How To Make Women Do Anything You Want

I haven’t been posting much recently, but this topic is just wayyyy to important for me to not share!

. . .

I came across this guy recently who had an interesting question for me…

How can I make my girlfriend go down on me? How can i have her do every kinky thing I crave for?



Basically, what this guy was asking is how to make a girl do anything you want from her, like for instanse – how to make her be a dirty little slut for you or how to make her be a great girlfriend for you that doesn’t sleep around. Or, more importantly and perhaps even more specifically – how to have your girlfriend please you in bed any way you want.

And the answer is simple, but, for that, we need to go back to the basics.


A few years ago there was this video going around on the internet about two guys walking up to girls, not saying anything else other than just a simple:

“Put your number in my phone.”

Surprisingly, there were a huge bunch of women that said yes or just acted as the man said. Now, why did they do that?

Let me clear this up for you guys, because I love you. I really do. Lol.


Those two guys that were in that video were not demanding nor threatening in any way. What they were instead, was sure of themselves. They acted in such manner that any girl that they approached would feel this sense of entitlement instantly, they would feel leadership. And what does that tell you, about the question that I uplifted right in the beginning of this post and about women’s biological response system?

Women go for leadership, they go for the guy that knows what he wants and is not afraid to show it. They want a guy that is unapologetic for his cravings and at the same time aware of the situation and ready to make amends when the shit goes wrong. Not in a beta-male kind of way, but by understanding that she’s not ready for that kind of thing yet, therefore toning it down a bit and go about from there.

See what I mean?


A man that’s alpha-like and leading, yet at the same time can understand the social dynamics and knows when to back off, yet be unapologetic for his actions, therefore understanding the feelings of both parties.


How to make the woman do anything you want?

Tell her what you want without being needy nor demanding, instead be entitled, leading and sincerely sympathetic. 

Just tell her what you expect from her in a loving, caring, yet leading way.


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