How To Keep Your Girlfriend

Learning how to keep your girlfriend is an interesting topic, since this blog is mainly about picking up new girls and increasing your lay count as a man, one can’t help not to think how keeping your girlfriend and misogyny in general is related to such lifestyle.

Let me tell you this one thing…

In life there are different periods of which we go through. One year you might want to dedicate on getting laid with different girls as much as possible and the other you might want to find a quality girlfriend that would satisfy you and support you through life as a worthy companion. Needless to say, you know where I am at this stage of life due to writing this blog post. Haha.



Many guys think keeping a girlfriend means pleasing her in every way she asks for. This is false.

Do not get me wrong, a caring and loving man is what women want more than anything, but this comes with a twist. Are you ready?

Women want a loving and caring man who doesn’t compromise his own goals in other to please his women. Women don’t want a guy who sacrifices his goals and ambitions in life just to make his woman happy. That’s a beta male quality that screams of scarcity and insecurity.

Just think about it.

If Albert Einstein or Elon Musk gave up on his grandiose life goals just to be with a woman, then their destiny would be screwed up. I don’t believe in destiny, but you get the idea. Funny enough, women crave for a man who is loving and caring deep down and who wants the best for her, yet who lives up to his own values and is willing to lose her at any moment if it comes between her and his destiny.

I can’t empasize this enough!


Women want a guy that has a clear path in life, at least in his own eyes whatever it might be (even play video games for fuck sake, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re sure of yourself). For an alpha male, women are meant to be a side quest that empower their life, but are NOT THEIR LIFE.

I see this concept, guys trying so hard to keep their woman, on a street almost every day. I can see it in their eyes. They would want to go and check out a souvenir store, get a cup of coffee of maybe even go and greet a random woman who they find appealing, yet they are limited to do so since they seem to not let go of their woman’s hand even for five minutes.

It’s sickening.

The other day I was out exploring the nature of my country with my lovely girlfriend and I came across this swing that was meant for children. Being an inner child and whatnot, I left my girlfriend staring at the sea to go and swing there for a while without saying a word.

She notices, she comes towards me and starts creating drama, playfully of course. She asked why am I such an asshole and doesn’t even tell her where I’m going. Now, if you know the social dynamics between a man and a woman, you know that women LOVE to create drama unconsciously just to test their man and feel his manliness, which is expressed in an act of freedom and followed by an act of being perfectly fine with it.


Therefore, I told her to not worry and pulled her on top of me, she started to laugh and giggle, her face was filled with joy since I past the so-called “shit test” as we would say in the world of pickup.



If you compromise your own life for someone else, you’ll end up being the beta male, which is not attractive at all. If you only think about yourself and don’t care for the people, especially women around you, you’ll end up being an alpha aka the asshole.

The goal here is to be a caring asshole, who does what he wants, but shows some empathy and solves drama that his girl creates like it’s not even a big deal.

Which by the way – isn’t.


Here’s my book on dating.

Here’s my book on mastering life.

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