In case no one has told you this…

In case no one has told you this:

“It is okay to walk away, if that’s what You decide to do.”

It’s about your journey, not anybody else’s nor their expectations for you. Your life is not supposed to be accepted by somebody’s standards. All that matters is whether you’re living up to your own values.

That’s all there ever is.

For instance, if you decide to quit school because of something that YOU believe in, because of some other dream or goal that matters more to you, then by all means, go ahead and do it.


If you decide to quit your fitness goals because it’s not in your interests to look perfect, but you’ve been doing it to impress other people, then by all means, quit, unless impressing others is part of your value system.


If you decide to block your relatives on Facebook and never talk to your parents again because of reasons that hold great value in your eyes, because you have a good enough reason to do so, then by all means, do so.


Forget society’s standards that it has set for us. Forget the norm. Forget someone else’s dreams that hold great importance to him, but fail to do so in your reality. Forget this people pleaser concept that we must suffer in order to satisfy the will of other people.

Do you think we should suffer our years away doing something we don’t value just so our parents could brag to their hypocritical friends and colleagues that their child is a medical student, a well-respected athlete or a rich business man?

Do you think we should throw our lives away just so that the other person could get a small dopamine boost for a second or two?

Do you think it is worth it?

pizap (5).jpg

Another important concept for you to realize here is that a smart person understands this idea.

A smart person understands that these small dopamine spikes are not happiness.

A smart person understands reality, that if you only live for these small moments, then your sh*t is broken.

A smart person realizes that life is not about living for the weekends, yet it’s also not about not living for the weekends.

A smart person, surprisingly, is also a good person, who understands life.

Funny enough, knowledge can cure every disease in our world starting from the main source – stupidity.


Fix your shit, starting now.

Let me help you get started.


Movie Characters That Always Get Laid And Why

I’m a huge fan of movies, which you probably already know about me since I have a couple of movie reviews about their philosophy up in this blog.




Yes, it’s true.

Characters that get laid a lot in movies (and I’m not talking about mediocre Hugh Grant/Richard Gere love stories here), the guys that we seem to think have it all, always, and I do mean ALWAYS, possess the same kind of characteristics.


In other words, the guys that get laid a lot in movies tend to have the same kind of personality, the same kind of outlook on life, and especially about women.

Characters that tend to get laid a lot tend to think the same way about sex, dating and everything in between, meaning – the laws of being an attractive male that has sex with many beautiful women in a short period of time seem to be following the same pattern.


Conclusion? You’ve guessed it!

There is a certain behavioral pattern that helps you to get laid.

Let’s break down a typical “womanizer” on-screen that women seem to love.

pizap (3).jpg


  • Pretty much every single¬†Humphrey Bogart role.

This guy is often considered to be the first womanizer to be put on-screen, since almost in every movie he starred in he had the same kind of personality and his treatment towards women followed the same mannerism. So, what did he have?Bogart always put himself on a pedestal, always saving his own neck before others, not playing the knight on a white horse. Although he was in several “damsel in distress” flicks, his attitude towards any given situation always stayed the same. Even though a killer was after the hottest woman in the city, Bogart always dealt with his own affairs first, making sure his ass was covered before actually reaching out to help that poor woman.Pedestal_(PSF).pngBogart was an alpha male, if not a hyper-alpha. Apart from being confident as hell, he acted as if he always had a plan, rarely losing his cool and always having that “even if I’m wrong I’m never in doubt” face on.


In most cases Bogart was a wreck, an alcoholic who could even be considered a strong nihilist. Bogart knew what he was about even if that thing was not considered to be nice or polite. Bogart did not care much for mannerism. He knew he was being an asshole, he was completely aware, yet he did not care and always had a way of making himself get out of trouble by referring to the fact that he’s an asshole or blaming a specific situation for making him act in such way, therefore getting off the hook. Perhaps one of the strongest charismatic portraits on-screen.


I don’t think I even have to point this out. EXTREME CONFIDENCE in himself and knowing what he’s about.


Funny enough, you could see Bogart be vulnerable and knowing it, yet still a go-getter and “fight until the end” type of guy. Vulnerability creates comfort and shows a girl that you’re still human, therefore she can relate since women are typically extremely insecure.


Follow these guidelines up to your own personal perspective, play around with these by adding them into your own persona, and see how your relationships with women slowly start to shift towards you getting more attention, more publicity and ultimately –

More sex.


Isn’t that what’s life mostly about anyway? To win the approval of the opposite sex.



