How To Get Laid Consistently With Only 5 Cents In Your Bank Account

I’ve been picking up girls without spending a dime for more than three years now. I can tell you from hard learned experience that it can really have toll on your self-esteem, having no money what so ever. It will make you feel as if you don’t have value to offer. Therefore, you’ll be scared to even spark up a conversation with women, which leads to

Approach anxiety.

You, me, them…we’ve all felt it at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, going up to a stranger to just chat her up will always be a somewhat frightening task. We as humans are meant to be thriving, but in order to keep us alive and well, our brains have come up with this wonderful invention called fear, that is supposed to keep us alert and at bay against any danger that might come up. Therefore, since approaching a stranger used to be a grand threat to us because during those ancient times you never knew if he or she was friendly or not. Back then you could have been clubbed to death for something as simple as entering someone’s territory.


Luckily, this stuff does not happen that much anymore, but since this sense of danger has been deeply coded inside us due to the way the world is, fear is probably never going to leave us. When I look around on the internet, browse all kinds of online programs, I tend to see online marketers promising guys that their fear of approaching women will be gone after they’ve enlisted themselves into their highly expensive program, which is completely insane.


First of all, fear can never be removed since it is an important feature and also something that makes us human. It’s our survivor mechanism that will keep us safe. However, our brain signals fear whenever the potential for threat might occur, which in many cases during our day to day lives is completely false. Therefore, it’s up to us to separate danger from fear and use logic as our core value. It’s really damn important to be aligned with reality.

Yes, it’s true. Fear can never be removed, but we can overcome it by using simple logical facts such as nobody is going to kill you for approaching that girl on a street. If anything, guys around you will be baffled and wish to have your unbreakable courage. And the girls will feel as if you’re the most valuable guy around since you’re the only one with balls to approach a stranger, which is attractive as fuck. And, also taking the most important point into consideration – nobody actually gives a fuck. It’s highly likely that nobody even notices you, or even if they do, you’ll be forgotten in the next minute or so.


There is really no downside in approaching strangers. You can only gain from that.

That being that, most of us struggle with this despite knowing there’s no downside. For guys, even if there’s a reward in the end, they still choose to reject themselves and not approach the girl at all.

Psychologists have proven that it’s much more effective to not offer a reward, but to take something from that individual if he fails to deliver.


All that being said…


Let me introduce you the 5 Cent Technique.


I’ve been marketing this as a poor man’s way to get laid, and that’s exactly what this is. The reality is that you can be anyone and still use this technique, since it’s one of the best ways to cure approach anxiety as a guy for good.

So, what does one need for this to work?

  • Any coin
  • A friend

Here’s how this game works. You and your friend both meet up and go out to a venue where you can constantly see girls walking by. Once you’re there, and you feel as if you’re unable to approach girls, have your friend take out a coin, pick a side in which case you have to approach, flip it (assuming you get the “approach her” side), and give you 5 seconds to approach that girl who he picked for you. If you fail to do so in the next 5 seconds, he has the right to slap you as hard as he wants to. If you get the other side of the coin, just pick another girl in a minute or so and repeat this process.


Now, who wants to be slapped, am I right? The chances are not many. The key here is to not beat the shit out of your friend for not talking to a girl (or is it?), the key is to give him something to lose so that he’d have to work to get it back. In this case, it’s his organs staying in the right place, but it can literally be anything. You can just flip out 50 euros and give that to your friend, which he’ll give back to you after you’ve approached some girl. This is really the ultimate way of how to destroy approach anxiety – give yourself something to lose if you fail to deliver.

Keep this in mind:

The First Approach Is Always The Hardest One.

You might just need the coin trick to do that one approach, after which you’re ready to tackle this matter on your own. Do whatever works to get the results you desire.

After all, if you fail to accomplish your goals, you just don’t want it bad enough. If you actually wanted to get to know that girl who just walked past you, you would not even need a damn coin or a punch. You would not need anything, you’d just go.


If you want to learn more about this process and get to the level where you don’t even need a damn coin to tell you what to do,



And you see yourself as an action taker that cares for his goals in his dating life,



Then I strongly advise you to check out my masterful book on how to become that superior man who gets the girls he wants and who other guys wish they’d be like.


Sounds good?


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