In case no one has told you this…

In case no one has told you this:

“It is okay to walk away, if that’s what You decide to do.”

It’s about your journey, not anybody else’s nor their expectations for you. Your life is not supposed to be accepted by somebody’s standards. All that matters is whether you’re living up to your own values.

That’s all there ever is.

For instance, if you decide to quit school because of something that YOU believe in, because of some other dream or goal that matters more to you, then by all means, go ahead and do it.


If you decide to quit your fitness goals because it’s not in your interests to look perfect, but you’ve been doing it to impress other people, then by all means, quit, unless impressing others is part of your value system.


If you decide to block your relatives on Facebook and never talk to your parents again because of reasons that hold great value in your eyes, because you have a good enough reason to do so, then by all means, do so.


Forget society’s standards that it has set for us. Forget the norm. Forget someone else’s dreams that hold great importance to him, but fail to do so in your reality. Forget this people pleaser concept that we must suffer in order to satisfy the will of other people.

Do you think we should suffer our years away doing something we don’t value just so our parents could brag to their hypocritical friends and colleagues that their child is a medical student, a well-respected athlete or a rich business man?

Do you think we should throw our lives away just so that the other person could get a small dopamine boost for a second or two?

Do you think it is worth it?

pizap (5).jpg

Another important concept for you to realize here is that a smart person understands this idea.

A smart person understands that these small dopamine spikes are not happiness.

A smart person understands reality, that if you only live for these small moments, then your sh*t is broken.

A smart person realizes that life is not about living for the weekends, yet it’s also not about not living for the weekends.

A smart person, surprisingly, is also a good person, who understands life.

Funny enough, knowledge can cure every disease in our world starting from the main source – stupidity.


Fix your shit, starting now.

Let me help you get started.

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