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Ask Yourself This One Question Before Talking To A Hot Girl

When I look around in a club, in a bar, at the beach or just about where ever I happen to land myself, there’s a mistake that I see amongst pretty much all guys that are in my line of sight. That mistake is called neediness.

Chances are You have it right now.

I’m not kidding!


Do you like her?


For real, you don’t even have to be talking to a woman for me to spot neediness in you. This label, if you happen to have it, is written all over your body language, and especially your facial expressions. As many highly successful dating coaches and also great friends of mine say – the number one reason that kills attraction between a man and a woman is when a man shows signs of neediness towards the girl.

Romantic movies have taught us that waiting for that special someone is the right thing to do. Movies tend to tell us that we should wait for that perfect someone to cross our path, which might be today or in 40 years from now. Untill that woman arrives, we should hold ourselves back, act “normal” and not look at other women. Guys who go to clubs – well, they are just “fuckboys” who do not care for the most ultimate force in universe – the power of love. This, my friend, might just be the biggest bullshit story of all time.


Let’s say you do follow that mainstream path and wait for a perfect girl. Lets say that girl shows up. Now what? You have little to no experience, and since you’ve already made it into a such a big deal, you’ll end up being needy. Neediness kills attraction, therefore she won’t be attracted to you. She might give you a chance for a date, but that’s as far as it’s going to go. Even if you end up marrying her by a tremendous overload of luck, she will cheat on you since she’s missing that masculine polarity, she’s missing a real man. If she won’t cheat, she’ll be unhappy because she’s not aligned with her true feminine core.

Whichever path you decide to choose, player or not, I won’t stop ya. It’s your own life, use it as you’d like. But, regardless of the path you’ve chosen, there’s this one question any guy should ask himself every single time he’s about to approach, talk to or even just notice a hot girl.

Ask yourself:


“Do I need her?”

Do I need her for my life to be awesome, or would she just be a bonus? Do I need her to make me feel complete or am I already complete and she’d just be a nice addition to my bag of awesome experiences? Is my life already awesome as fuck or do I need her to feel awesome?¬†


If you think you need her to be cool, to be respected, to feel happy or whatnot, then you’ll be needy. But if your happiness and well-being is based on something else other than getting the approval of a woman, then you’ll be that cool guy she craves for every single day of her life.

Remove your neediness and she shall be yours.


Yes, maybe even her!




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How To Get Laid Consistently With Only 5 Cents In Your Bank Account

I’ve been picking up girls without spending a dime for more than three years now. I can tell you from hard learned experience that it can really have toll on your self-esteem, having no money what so ever. It will make you feel as if you don’t have value to offer. Therefore, you’ll be scared to even spark up a conversation with women, which leads to

Approach anxiety.

You, me, them…we’ve all felt it at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, going up to a stranger to just chat her up will always be a somewhat frightening task. We as humans are meant to be thriving, but in order to keep us alive and well, our brains have come up with this wonderful invention called fear, that is supposed to keep us alert and at bay against any danger that might come up. Therefore, since approaching a stranger used to be a grand threat to us because during those ancient times you never knew if he or she was friendly or not. Back then you could have been clubbed to death for something as simple as entering someone’s territory.


Luckily, this stuff does not happen that much anymore, but since this sense of danger has been deeply coded inside us due to the way the world is, fear is probably never going to leave us. When I look around on the internet, browse all kinds of online programs, I tend to see online marketers promising guys that their fear of approaching women will be gone after they’ve enlisted themselves into their highly expensive program, which is completely insane.


First of all, fear can never be removed since it is an important feature and also something that makes us human. It’s our survivor mechanism that will keep us safe. However, our brain signals fear whenever the potential for threat might occur, which in many cases during our day to day lives is completely false. Therefore, it’s up to us to separate danger from fear and use logic as our core value. It’s really damn important to be aligned with reality.

Yes, it’s true. Fear can never be removed, but we can overcome it by using simple logical facts such as nobody is going to kill you for approaching that girl on a street. If anything, guys around you will be baffled and wish to have your unbreakable courage. And the girls will feel as if you’re the most valuable guy around since you’re the only one with balls to approach a stranger, which is attractive as fuck. And, also taking the most important point into consideration – nobody actually gives a fuck. It’s highly likely that nobody even notices you, or even if they do, you’ll be forgotten in the next minute or so.


There is really no downside in approaching strangers. You can only gain from that.

That being that, most of us struggle with this despite knowing there’s no downside. For guys, even if there’s a reward in the end, they still choose to reject themselves and not approach the girl at all.

Psychologists have proven that it’s much more effective to not offer a reward, but to take something from that individual if he fails to deliver.


All that being said…


Let me introduce you the 5 Cent Technique.


