve and get the most out of life.

Therefore, how does it all correlate into picking up women and embracing the lifestyle of a womanizer?

pizap (10).jpg

If you learn the ways of becoming a womanizer, you’ll see how it’s not so much about what you do and more about who you are. Sure, you could have flawless verbal skills, always knowing what to say to a woman, yet that would not work if you did not have the mindset to back up your manhood, so to say.

You see…

Dating is actually very simple, if you follow a couple of universal laws, or in this case – laws of sexual attraction. One of these laws is being the best version of yourself. Now as you see, the things you can talk about in that category are pretty much endless.



Let’s take meditation for an example. 

Mastering the art of meditation and practising it daily will benefit your dating life in a way you cannot even imagine! You’ll become more aware of your surroundings, you’ll be more present to the moment and have this cool guy vibe around you that just makes people want to be around you since you’re so chill, so at ease with yourself, so awake. And that’s rare as fuck!



Let’s take fitness….

Costly signaling, people. By mastering the art of fitness, being ripped, being fit beyond measure will make you look like you’re a winner, a real confident guy who is able to handle tough situations that life throws at you. On top of this you’ll be more confident since you feel stronger, faster and much much more healthier. You’ll overall happiness will be much higher!






The ability to handle chaos…

To be able to handle chaos is a trait only a handful of people on this planet possess. If you learn to be one of them, you’ll be drowning in female attention.



The ability to not give a fuck…

It’s not just about not giving a fuck, it’s about giving a fuck about the right things. Therefore, you’ll filter out the everyday bullshit that makes most of us angry and frustrated on a daily basis, which will ultimately attract more women since you’ll be more confident and sure of yourself since you know what you’re about and what matters in life.


And so on…

You get my point by now. It’s not just about field reports and teaching you techniques to attract women. It’s about becoming a guy worthy of a fuck. And, as I like to always tone out – this blog is also a huge influence for an enterprising woman who likes to be on top of her game!





On top of all this, this blog is packed with beautiful pictures taken in various places of the world to make the experience and the message for the reader even more meaningful.





They Hate Me…Why?

Aaaah, haters! As long as there are people out there doing extraordinary and awesome things, there will be people who criticise them.


Every single person who has ever been great at something, has taken a shitload of criticism from friends, colleagues and even from their own parents. It’s insane how many people try to bring your mood down and discourage you just because you’re doing something that’s out of their comfort zone. Many of them just feel jealous, because they have either failed at some point of their life trying to fulfil their dreams or they have not had the courage to even start. You’re basically projecting their own shortcomings back at them. They also feel like they’re going to lose you to a better social circle. All fair points from their point of view, but isn’t it better to improve yourself as well instead of putting others down for doing something you won’t? I look at it simply as a test. Those, who want to make it, need to be able to take criticism from those, who don’t.

You have to realize that whenever you’re trying to accomplish something big or unorthodox, people will stand in your way. Sometimes even those, who are the most precious to you. They might feel like your idea is too crazy to be successful and they justify it by just looking out for your interest by keeping you safe. In reality, we all wish we could do something big to change the world. Some of us just deny it all their life. Some know they should take action and do something, but they won’t because of fear created by social conditioning. And then there are some, who do. This group of people is sadly so damn small.

Every person, who has done something great, has been criticised, because their ideas are offering too much value for to be considered as normal or they’re just something that has not been done before aka the blueprint does not exist. Every single one of them has been told that their idea is crazy, won’t work and they are childish and stupid to even be thinking about trying this. If you’re a weak-minded person who does not dare to go for the things that you want, then it’s actually quite understandable why you’re hating. It’s just being mad at someone for giving the effort to do something that you never had the will for simply because of mental disabilities such as low confidence, no work ethic and weak influences throughout life.

Criticism shows that you’re doing stuff worth mentioning in history books. Others don’t like it because they do not have the courage to think differently. They feel like their world and the way they see it is in danger because you’re about to crush their reality by showing them that everything is possible if you work hard. So they criticise you because that’s all they can do with that low brain capacity. That’s the only defence mechanism they have.

At the end of the day, crazy ideas make our world evolve. The idea of having electricity was considered crazy at one point and look at us now. Billions of people use electricity in their everyday lives. The idea that a man could run 100 meters under 10 seconds was considered impossible and every athlete who went for it, was considered a hopeless romantic aka the hopeless sportsman, because everyone believed it cannot be done. When the first man crossed that 10 second barrier, many others in the next few years began also breaking that belief and crossing the line, because they saw that what’s possible and what can be done. The blueprint had been created, the road had been crafted. When you set out to do something that not many people have done before and is considered hard, then it’s usually telling you just one thing. Nobody has worked hard enough to get it.

