How To Find A Job You’re Passionate About

Not gonna lie…

I’ve been actively job hunting for the past 8 months, sending out resumes together with endless pages of motivational letters that should convey my “passion” for the 14th job advert today for which I’m about to lie my ass off to potentially get. A little joke.


In fact I do not think I am alone in this mess.

I bet you’ve felt the same way, looking up job offers, imagining yourself working for that specific company, doing the work.

The perfect job should feel like the perfect opportunity without having to question whether you’re the right fit for this company. The perfect job should be in fact made for you and you only. The perfect job should come with ease without having an inner debate trying to figure out if you can handle it and even if you want to be able to. It should be love from first sight, not something where you should weigh in on the positives and negatives. If it is not a “fuck yes!”, then it’s a sure “No!”.

Yes= Yes


Maybe= No

A question comes up every time after I’ve been invited to a company, successfully completed the interview and now going through the process of handling paperwork in order to be an official member of their workforce:

“Is this truly the right choice for me?

Can I do better?

Can i even make it in here?

Maybe I should apply for something that requires less responsiblity?”


No matter which job I successfully apply for, these questions always come up that eventually sabotage the whole process and the result ends up being the same as always – keep on looking for something better. As you can see, it for sure is not a “fuck yes!”, therefore it is a “no”.

It has come to my attention that if one is really keen on money or is in dire need of financial support in order to get his/her life going, pretty much anything will do. It is money we are talking about and if that is driving your life, then who the f**k cares if you like the company or not, who the hell even cares if you enjoy waking up every morning. There are bills due, that’ all what matters.


As we all know the saying: with big pay comes big responsibility, from which we can conclude that the more money you earn, the more personal space one needs in order to keep his success in flowstate. As soon as you get kid problems, wife having a tough time needing some emotional support or tough times in the family, your workflow suffers greatly since the energy that was once so pure and focused has now become shared between different problems that all require your time and more importantly – your limited energy.

We only have a limited source of energy each day to go about and in order to be successful in anything one must carefully choose in which endeavour he or she should embark on, since if it is the wrong one – game over, time well wasted. How will you get those weeks, months, maybe even years back?


For instance, the more you earn – the more energy it is required from you to spend on your job. You’ll be most likely bringing work home with you, practically living in the office day in day out without weekends, without outside elements to distract you from what matters to you at that point.

Is this all alligned with your personal goals, for your financial goals – is it all worth it?

Personal boundaries are a necessity if one aims to produce great results. One must be able to let the things that do not matter in his life truly slide. Sayonara!


In order to find a job that you can do, you must figure out your aims and goals not just workwise, but in life also.

Want money? Sure, pick whatever the f**k you want that pays well.

Want a career and build something you can be proud of? Much harder, work on your inner world to figure out your personal goals in life.

All the incongruency not being able to find the right choice for you comes from you not having personal aims figured out in life. I’ll even go as far as saying it is entirely pointless to even send out resumes without having this stuff figured out, since you’ll be working for a quick buck switching jobs every now and then not even realising you’re not making any serious progress individually.



Let’s say you’re a social guy, easy to talk to, easy to spark a conversation with, energetic and happy around people. In this case you pretty much know that your future career lies in some sort of public relations or sales.

There you go.

You know what you’re good at and what you want to do. Think it is enough?

No, actually.

You must also figure out what you care about, which company you’d like to endorse and what is it that truly makes your heart pound, positively. If it is just the money you want, then it should not be a big deal and just follow the highest bidder considering what you can and cannot do of course, but if you happen to have deeper meaning behind all this and you are not just okay with the job you can do and would like to find your “calling” so to speak, then you most certainly cannot follow the highest bidder and most look for an outlet for your creative mindset. Otherwise you’d be quitting your job as soon as the realisation hits you.

“Realise what you want from life before making yourself part of any company’s workforce.”


Realising what you’re all about is much more important than moving out from your parents basement, buying a fancy new Bentley and making a great buck to go travel the world. Maybe the things you want are not really the things you think you want. After figuring out what you want from life you can look at the job adverts from a healthy perspective, realising before even putting your hands on it what you actually enjoy doing, which lifestyle you enjoy promoting through your example and what your existance in this world is all about.

Is it just the money you want?

Do you care about your legacy?

Do you care about making an impact in life?

Is it your life goal to make something meaningful or should you just work for a buck not caring about anything?

Or alternatively:

Maybe you should not be thinking so much in first place. Maybe all the excuses you’ve made up in your mind are keeping you from truly living, making you think there’s a special purpose in life and you must find it as soon as possible. Maybe you should not be thinking about promoting anything and just do. Keep doing things. Not overcomplicate life and pick stuff you find enjoyable.

Think of a video game. Do you really keep analizing and wondering what you like doing there? Highly doubt it. Maybe the true joy in life hides in living care free, following activities you enjoy, not overcomplicating sh*t and wasting time trying to find meaning in something that does not require one.

Maybe living has no meaning and the sooner you realise how much time one wastes on inner debates over finding the “right” job or anything in fact, the sooner he/she will be able to experience real freedom.

Ain’t this something. Figure out what’s right for you. Love yourself 3000.

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