How To Be Enlightened

I’m here to talk about an idea that spiritual gurus such as OSHO, Sadhguru and others have severely emphasized in their talks with their followers, and that is…

If you’re searching for enlightenment, then enlightenment cannot be the goal, or you’ll never reach it.

Basically, what these wonderful teachers (I love them, don’t get me wrong) are saying is that you cannot persist enlightenment as a goal, since by using your energy to focus on this extremely subtle¬†concept you’ll actually be drifting away from the answer you’re working so hard to reach towards. In many ways I find it to be completely true, but truly think about it…


This type of answer won’t get you anywhere, or at least most of us who hear this will not understand this idea, therefore end up not reach that spiritual milestone, well, ever.

So what’s my approach on enlightenment and how does one achieve it?

First of all, I would have never reached any kind of happiness if I had heard this “drop your goals to achieve them” advice in the first place. Okay, let’s be honest, I would have most likely still pursued with my dreams, but let’s just say for the sake of an argument that I hadn’t.



I would have not tried. I would have stayed without any social experience what so ever, I would have ended up getting a pointless job that I did not like in any way due to my parents “helpful” guidance. More like tyranny, if you let me be so blunt.

All that being said, do believe dropping all that “self-improvement” bullshit is still the key to a successful and happy life, but only AFTER one has tried the approach of being a total workaholic whose entitlement, self-esteem and confidence is determined by their ego, of how much they achieve and how far they get in their career ladder, how big they get their muscles and how many women do they sleep with.


I truly believe one must go through hell to get to the higher ground, and to skip hell will leave such a grand gap in your personal development journey that reaching enlightenment (if that’s even possible) will be completely impossible.

So, in conclusion…



Work first, realize you don’t need to work at all in the first place later. In my mind, according to my experiences and the experience of my mentors all together (we’re standing on the shoulders of giants here) this is the most optimal way to go about this.

But, do what you like.


Thing that has really helped me through my difficult youth – medidation.

Meditation, the importance of it and how to. – Click here.


Call to action.

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