Control Freaks And Why It Does Not Work

Guess what, bro.


You can’t control other people. Trying to do so will cause pain and suffering and anxiety, and that leads to a whole waterfall of issues that become very difficult to stop.

You can complete control over yourself, if you choose to have it. However, you don’t have control over other people. You can influence them in a way of your own choosing, but you can never fully play them as a marionette doll. You just can’t, because life does not work that way.

As for dating,


You can’t control the reaction which the girl will give you. You can’t control her liking or loving or hating you. You can’t do that, that’s up to her and her own blueprint, of which personality type she fancies and who she’s attracted to.


We can influence the girl’s reactions by changing our own state, our own mood, our own personality according to our own will. You can influence who you’re going to be in the next few minutes, in the next few months, in the next few years.

The law of state transfer.

Whatever you feel, they feel to a certain degree. If you’re okay with your own value system, your job, your physical appearance, your financial situation, your parents etc.

Then they will be too. People look for leadership. If you’re fine with a certain situation, then other people will be influenced by you depending on how much authority you have, and begin to shape their own perception according to your own. They unconsciously, without even themselves realizing it, put their fate in your judgement.

This is a powerful too, ecpecially in dating.

Whatever you’re okay with, the girl will be okay with.


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Published by

Johann Rannu

What happens if one extremely motivated guy decides to devote his life to learning the art of seduction and social dynamics? I'm the living example of this. I'm a professional pick-up artist, dating coach, freelance writer, psychology&medical student. So far, my life has been extremely versatile and the experiences I've had and my will to share the knowledge I've learned from them will help any of you to reach success in dating, with your fitness goals and all of life in general. Feel free to ask me anything, I'll happily answer to all of you guys.

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