Cheating & Relationships

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I’ve been absent for the past…heck, it’s been a year or so.

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My blog has not suffered much during this time meaning you guys have been reading a lot, having lots of questions and shiet. This sort of thing makes an artist very happy seeing how your work can benefit really a lot of people, which is my main force driving me forward, work wise. Usefulness can be one of the greatest motivators in the world, offering work satisfaction and deep fulfillment and meaning in life… but hey!

We ain’t talking about this today!

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Relationships, bro. The world does not have much use for books complicating simple issues and wasting more time than it needs to be wasted, but short essay’s sure as hell are the thing right now. Let’s get started.


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Define cheating, for you and your partner. As our world evolves, certain concepts deepen as it is the case with cheating in relationships.

The thing I’ve noticed with my relationships is that every person has a different view on the matters of how far things should go. A girl might be overly jealous due to her painful past and despise even the simplest things such as you as a guy having close female friends whereas some women will only care about who you spend the most time with and not pay attention to the whole concept of male sexual attraction towards anything that moves all together.

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What I’m saying is that there truly can be the right fit for every single person, but one sure needs to have a clear sense of his own values all together and also at least have an idea of how his or her partner goes about the concept of faithfulness.

Long story short, both parties must abso – fucking – lutely know their partner’s values and have a good sense of difference in boundaries that will vary from one person to another.

Cheating as men see it

Generally, a man feels cheated when his woman fucks someone else.

Cheating as women see it

Generally, a woman feels cheated when her man feels more connected to someone else other than her.



This will vary of course and is by no means a certain rule or anything, but in most cases and as a base line for actions between different sexes this most certainly is the case.

A woman feels good in their relationship when she can be the most important person (not thing) in her guy’s life.

As for men, we are satisfied when woman is loyal and despite having guys she can talk to and being flirtatious with guys, she’ll only fuck one man.

It’s the most attractive trait a woman can have and will overrule in many cases, but not all, even visual attractiveness. Although, since women who do act in such loyal manner are usually smart in other ways also, taking care of their physical health and working hard to be nice looking for their man, visual beauty tends to be not a problem for those broads anyway.


This is the most basic down to bare ass stripped truth there is about different thought pattern between men and women regarding cheating and overall loyalty.

As we all know, people vary and they can vary quite fucking hard. Baseline stays the same overall, yet different nuances do come into play as I mentioned in beginning.

An insecure woman will try to control and boss their man around, having a lot to say about with who and for how long he spends his time with whereas a secure woman will put her faith in her man, trusting that he’ll do the right thing.

Hey, who the hell would cheat on me anyway?

– Any sexually and mentally secure woman


I wonder how he’s cheating on me this time. Tinder? Co-worker? Maybe both.

– Any insecure woman

Of course a secure woman can have doubts sometimes, if she sees signs that her has the tendency to deviate, but here’s the thing – a secure woman won’t put off with such a reckless man unless she does not care, which comes back to the types of cheating as I explained earlier.



Most important thoughts to take away from this article:

Define cheating for both parties taking individual variations into account

Realize about the biological baselines of men and women


Thanks for hanging on, I’ll be seeing you soon with some more cool information.


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