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The Truth About Sexual Attraction

Here’s the most important piece of golden information I picked up while reading a book called The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle.


There are two kinds of groups in this world, that define people who have passed the first levels of tests that life gives us. Both of them are somewhat successful and able to handle life due to their own philosophy.

1. The ones that are constantly striving for more, being obsessed with getting a raise in their paycheck and once they get it, they’ll set up another goal and start stressing about the new goal. These are the people who can’t take time off since they’re too busy conquering the world. “Be the best, fuck the rest.”

For instance let’s look at the person who’s making 10$/h. His biggest life goal right now is to increase this number, let’s say by 2 euros. In two years time, after…

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