The White Knight Syndrome

I’ll do my best to make this article as short as possible. You have been warned.
“Damsel in distress, who must be saved by any means and circumstances. Those Disney movies have been fucking with your head, mate.”
Let’s clear some things up.
A white knight is someone who tries to benefit for his own gain from seeking out disapproved behavior, calling them out, sometimes violently even.
These people possess something called “madonna-whore complex“, where an individual is labeling females only as madonnas or whores.
Such person is well out of touch with reality and probably needs this article more than anybody else.

The ‘white knight’ is never trying to save the damsel in distress. White knight is seeking to mate with her by acting heroic. 

“Hey, I saved you, so now maybe go out with me as a reward. No? How rude!” – Whitey Knighty

If you have been out, and I mean like really, out of your house actually working on your social skills and becoming a better version of yourself through self-controlled, perhaps sometimes even mindless and wild action, the chances are you’ve come across these so-called “proud members of the society” yourself at least a couple of times, if not more.
The guy going around attempting to rescue women from “evil” men are simply driven by their biology and want nothing more than her reproductive abilities.
They portray a false narrative with the opposite intention lurking below the surface. It’s a strategy to lower the other man’s status while attempting to raise his in her eyes.
He believes his fake performance of bravery will notify the girl of a caring and protective nature, only for her to realize she should align with him out of a need for safety. It’s all bullshit. He simply wants to sleep with her.
The girl does now owe a guy anything, especially after his “weasel-like” approach.
What do I mean by that? A white knight does not feel worthy of the girl, unless he does something heroic to prove his worth to the girl. It’s the scenario in which the guy does not validate himself before the approach, instead he has high hopes for the girl to validate him. Now how fucked up is that?
Such dynamic never works and will look worse than a normal “hey, what’s up” at the club. By feeling the need to prove yourself to a girl will send out subtle signals that you do not have what it takes and therefore do not deserve her. 
It’s a cowardly way to solicit and attempt to build attraction by making someone else look bad while actually providing no value in the first place.
These men are social parasites and do not deserve your nor the girl’s attention.
On a happy note, they don’t get any either for the most part.
Recognize yourself as a white knight? Wonder what to do about it?
Sure, it’s a free world so you can believe what you want about women and social interactions. I won’t stop you, for real.
such behavior will not get you results and therefore changing your perception and personal beliefs should be taken into account.
Educate yourself on social dynamics, learn about human behavior and evolutionary psychology and go out, develop an abundance of women and realize how pathetic being a knight in this day and age really is.
Get my book here.
Read some more about the madonna-whore complex here.

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