An Ode Towards Enlightenment

        What is a man who has no life objectives? Who goes to school, work, or other?
         He hates it.


And yet,

When he comes back home from school work, or other, the whole world changes, to a beautiful place of heaven.


What must a man do to keep it that way. The man knows that his heaven is in danger. Because work wants to follow him back home, terrorizing in every way mentally possible.


The man loses his heaven and desperately tries to get it back,

By ignoring his work he must do.


The man realizes the angels in his little heaven are turning into wild demons. And then, the man has lost any will there was left to live.

Because only hell remains. And the only place where he felt alive,

Is now a prison. Just like like school or work or other once before.

The man is filled with anger, hatred and sadness. He starts ignoring people. He gets easily angry. And looks for a fight.

The man was once a kind and quiet little boy.

But now,

He is a ball filled with hate and sadness.

He lives day by day in his cold and dark world.

When one day he realizes there is no point to life, no point in living.

He realizes that if there is no point in living, then there is no point in dying.

He is starting to become a depressed nihhilist.


          Then, one day, he started doing his homework, his work.

And then, suddenly, the world became a little bit brighter.

He felt the angels he had long since forgotten.

And as time went on,

       The man saw that this world as not cold and dark,
But as a vibrant landscape of colors.


        Then the man realized

          There never was a hellish place to go to everyday
But a place just as any other place.
Just a place where he had to go.



                The places where you go are the places you think they are.”





Call to Action:

Forget everything and just read this”

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