As you see, criticism is bound to always be there. Your vision just has to be strong enough to endure it. If you’re sure of yourself and know, that you can pull it off or at least belive that you have a good chance when you try, then you will not listen to the bullshit that others will say about you. If you know you’re going to reach your goal no matter even if it needs you to move mountains, then all those naysayers will just be a background noise that you won’t even pay attention to. You have a purpose. They don’t. The end result does not even fucking matter. It’s about giving it a shot by giving everything you have inside you untill you either win or die, taking your last breath while swiping tears of joy for because you worked on your destiny and did everything you could on your part. That’s more than most people ever do nor even dream about.


So once again, the thing you need is a strong vision and the ability to belive in yourself when no one else does. That’s what creates a champion. And who is a champion? In my mind it’s someone who never gives up. And when you never give up, then you will win. It might not always be what you set out to get, but it’s something that all of us desperately search for. Happiness. This is the reward of the highest value in our world. Pain is temporary. It might last for a minute, an hour or a day, or even a year. Eventually it will surpass and something else will take its place. That “something”, my dear people, is happiness. Happiness

If you can’t imagine what it’s going to be, don’t ever expect to physically look in the mirror and see it. – Greg Plitt

Vision. It’s a preview of your life’s coming events.


The question is –

Who Are Your True Friends?

Many of us answer to this questions with names such as Mark, Alex, Dima, whatever. But are they really your friends? If you check the definition for the word „friend“, you’ll find „a person who you like and enjoy being with.” Yes, in this case these people who you just mentioned might actually be your friends. But there is another definition. A friend is a person who helps or supports someone or something. This is the breaking point. The people you care the most of, are they helping you to reach your goals or are they rather dragging you down and telling you all the ways your dream can’t work out?


Let’s use the example of a friend that I had. Let’s call him Mike. I used to be fat, almost to the point of obesity. Mike was not as fit himself, but he was definitely not as fat as I was. One day I decided to lose weight and become healthy. Mike pushed me and loaded me up with courage, told me yes I should. He was literally calling me fat so he could feel better about himself. This gave me strength to really go through with it and lose about 40 pounds. I was really healthy and even saw my abs for the first time in my life. When Mike saw me and my success, he began to draw distance from me and even saying I’ve changed. „You’re too much of an asshole“, he said. After hearing that I felt sadness. Not because of what he said about me, but because of the fact that you could see the jealousy in his eyes. We all get jealous sometimes, but the way he did it… he was determined to bring me down rather improving himself just like I did. He could not call me a friend anymore, because every time he saw me, he remembered how he has failed to take action in his life. Mike started avoiding me to protect his small little world from crumbling down.

Later in life I had a realisation with everything else I did that most of the people I knew started to avoid me because of all their failures I reminded them by just being in their sight. You can say that I was cocky. You can say that I was full of myself. Yes. When somebody with a bad stuttering problem loses over 40 pounds and becomes extremely fit, sleeps with hundreds of girls in few years while the other dude struggles to get even one their entire life, writes a book at a very young age and makes more money than all his friends, then yes, you do feel like you are better than other people. What else do you call someone who creates the will to better himself despite of most of his friends just drinking their lives away, playing video games and doing absolutely nothing to get smarter. I would call it a better man. A more successful man. And with success, confidence follows. And confidence is easily mistaken for being an asshole.


Most of the people I knew, I can’t call them friends anymore. I would still hang out with them and for the love of everything in the world, I’d LOVE to help them anyway I can, but they were not supportive, they tried so hard to keep me in the world of mediocrity. They were not my real friends.

I want you to think about your life and the people you spend time with. If they are not supporting you in your goals, just cut them loose. They will keep you down permanently if you let them. You can come back later and help them, but while you’re struggling so hard and need all the help you can get, removing all the people who are negative towards you will help a lot. If you stay on the path of self-development, you’ll meet great people who support each other, because your change will motivate and inspire them. It’s a beneficial for all of you. Besides, it’s in human nature to support each other. Only fools will try to push someone who is actually trying, away just to save themselves from reality and work.

If you’re someone who is ambitious, eager to learn and determined to reach your goals in life, then be kind and treat people with respect. Motivate them when they need it the most and be there for them during dark times. Those, who don’t treat you that way back, cut them loose.