I’ve been marketing this as a poor man’s way to get laid, and that’s exactly what this is. The reality is that you can be anyone and still use this technique, since it’s one of the best ways to cure approach anxiety as a guy for good.

So, what does one need for this to work?

  • Any coin
  • A friend

Here’s how this game works. You and your friend both meet up and go out to a venue where you can constantly see girls walking by. Once you’re there, and you feel as if you’re unable to approach girls, have your friend take out a coin, pick a side in which case you have to approach, flip it (assuming you get the “approach her” side), and give you 5 seconds to approach that girl who he picked for you. If you fail to do so in the next 5 seconds, he has the right to slap you as hard as he wants to. If you get the other side of the coin, just pick another girl in a minute or so and repeat this process.


Now, who wants to be slapped, am I right? The chances are not many. The key here is to not beat the shit out of your friend for not talking to a girl (or is it?), the key is to give him something to lose so that he’d have to work to get it back. In this case, it’s his organs staying in the right place, but it can literally be anything. You can just flip out 50 euros and give that to your friend, which he’ll give back to you after you’ve approached some girl. This is really the ultimate way of how to destroy approach anxiety – give yourself something to lose if you fail to deliver.

Keep this in mind:

The First Approach Is Always The Hardest One.

You might just need the coin trick to do that one approach, after which you’re ready to tackle this matter on your own. Do whatever works to get the results you desire.

After all, if you fail to accomplish your goals, you just don’t want it bad enough. If you actually wanted to get to know that girl who just walked past you, you would not even need a damn coin or a punch. You would not need anything, you’d just go.


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Sounds good?


How To Make Picking Up Chicks Really Easy For You

MOST things taught about picking up chicks, game, seduction, man to woman social dynamics or whatever you want to call it, are completely pointless unless you understand ONE thing about female psychology.

She won’t fall for you.. She will fall for the story ABOUT you..¬†

Let me explain you about this weird, but extremely important concept.

This is something I discovered about 2 years ago and has been a KEY to a lot of my beliefs about approaching women from cold approach. (Making it super easy)

One of the best dating coaches in the world, Alex Social, describes this concept brilliantly in his “inception dynamic” video. I’m putting this all together to help my own understanding, as well as your own.



I don’t think anyone can totally understand this as its super confusing as to why things work this way.. But knowing a few things help you just get on with things without constantly worrying about theory.

Basically, you don’t need to be an expert for it to work.¬†

You just need more faith that by doing so much less you can get the girl.

To help me get my thought process around this, I tried to make it as simple as possible. Writing posts like this help give my own clarity on the situation. Through writing I can finally realize that I know and what I don’t. Trust me, dating is the stuff that I’m most passionate about, therefore the thing that I know the most about.


The point of this post is to give you much clearer map of how to proceed when things are confusing when approaching women, when you are getting cold reactions and nothing seems to be working.

If you are approaching a lot of women, then you probably only need to change a few things in the way you are approaching. Most likely. Most men are already enough from the very start, but just need to be reminded of that in order to own it in dating, so it’s just a small paradigm shift, nothing to crucial. In this case I am speaking to these “most men” out there. If you define yourself as a complete hard case, as someone whose not bad with women, but just utterly terrible with social interactions in general, then please be directed to my other article.


Most men fall prey to superficial ideals promoted by social conditioning, and even pickup conditioning! They think they need to become something in order to get laid, when in reality it’s about just those small little tweaks in your belief and behavioral system that make you irresistible to women. When you understand this, you will be able to make a lot more sense of your progress and things will become a lot simpler. You will build more emotional resilience and more stamina.


This is a slower more advanced way of doing things..

Unlike “attraction based game” where you make the girl defensive and evasive via relying her to give you a green light,

If you have the belief in the form of the following affirmation then you will find what I’m saying to be obvious.

“Regardless of how the girl reacts to me at first, I know that she will like me if I spend enough time with her, she will eventually grow into me. It’s called The Buckle Effect.”¬†

This is a true self belief and a true knowing that you are a good guy and that you and her can develop something together.


If you are not getting the “buckle effect” then you are probably doing something wrong which is listed below..

1) unhygienic looking 
2) bad dress sense
3) too much energy pouring on the approach. (Too needy)
4) too polarizing (too weird/aggressive/un relatable. 
5) the girl is logistically unavailable (boyfriend is near, she is in a hurry, lives on another continent..) 
6) rushing
7) overcompensation 

It’s actually quite hard to make a lot of these mistakes. Number 5 being one of the most common.

