Perfect Text Game

This is without a doubt the most asked question I get. It’s not hard to realize why is it so as well, since today’s world has become so comfort driven that going out and meeting girls, taking them home and whatnot is not nearly as effortless as simply texting a girl and asking her to come over. Can’t blame ya though, I’m an avid user of Tinder for about three years now, but only recently have I stumbled upon the most optimal technique that works for getting laid off the internet without actually having to meet that girl in person first.

Also, it’s important to point out that this method works for texting crushes as well, not just for one night stands off Tinder, HotorNot or some other weird dating app. This method that I use is universal and works in general for all kinds of social interactions with girls through your phone. Messenger, Tinder, text messages… one night stands, lovers, soon to be wife…you name it!

Anyways, let’s begin.

When texting a girl it’s important to realize that you’re not going to build much attraction throughout texts. The girl can’t see you, the girl can’t feel your vibe. I used to add tons of emoticons, work on my humor to always be appealing through texts throwing jokes then and there after every message or so, being overly playful and brainstorming to come up with literally anything illogical just to keep her entertained, which in my mind was the same as keeping her interested. This is a lie.

Keeping the girl entertained is not the same as keeping her interested.

You have no idea how many great conversations I’ve had through text, but when I’ve asked them out, they’ve always said no. Like really. Fucking blows, am I right.

As a man you do not need to entertain her. The more you do try and do that, the more she’ll think of you as a texting buddy that’s always available, always happy and always ready to make her day. Sure, it might seem like a fun thing to do, good even, since in this case you are acting as a bundle of joy that’s extremely fun to be around. But guess what? That’s the same as having a dog, a small child or even just a fucking phone. It’s not hard for a young girl to be entertained in our modern world. Funny enough, the more you try, the more you go out of your way to keep the conversation going, the more she’ll lose interest in you due to your neediness and just plain out creepiness. I’m not saying humor is bad, not at all. I’m saying overly tryhard’ish humor, overblowing her phone with messages and long tedious texts with the aim to make her giggle is needy. A man of value already knows he’s high status, he already knows his good enough for the girl. Now think about it…if you had extreme self-worth, let’s say you’d be a billionaire with endless resources, would you spend two hours of your day just texting a girl? Fuck no.

You are already enough. Your texts don’t change that in any way. That’s the frame you should be coming from.

Point number two. Do not be always available. This is soooo key. Basically, what you should be implementing through your texts is being a high value male whose not dangerous to her in any way. Studies show that the biggest problem for males with online dating is that the girl might be a catfish, or in other words – good pictures, fat in real life. Whereas for women the biggest worry is that the guy is going to rape and kill them, and not necessarily in that order. Therefore, sending tons of messages shows utter neediness, which the girl will see as the guy having wayyyy to much need for this one girl, therefore he’s probably not a high value guy since he doesn’t have other options, otherwise he would not pay that much attention towards me.

Text the girl five to ten minutes later after she texts you, or just whenever you feel like it, unless she’s really hard to get hold of, in that case just message her whenever she’s online and ready to have a chat with you.

Third, and the most important point of all – texting is only a mere tool to get her to meet up with you. You are not going to be her next text buddy. You are not going to fuck her through text. You are not going to show her a good time and outdo other guys through text. You NEED to meet up with her in order to create solid attraction.

Now that we have established the basics, don’t be creepy, don’t be needy and don’t always be available, let’s look at some examples on how to text.



From the book “High Status”





Here’s a common flake:


Some simple examples of two of dating prodigies.

When you text a girl, keep it light, keep it simple and most of all – keep it short. DO not be writing long novels back and forth, do not make the conversation deep or anything, just give her a glimpse of you, show her that you care about her, but also that you are able to walk out in five seconds flat without shedding any tears for her. As a high value guy, you do care about others, but you will not worry about things that are outside of your control, such as the girl being too scared to meet up or her having different interests at this point. Our choices are always half luck.

You’ll get laid when luck meets preparation. Not every girl is down to meet you or to fuck you, but you’d be surprised of how many of them actually are. Practise, practise, practise, and when you meet that girl that’s down, you’ll pull it off easily.



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