No Title Needed

“I often praise myself for doing exactly the opposite of what’s expected of me.
People get a job working at a bar, I go borrow money and triple it playing online stock market.
People say writing books is dead-end and that I have zero talent in it what so ever, I go and publish 3 of them without even having the slightest desire to be a writer.
People say you should be nice and respectable, I go ruin relationships both my own and others just to get a kick out of abusing my powers and showing you what’s possible. I’m not trying to preserve peace, I’m all for creating a powerful and entertaining story.
I’ll always be doing the opposite just for the sake of not having the upper hand. People say it’s wise to fit in and be rational about your life such as making money, building a family and taking care of them, but I chose a different path.
Without following the traditional path and not sharing the same values as others – I’ll always have power over everyone that do. You can’t buy me since my perverted pleasure comes from beating you in your own game. You can’t threaten me since I have nothing to lose.
I’m a power junkie.
Gurus say this is the last step before enlightenment and soon I’ll be able to let go of this life, these desires and accept everything.
Maybe. Maybe not. Why spend your time even giving a fuck?”

What I Learned From Tai Lopez

It’s amazing how the reticular activating system (RAS) and our ability to rationalise our behaviour is so powerful that our brains will rationalise almost anything that it thinks is in our best interest. If we get to a point where we have become addicted to the laziness, our RAS is going to activate in such way where we are going to justify the laziness. We rationalise laziness to ourselves with a set of lies and half-truths. Any time we lie to yourself, what will happen? What happens as we build further beliefs on that foundation? More lies. It becomes just like a spider’s web. We begin to build on the foundation of lies. The blocks that are used to portray the truth, do not fit in there just like with legos, otherwise the tower would fall down. It’s scary to be lazy, because eventually we’ll go crazy with all the fake beliefs you have developed about yourself, people around you, and the world as a whole. We lose sight of what we really are.

Once we have gotten addicted to the motion of laziness, it has entered into our body. It wants to self-perpetuate. That makes us develop the need for the lies in our lives in order to keep our world from falling apart. This is why it’s so difficult to bring people out from negative thinking. They don’t want to leave because it’s somewhat comfortable to stay in lies. It’s a fantasy world where we can choose to not have the problems that we otherwise would have to deal with in the real world. In result of this we fall too far off from our path continuing to lie to ourselves about the reasons why we are doing or not doing something. The older you get, the harder it is to change your mind about something you’ve been believing for a long time. It also gives us an idea that we have been living in a lie for so long, the feeling that life has been wasted.

The only way to come back from this mindset of lies is to be forced out of it where it’s too damn painful to preserve the laziness and lies. This is done by either realising how powerful our minds really are, or waiting for the moment when we’ve had enough of living like shit. It’s also one of the coolest points of hard work – it brings us back to reality. When we take action, we’re forced to see reality and ourselves for what we truly are.


A movie called “Trumbo” is one of the best examples I can give you about realising what’s happening and in result of this working your way to the top. When you work, you’ll see the reality. When you see the reality while also having a positive mindset about it, you’ll create quality.


A smart person thinks big and outside of the box. A smart person is clever and takes risks. Do not confuse it with fact knowledge and book smarts.


Tai Lopez

A hugely successful entrepreneur called Tai Lopez has brought my world to levels I could have never imagined of reaching. One of the main things he talked about was his definition of having everything – the good life, as he calls it. It included mastering four areas in your life – health, wealth, love and happiness. I do respect the guy alot, he has a great concept about creating success and he is amazing at sharing the ideas that he has. However, I do have my own version of having everything.

In my mind, the good life can be achieved very easily. Good is a word thrown around very often. If you’re doing mediocre also known as „fine“, then by the standards of society you’re already living the good life. „Buy our products and you’ll feel happy! “ Does this ring the bell? I bet it does. Chocolate, fancy clothes and everything else like that are in the same category. I do think these things can make us feel better, but by relying only on these types of stimulations, having everything is quite impossible to achieve. We can compare it to consuming junk food. It brings us joy for just a couple of minutes untill we’re done with it. Basically what I’m trying to say is that the happiness coming from external stimulation. It’s situational and cannot be relied upon. Once we’ve done eating it, our situational happiness is gone and replaced by regret. We’ll begin to justify our decision of putting junk into your body by saying stuff like „once in a month is totally fine“ or „its okay, I deserve it.“ This creates a habbit of needing things outside of ourselves just to feel happy. If we were completely honest, then we would know what is the right thing to do. The realisation can take a lot of time, years even to realize the things we do wrong in our life. For so many of us it takes a lifetime.

In my mind, having everything can be translated into living with a goal in mind. Not just an idea, but having a solid vision. Once we achieve it, we will not feel complete so we’ll look for something else to improve on.

