Motivation Is Bullshit

(A really short post to really hammer this into your brain once and for all.)

Motivation is bullshit


All that motivation ever does is it reinforces the belief of you being a lazy fucker that needs motivation to get the ball going. Chasing abundance from scarcity mindset does not work, since it can drop at any second and you’ll end up going back to the beginning.


How about you drop the paradigm of being a lazy individual and think of yourself as a highly functional being with endless potential? Therefore, you stop needing motivation and you’ll start accomplishing goals simply because you can.


As long as you’re operating in a paradigm of scarcity, you’ll never have abundance.


There isn’t just one tomato for everyone, ya know. Happiness is a default state within us.


Let’s say you’re in LA and someone gives you a map of Detroit. Now it does not matter how much you work, you won’t just figure out where you’re at by using that map, because the map is wrong. Same with paradigms and to really achieve your goals, you must switch your mental map. Are you coming from “I don’t have it yet, but I will if I work” , or are you coming from a “I already have it” type of mindset. Now just to be clear, many things in life we do have to work for and we are not just able to assume that we already have it, but every single thing such as this is ALWAYS external such as money, fame, luxury goods and so forth. External things are never needed, or at least to a very small degree, such as food and shelter, but the things that ACTUALLY make us feel good are all internal, and those are we able to have instantly when we switch our paradigms.


Happiness is not based on external values.


Joy comes from within.



To achieve external values one does have to work, but it’s not because he wants to be hapy, but because he already is happy and enjoys the fruits of labor.


It’s not that hard to understand.


I hope this short article answers your question and helps you to get out of this rat race that we call motivation seeking and start accomplishing great things simply because you are able to. Simply because that’s your new identity. Simply because you’re a badass now, that’s dominating his or her own path in life.

No more motivation needed.

Therefore though, how does one be happy without needing anything?

Check out my happiness manifesto for this true answer, my friend.


All that being said and done…

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Speaking from hard learned experience here, my friend.


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