Number five is almost completely out of your control, but the other 6 are not. A lot of the time women become completely unavailable it’s because of something out of our control and we blame ourselves. We blame our skill level, we blame our value, we blame ourselves for fucking up a “perfect” situation without even realizing what’s actually going on inside her head.

That’s why a lot of guys rarely improve their self-esteem when basing it on the results they are getting.

But, if you approach with having this understanding in mind, everything changes.

What I’m saying in this post is more about meta game, or one way of looking at attraction in overall. Something to have in mind when you go about your day to day life, a sense of direction, a certain idea of what your life is about and why you’re doing the things you’re doing regardless of how big or small they are. In that case, pickup then doesn’t become this dominating force controlling all your decisions. You begin to embrace life instead of being this outsider that needs to put on a game face every thing shit gets real.

The point of this post is to create leverage to give you more stamina and more patience. Have more faith in who you are as a man and don’t give up so easily or give into unhelpful beliefs such as “she just wasn’t that into me”.

Time game. 
This type of game in my opinion is the safest way to create a genuine connection with a girl and its due to an equal investment on your part at first and you then being a “special guy” that she wants in her life.

You become that guy NOT from something you do but from a whole heap of things you don’t do..

Let me explain.

pizap (38).jpg

Leverage is key. Stories are leverage. She needs to be able to put together a story about you that seems intriguing. More experience with this approach on dating creates even a stronger belief that women think and feel this way (because then you’ll see for yourself that it’s true), making you more patient, more persistent and more manly in general, therefore you create more female attention on you and have more opportunities.

Rather than running around the club or street trying to get it done in minutes you completely flip the script on your self with this liberating way of thinking. You literally take all pressure off.

Same as night clubs, instead of constantly looking for the right opening or way into the night via a girl who looks either interested or “not too mean”, you let things unfold naturally which has a much more powerful effect.

So what’s the practical idea of all this?

You approach her despite the gut feeling you have inside, you approach her despite her looking like she’s going to slap the shit out of you once you get there. You approach het simply to see where the story is going to go while keeping the possibility of her being into you open at all times. When she’s acting reactive towards you, then she’s into you.

By using this approach, the pressure soon comes off and the need to do and say the right thing will diminish, which in turn is translated in your sub communication, where true “game” lies, making you more powerful and irresistible by default.

The effect this has is subtle, but powerful. She’ll love the story of you and the more time you two spend together, the more she’ll begin to ease up for you. It’s just like in school. Remember how you became best friends with your desk mate? You two probably had not much in common, yet you two eased up for each other since you spent so much time together, went through thin and thick, suffered under the tyranny of teachers. That shit goes deep, creates a positive feedback about the other soldier sitting right next to you and makes friendships extremely easy to happen. Did you know that most people who are desk mates in school are also best friends in real life? That’s pure psychology.

Back to the topic of dating,

Use time game.

Time game, I find, is if you are patient and don’t necessarily “Need” to make something happen, then women will start to slowly make more effort. She will literally provoke you to get some reaction, which will give you another way to hop through her hoops by being non-reactive to prove to be seemingly even more high value than she originally thought.

This is where things become fun and true seduction begins.



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Motivation Is Bullshit

(A really short post to really hammer this into your brain once and for all.)

Motivation is bullshit


All that motivation ever does is it reinforces the belief of you being a lazy fucker that needs motivation to get the ball going. Chasing abundance from scarcity mindset does not work, since it can drop at any second and you’ll end up going back to the beginning.


How about you drop the paradigm of being a lazy individual and think of yourself as a highly functional being with endless potential? Therefore, you stop needing motivation and you’ll start accomplishing goals simply because you can.


As long as you’re operating in a paradigm of scarcity, you’ll never have abundance.


There isn’t just one tomato for everyone, ya know. Happiness is a default state within us.


Let’s say you’re in LA and someone gives you a map of Detroit. Now it does not matter how much you work, you won’t just figure out where you’re at by using that map, because the map is wrong. Same with paradigms and to really achieve your goals, you must switch your mental map. Are you coming from “I don’t have it yet, but I will if I work” , or are you coming from a “I already have it” type of mindset. Now just to be clear, many things in life we do have to work for and we are not just able to assume that we already have it, but every single thing such as this is ALWAYS external such as money, fame, luxury goods and so forth. External things are never needed, or at least to a very small degree, such as food and shelter, but the things that ACTUALLY make us feel good are all internal, and those are we able to have instantly when we switch our paradigms.


Happiness is not based on external values.


Joy comes from within.



To achieve external values one does have to work, but it’s not because he wants to be hapy, but because he already is happy and enjoys the fruits of labor.


