In case no one has told you this…

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The Truth About Sexual Attraction

In case no one has told you this:

“It is okay to walk away, if that’s what You decide to do.”

It’s about your journey, not anybody else’s nor their expectations for you. Your life is not supposed to be accepted by somebody’s standards. All that matters is whether you’re living up to your own values.

That’s all there ever is.

For instance, if you decide to quit school because of something that YOU believe in, because of some other dream or goal that matters more to you, then by all means, go ahead and do it.


If you decide to quit your fitness goals because it’s not in your interests to look perfect, but you’ve been doing it to impress other people, then by all means, quit, unless impressing others is part of your value system.


If you decide to block your relatives on Facebook and never talk to…

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