Ask Yourself This One Question Before Talking To A Hot Girl

When I look around in a club, in a bar, at the beach or just about where ever I happen to land myself, there’s a mistake that I see amongst pretty much all guys that are in my line of sight. That mistake is called neediness.

Chances are You have it right now.

I’m not kidding!


Do you like her?


For real, you don’t even have to be talking to a woman for me to spot neediness in you. This label, if you happen to have it, is written all over your body language, and especially your facial expressions. As many highly successful dating coaches and also great friends of mine say – the number one reason that kills attraction between a man and a woman is when a man shows signs of neediness towards the girl.

Romantic movies have taught us that waiting for that special someone is the right thing to do. Movies tend to tell us that we should wait for that perfect someone to cross our path, which might be today or in 40 years from now. Untill that woman arrives, we should hold ourselves back, act “normal” and not look at other women. Guys who go to clubs – well, they are just “fuckboys” who do not care for the most ultimate force in universe – the power of love. This, my friend, might just be the biggest bullshit story of all time.


Let’s say you do follow that mainstream path and wait for a perfect girl. Lets say that girl shows up. Now what? You have little to no experience, and since you’ve already made it into a such a big deal, you’ll end up being needy. Neediness kills attraction, therefore she won’t be attracted to you. She might give you a chance for a date, but that’s as far as it’s going to go. Even if you end up marrying her by a tremendous overload of luck, she will cheat on you since she’s missing that masculine polarity, she’s missing a real man. If she won’t cheat, she’ll be unhappy because she’s not aligned with her true feminine core.

Whichever path you decide to choose, player or not, I won’t stop ya. It’s your own life, use it as you’d like. But, regardless of the path you’ve chosen, there’s this one question any guy should ask himself every single time he’s about to approach, talk to or even just notice a hot girl.

Ask yourself:


“Do I need her?”

Do I need her for my life to be awesome, or would she just be a bonus? Do I need her to make me feel complete or am I already complete and she’d just be a nice addition to my bag of awesome experiences? Is my life already awesome as fuck or do I need her to feel awesome? 


If you think you need her to be cool, to be respected, to feel happy or whatnot, then you’ll be needy. But if your happiness and well-being is based on something else other than getting the approval of a woman, then you’ll be that cool guy she craves for every single day of her life.

Remove your neediness and she shall be yours.


Yes, maybe even her!




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