It’s not that hard to understand.


I hope this short article answers your question and helps you to get out of this rat race that we call motivation seeking and start accomplishing great things simply because you are able to. Simply because that’s your new identity. Simply because you’re a badass now, that’s dominating his or her own path in life.

No more motivation needed.

Therefore though, how does one be happy without needing anything?

Check out my happiness manifesto for this true answer, my friend.


All that being said and done…

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Speaking from hard learned experience here, my friend.


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Perfect Text Game

This is without a doubt the most asked question I get. It’s not hard to realize why is it so as well, since today’s world has become so comfort driven that going out and meeting girls, taking them home and whatnot is not nearly as effortless as simply texting a girl and asking her to come over. Can’t blame ya though, I’m an avid user of Tinder for about three years now, but only recently have I stumbled upon the most optimal technique that works for getting laid off the internet without actually having to meet that girl in person first.

Also, it’s important to point out that this method works for texting crushes as well, not just for one night stands off Tinder, HotorNot or some other weird dating app. This method that I use is universal and works in general for all kinds of social interactions with girls through your phone. Messenger, Tinder, text messages… one night stands, lovers, soon to be wife…you name it!

Anyways, let’s begin.

When texting a girl it’s important to realize that you’re not going to build much attraction throughout texts. The girl can’t see you, the girl can’t feel your vibe. I used to add tons of emoticons, work on my humor to always be appealing through texts throwing jokes then and there after every message or so, being overly playful and brainstorming to come up with literally anything illogical just to keep her entertained, which in my mind was the same as keeping her interested. This is a lie.

Keeping the girl entertained is not the same as keeping her interested.

You have no idea how many great conversations I’ve had through text, but when I’ve asked them out, they’ve always said no. Like really. Fucking blows, am I right.

As a man you do not need to entertain her. The more you do try and do that, the more she’ll think of you as a texting buddy that’s always available, always happy and always ready to make her day. Sure, it might seem like a fun thing to do, good even, since in this case you are acting as a bundle of joy that’s extremely fun to be around. But guess what? That’s the same as having a dog, a small child or even just a fucking phone. It’s not hard for a young girl to be entertained in our modern world. Funny enough, the more you try, the more you go out of your way to keep the conversation going, the more she’ll lose interest in you due to your neediness and just plain out creepiness. I’m not saying humor is bad, not at all. I’m saying overly tryhard’ish humor, overblowing her phone with messages and long tedious texts with the aim to make her giggle is needy. A man of value already knows he’s high status, he already knows his good enough for the girl. Now think about it…if you had extreme self-worth, let’s say you’d be a billionaire with endless resources, would you spend two hours of your day just texting a girl? Fuck no.

You are already enough. Your texts don’t change that in any way. That’s the frame you should be coming from.

Point number two. Do not be always available. This is soooo key. Basically, what you should be implementing through your texts is being a high value male whose not dangerous to her in any way. Studies show that the biggest problem for males with online dating is that the girl might be a catfish, or in other words – good pictures, fat in real life. Whereas for women the biggest worry is that the guy is going to rape and kill them, and not necessarily in that order. Therefore, sending tons of messages shows utter neediness, which the girl will see as the guy having wayyyy to much need for this one girl, therefore he’s probably not a high value guy since he doesn’t have other options, otherwise he would not pay that much attention towards me.

Text the girl five to ten minutes later after she texts you, or just whenever you feel like it, unless she’s really hard to get hold of, in that case just message her whenever she’s online and ready to have a chat with you.

Third, and the most important point of all – texting is only a mere tool to get her to meet up with you. You are not going to be her next text buddy. You are not going to fuck her through text. You are not going to show her a good time and outdo other guys through text. You NEED to meet up with her in order to create solid attraction.

Now that we have established the basics, don’t be creepy, don’t be needy and don’t always be available, let’s look at some examples on how to text.



From the book “High Status”





Here’s a common flake:


Some simple examples of two of dating prodigies.

When you text a girl, keep it light, keep it simple and most of all – keep it short. DO not be writing long novels back and forth, do not make the conversation deep or anything, just give her a glimpse of you, show her that you care about her, but also that you are able to walk out in five seconds flat without shedding any tears for her. As a high value guy, you do care about others, but you will not worry about things that are outside of your control, such as the girl being too scared to meet up or her having different interests at this point. Our choices are always half luck.

You’ll get laid when luck meets preparation. Not every girl is down to meet you or to fuck you, but you’d be surprised of how many of them actually are. Practise, practise, practise, and when you meet that girl that’s down, you’ll pull it off easily.



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