Aces In Your Pocket

During my years of learning the subtle ways of dating and also teaching it, it has come across my mind that even despite having read books on how to be attractive to women and consuming endless online products on this matter is no use if you do not have certain game plan.

How to have all the aces in your pocket, so to say.


In my case, a year or so back I knew everything there was to know about successfully picking up women from the very first moment I laid my eyes on her. But, it was not enough.

You see…

Brain is a tricky thing. Even if we know how to do something, even if we realize that a good diet and exercise, dropping the junk food habit and drinking less alcohol will make you lose weight, we have a hard time actually fully going for it, we struggle with the execution of our own plans and living up to our own values.


Let’s say you know how to lose weight (because come on, we all do), but you’re still a bit chubby and it is in your value system to be fit and healthy. Now, if you value a good look and a functional body so highly, then why are you not living up your own values yourself? In fact, why are you not taking action today in order to become that person of your own desire? You do not need to be that person today, but you can strive to become him by taking action today, eating less and going for a run.

Deep down we all know what needs to be done, yet we do not always do it.

It’s the same deal with dating. We know how one is supposed to approach this matter, yet we delve in our own thoughts, looking for an easier way, fantasising what could be if we used our potential, our strength to the fullest. In other words, we know how and who, we just don’t have the willpower to actually put one foot in front of another and do the damn thing.


Therefore, without any further ado, here’s my three step formula to open ANY girl at any place at any time, AND without having your own “weak” self tune in and make you sit there without taking action while that hot girls strolls past you. And not just that, but this formula can be translated into any other area in your life. Sounds freaking amazing, doesn’t it.


Are ya ready?


First right off the bat, notice someone who you would be interested in based on her looks. Stop lying to yourself about her not being hot enough, about her probably having something important to do and you’d be just interrupting her, stop making excuses about why you should not approach her.

Do you know that the act of romance and love tops everything else? You could be late to a meeting, yet that cool guy coming up to you and saying hi would change everything now wouldn’t it? Your day would feel much better, you’d be meeting him again the next day for coffee and so on…


In other words, life would feel easy as fuck if there is something such as romance to live for. We, humans, love that. We love that dynamic more than anything. We are able to sacrifice valuable work time just so that we could have a chat with a potential match.

Funny, eh.

Therefore, you going up to that girl and she reacting to you is the most important thing she could be doing right now.

The next step is to realize that you’re enough. You are enough in every way possible. Yes, you might now have a Ferrari or a summer beach house to offer to this wonderful girl, but guess what – the guy with those things most likely doesn’t have the balls to approach a random chick on a corner of 5th avenue and actually have his shit together thinking he’s enough during this process. Therefore, if you’re able to do it, then you already have higher value in the eyes of the girl than that other guy with external riches. You have inner riches, which tops external values at any day.



At the end of the day, girls look for romance, not cars or houses. Girls looks for emotions since they’re human. Girls look for a guy that is able to provide them with an interesting story. Sure, Lambos and beach houses help to create a cool story, but if you don’t have what it takes inside yourself, then those fancy cars and houses won’t do you much good.

Therefore, if you’re able to go up to her, then you’re completely enough for her. You’re in her league at least, if not higher.

And the third and final step is easy.

Just do it 😉


If you’re interested in the full package of my knowledge on the subject of successfully picking up women and becoming a superior man in the process, check out my book.



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