I hope you don’t do this…

The #1 mistake of the NICE guy…

“If a women gets to know me.. Then she will want to have sex with me”

Women don’t usually have sex with a man they have gotten to know.

They usually try to get to know a man they want to have sex with..

The mistake men make is playing it too safe and not risking, scared to offend by being authentic and real.

Women either feel the tension or they don’t..”

Dr Robert glover “No more nice guy” book is a pure example of this.


I got another message from a student who had coaching with me a few months a go about how FREE he feels.

Literally feel like a new man now! After our session I’m seeing everything completely different. I understand the mistake I was making, this has changed everything for me. I was just focused wrong and my view of women didn’t help, I used to be both afraid to express how I felt, now I’m excited and I’m just starting.

On the day of his training he said he felt he was “being creepy”.


But, with some guidance and coaching…

He came to terms with his own sexuality. He was able to understand his masculinity. The whole of not having it figured out stopped becoming a burden.

His intentions became aligned.

The crazy thing about this is…

We only chatted for a about an hour!

He literally changed that day, I could see it.


Then we interacted with some very beautiful women, he used the tools I provided (ways of leveraging his beliefs..not actual drills and hammers) and now he sees this area of his life completely different.

Now he is constantly sending me pictures of girls he has slept with to me.

(He literally can’t believe it…)

I can.

On the day of our coaching he told me some stories about different women who had either flaked on him or he had become some kind of GAY best friend to that girl, girls he chased for months with them giving him mixed signals. It is a common theme.. And it’s always the same mistake. Guys are afraid of their sexuality and are afraid to express it. I provide a safe place for guys to be very honest about the things they end up going through because of sexual shame.


It took a while for me to get over these myself..

I had to find a safe person to talk to.

I had to find myself again and come back into alignment with who I really was.

A lot of the guys who are already practicing pickup are ignoring their deep-seated shame.

They feel on some level some form of guilt.

I enjoy releasing them from the prison of being oppressed.

Some don’t even realize they are…

Some are convinced that they just want to learn the ADVANCED TRICK that they think will “make her attracted”.

I tell them it won’t matter unless you are truly showing up as you..

I tell them this is it.. You will keep showing up this way.. Present and as a man of action.

Your intentions become clear.

It’s powerful stuff and keeping this responsibly up as a man can be overwhelming for some.

Sadly, most of us can’t handle it at first and can slip back into old habits.

This is where one has to keep reaffirming his students these new beliefs they’ve learnt.

Soon, they are a new person! Good times ahead!


Do YOU want to know more about this? Here’s my book on everything you need to know about the laws of social dynamics and sexual attraction.

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