How Marathon Running Saved My Life

The Truth About Sexual Attraction

The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek

The hardest thing for me to do used to be staying in shape. I used to be skinny-fat during my teens (fat’ish without any muscle) and at some point even a bit overweight. On top of hating training, sweat and everything in-between, I had developed a deep hatred towards jogging in particular.

Man…that shit was so damn intense. I lost every single race that was held in my gym class, and by lost I do not mean not getting first place…I was the last boy to finish. ALWAYS.

So in conclusion, I was the slowest and fattest kid in my class. At least amongst boys, since we had some heavy weight girls there as well. Haha.


I looooved chocolate! I loved chips. I loved all kinds of fast food despite my family being well-off enough to make quality food…

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