How To Never Be Bored Again

4pm. Saturday. I’ve been trying to listen to a seminar for quite some time now while as my girlfriend, my partner or even my soul mate, has been making serious progress towards ruining my day completely.

Oh, why?

She’s bored, therefore she’s becoming clingy. If you’re a guy who’s been in my shoes yourself at least once in your life, you know exactly what this means, and if you haven’t, then I can tell you it is no walk in the park.


We end it with a minor fight, she sullenly resorts back to her modelling videos and me going back to mine. The situation is not over though, the air is thick and you can almost feel the pressure of having an elephant in the room.

No walk in the park as I’ve just preached few lines back.


My turn.

I go sit right next to her, leave my phone, headphones, laptop, books, food and everything in between behind. I just sit there and do nothing. Not even meditate. I just sit without thoughts, feelings — without everything.

After a solid 25 minutes she asks me what am I doing? I tell her that I’m practising being bored so that next time I could be of use to her and help her out of this tedious hellhole we call boredom.


I challenge you to sit still and think about this subject, even if it is just for a second or two.

There is really only one thing to conclude, and that is realizing the fact that boredom as a whole does not exist. We simply keep doing stuff (whatever it might be) to feel something other than emptiness. But, funny enough, truth lies in that very same emptiness we’re trying to escape from.

We all go through life doing our things, whatever they might be. Some we do like and some we don’t. We might like to get home from a long day at work, put our feet on the table and relax, and we might hate our job, or maybe our partner, our mother-in-law. We might hate baseball, soccer, taking a walk in the park, swimming, feeding your dog.

Or… we might love them too.


The point is not whether we love or hate the things we decide to do in life, it’s the fact that we do something and therefore through doing them we’ll feel as if we’re moving in a direction of some sort. It might not even be the place we want to get, but at least it is a place nonetheless. We want to feel useful, powerful, smart and successful.

We want to be relaxed, stress-free and happy.

And, to achieve all of this we keep doing stuff, while as ignoring the most important truth the world has to offer.


We’re alive. We are freaking alive!

Ain’t that something.

We get to feel, we get to do, we get to lose and we get to thrive. We get to do stuff. The only reason why we’re bored, unhappy, down or whatever your favourite definition for “not remembering how awesome our world is” might be, is that we define ourselves through the actions we take and the things we make and at the same time completely forget this one truth.

If you forget how awesome it truly is to be here, you know, doing stuff  (escaping by doing stuff from realizing how amazing doing stuff really is)— that’s how even the smartest man will feel poor.


(Perhaps the most important part of the truth):

Here’s something nobody tells you like, ever. Ain’t nothing wrong with being bored every now and then. For real.


Just sit back and think about it and like really think about it. The only reason why you feel like you’re not on your path is because of this twisted belief that life needs to be awesome at all times. But, by letting go of that belief one can finally start truly feeling this way. The ultimate satisfaction from just being able to breathe.

By accepting this fact that you can’t feel good all the time and that boredom is a part of life, and finally – forgiving yourself for being bored one stops hating boredom, since if there is nothing wrong with being bored, then how the fuck can you hate being bored. It’s simple, really.


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