Dating Is Not A Science

The biggest problem by far that I see in my students is their thought process going about picking up women.

Guys that I coach tend to come from a background that does not support the lifestyle of constantly getting laid with beautiful women at all. Therefore, the mindset these guys possess is extreme technicality and their ability to go about learning pickup as this tremendously complicated thing, such as opening a math book and once they’ve memorized every single algorithm, every single nuance that might hit them, then they’re ready to actually get laid.

In other words,


Guys that I teach tend to look at pickup as a science, on which in order to successfully pick up their first girl one needs to completely understand the concept of how, why, who and when women fuck.

This is most certainly NOT the case.

Don’t get me wrong, picking up women and the art of seduction in general can be pinned down to a very specific science which explains why people tend to do the things that we do and how to play with these facts to create a favorable outcome for a guy to get laid.

Therefore, picking up women IS actually a science.

But, it can also be summed up very easily by understanding this one core principle.


Picking up women is a form of art, since when one is dealing with people and the spontaneity of a human mind there is always a level of confusion and randomness involved. Just think about it and I’ll do my best to describe you this phenomena.

Women have an abundance of dick (aka men). Well, most women do and it’s pretty hard to fuck that up (overeating, extreme negativity, overuse of drugs n alcohol). Men, however, don’t have an abundance of pussy. The way our evolution has made us is that men need to work for women and women need to make themselves hard to get in order to preserve their high value, but also be accessable to the right type of guy of their choosing, since at the end of the day life on earth according to our biology needs to continue.

It’s an endless cat ‘n mouse game.

Realizing this fact is already in many ways enough. Girls go to social gatherings with the idea of finding a cool guy in the back of their mind even if they themselves deny it. Our life as we know it revolves mainly around sex, our primal urge.


Men do the same. They go out to clubs and bars, work hard to make good money and go to gyms in order to be a high value guy, which in end is because we want to be on top of the “sex” pyramid.

And there you have it. Our entire existance is ant-like. We are ants dancing around our creation, being lead by sex. It’s all just like a game, not of any significance to the universe, but of great significance to our own small world.

That is literally it.

Now, if you see pickup as a science that needs to be mastered, then good for you, but you will overcomplicate this dynamic that I just explained you about.

It’s all just a game, and as long as you play it, you’ll get laid eventually, and also get good in the process.

How to get good? Haha, well…

Read my blog. 😉


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