While you’re working your way to the top or while mastering a skill, you’ll feel a high that you can’t get any other way. It’s the feeling when you’re about to finish a marathon for the first time in your life having only few seconds left and feeling on top of the world. It’s the feeling of bettering yourself and becoming stronger. It’s possible to feel that way all the time by doing anything anywhere with anyone by just having a vision for your life, knowing what to do and doing it! If everything we do is aligned with your end goal, then it does not feel like work, it feels like living. For me, in life there is no better feeling. This is what I call having everything. Not actually having the thing you want yet, but walking on a road that leads to it. At the end of the day things do not provide happiness. Only our minds have that power.

The Most Powerful Word In The World


“I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best.” Walt Whitman

To me, the most profound word that I could think of is not really a word, but more like a combination of two words. Oh, what’s the word? This one.


Iam is the most profound word (or in this case a combination of words) that I have been able to come up with. Why, you might ask. The answer is simple. There is no other expression so powerful and meaningful than this. But then again, why exactly?

In dating or pickup, work, fitness, whatever the subject, best results come for the individual that has a specific mindset. That mindset is extremely unorthodox and involves loads of work on yourself, especially your ego and your perception of how you’re seeing the world at this given time. Many great athletes, business folk, philanthropists, etc…


…Everyone that have been good at their craft, have had a special desire to be good. They’ve had this inner fire inside themselves, which translates back to their childhood experiences. Many of us have the goal to be approved by our parents, by the world, by a girl that we used to love yet she never actually paid any attention to us…

Some of us are motivated by money since there was a lack of comfort in their childhood. Some of us like Gary Vaynerchuk grew up in a big family, a poor family, the kind of family that had to share toilet paper due to not having enough money to go and buy another pack. Talk about adversity…

I cannot even imagine how tough it must have been for Gary!


And then there are those who embrace the grind, the ones that enjoy chaos and love to work on their ideas. These people are extremely self-motivated, have their values in check and are pretty much impenetrable as far as their perception and ego goes. You could say anything to a person who falls under this category, and they would not care. n fact, they would most likely not even pay attention to your comment since they have a strong sense of belief in their mind. These kind of people know what they want to do in life and they actually do it. Without excuses!


The IAM people.

The Iam people are a completely different case. To be an Iam person…one must not feel the need to complete something, one must not have a deep desire to achieve something, one must not do anything in their life in order to get something out of it either for themselves, their family or anyone else. The Iam people are the ones that ARE their endeavour. These are the people who identify with their profession, passion or whatever the hell you wanna call it, so freaking hard that they see themselves as that very same thing.


Me, for an example, see myself as game. I no longer go out to pick up chicks, to sell my personality to different beautiful women with an idea to have sex with them. I no longer even want to offer something, I no longer even feel like picking up chicks just to offer girls a wonderful experience with an experienced guy. Now…I feel as I am the game. I am pickup. I am seduction.

Do not get this confused! I am NOT a pickup artist. I am NOT a womanizer. I am NOT a fucking “Label”.

I. Simply. Am.



That’s the beauty of it. I simply just am. You simply just are. We all are. This is probably the deepest thought I’ve ever been able to share with anyone. If you think you get it, like for real, TRULY GET IT, then I’ll give you biiig props! It took me 21 years to finally get it and while I’m writing this, I am still learning more about it!

It’s all an ongoing process.

IAM is a state where one identifies himself with their craft. You no longer need motivation, you no longer need to force yourself into doing something. Doing the deed seems so natural that doing it or not never becomes a debate. Your craft becomes as easy and natural as breathing. And not because you’ve become used to it, but because of understanding that it’s the right thing to do. Being fully in the present, feeling the energy flow through you and approaching your endeavour like it’s the most proper thing in the world to do.

And without questioning!

Think of it as force in the Star Wars Trilogy. Once you fully own the force is when you start identifying yourself with it instead of just bluntly using it.

How does one reach such level?

IAM is all about understanding the dynamics of our world, seeing other person’s perspective and realizing how all of our pictures actually play together on this grand scheme of things. A wise man once said there are 7 billion different truths in the world, because at that given time there were around 7 billion people on the planet. That’s true, we all have our own perception of the world that we believe to be true. Some of us are spiritual gangsters, some of us spend all of our time making money and creating a name for themselves, some enjoy the little things and stay home with their kids…

We all believe in a different truth. Can you understand it all? No. Never.

This realization itself is the truth.

Funny, eh. A fucking paradox.

As I’m writing this, I’ve realized that I have not been able to properly explain the phenomenon of IAM. And I realize that I might never be able to do so. Is it enlightenment? Who knows. Is it the ultimate truth? Who the fuck knows. The beauty is that we do not even need to know. Every person is capable of living a fulfilling life without ever understanding the ultimate truth. Play on your instincts, your desires…even on your ego.

Therefore, I’ll end it with this.

Maybe one day…

Feel free to message me for an individual in-depth (free) talk.