Your Masculine Essence (How To Be A Boss)

A certain question was brought upon my attention the other day, which was the idea of how is one able to trust the process just like that without having any solid proof of being on the right path?

How is one able to trust that everything will work out in the end?

Should you still keep going even though the results are not showing just yet?

Should you trust the process and if so, how?

Well, here’s the thing. 


People love to be led. We love to be certain that things will work out, we love it when a strong figure (#trump) is taking charge, always acting as if he knows what to do, where to lead us and especially has a strong belief of where things will go in the future. In other words, we as people love to be certain that the future is set, because when we know what’s about to happen, then we can prepare for it, then there is no mystery, and mystery creates fear.

The unknown is dangerous, therefore it triggers fear. Fear is a signal of approaching the unknown.

Back in the old days the unknown had a fairly high chance of killing us. The unknown was the most scary thing out there, because you had no idea what’s going to happen. 

And since almost the whole nature was out there to kill us, there wasn’t really a good chance for us to stay alive in a new environment.

Who knows, maybe the next berry will paralyze you, maybe the next cute animal might sting and kill you, maybe there’s another tribe that wants your head as a trophy.

As a man, it is important to realize that in order to live a high quality lifestyle – one must embrace the unknown. One must praise chaos, perhaps in some cases even expect it. One must love the paradox of being on this earth, of having no idea what we’re here to do.

Every single man…

Has this essence of masculine energy rooted deep within them. Some have the ability to access it easily whereas some must work on themselves for a long period of time before they’re able to express it freely.


The thing women love THE MOST about men is a man’s ability to handle chaos. The ability to stay cool under pressure and handle your shit is the most attractive trait above all. Women want to trust themselves to you, for you to guide her, for you to dominate her.

It’s in our biology to do so.


But how can I trust myself, how can I trust the idea that everything will work out?

Just in the way of how women fall for men, you must fall for yourself. Think back on a time when you had to do something that you considered to be extremely scary. Think back to a time when you were tested, hard. Remember how there was something inside you that started to control you during that intense situation?

Remember how hard your legs were shaking and your brain shut down, yet there was something inside you that took over and got the thing done, where it was asking your crush out for the first time, taking an exam or going to a job interview.

That “something” was your masculine core, the “badass” you, the one that dominates when you give it a chance.

Here’s the key.


Fall for yourself just as a woman falls for a man, just as she trusts him to make the right decision and keep her safe from the world. You, yourself, must put that faith in your masculine essence that shows itself whenever adversity hits.

Trust yourself, know that there is this power in you that will crush anything and anyone, if you let it.

Knowing so, it does not even matter whether you lose your job or your girlfriend, because this masculine essence will take charge when necessary and guide you to victory. This masculine energy will take over and make you do the right thing. 

Trust yourself to make the right decision just as a woman would trust a man. She trusts you, and you trust you. It’s like you’re some kind of a celestial being. Sounds dope, eh.

Thanks for reading!

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