How To Get Laid As An Introvert

Last night I got this question from a good friend of mine. How does one get laid as an introvert? Since every approach that involves picking up girls that I talk about in this blog seems like it’s meant to the people who have no problem with socializing. The guy that asked this question is a shy person who really struggles with social anxiety, who is not fueled by social interactions and who would prefer to stay home on a friday night to play video games or watch a movie. Are introverted people in this sense doomed? Hell nah!


So, what’s the solution?

Let me start off by saying this. You are what you think you are. If you think you’re an introvert and bad as socializing, then you’ll act like an introvert and are bad at socializing. But, if you think you’re an extrovert and like socializing, then you’ll talk more and be more social. It’s a simple mind shift.

Do you need to be an extravert to get laid?


you do not need to be an introvert to get laid for sure, BUT you’ll be bettering your chances of getting laid more often and also with hotter girls + if you want to be the life of a party, then you’ll need to cultivate at least some of the traits that extraverts posess and use on a daily basis. Traits that have worked for me are positive thinking, putting yourself in the spotlight for a big part of the social event and making sure I would not come across as needy, grouchy or depressed. I do this by adopting a philosophy into my thinking pattern that supports these traits, which makes it easier to keep your “weirdness and introvertness” at bay.

The question you need to figure out is this:

Are you really an introvert?

For the sake of finding out the true answer in the simplest way possible, let’s pretend that you are and go on from here.

The main sticking point every introvert should focus on in their life is to feel completely at home at any venue, party and club. I want you to be able to hang out at the club rubbing shoulders with sales managers in smoking tuxedos and purple playboy shirts while you yourself wearing house slippers and snorkeling gear.


The trick to this is to go out enough and put yourself in uncomfortable situations as much as possible untill you’ll stop caring and begin to feel at ease. Some say there is a simpler approach to insecurity, by going through medidations, positive reinforcements and mindfulness, but in all honesty – brutal experiences, acting against fear is really the best way to go about it. The results will vary from person to person. Here’s some good news – expect to be making enormous progress each day. We are not talking about 1% better by the day, for an accurate representation think 50-100% better by the day. Sick progress, for real.

Maybe, once you’ve achieved the level of a zen master at different venues, you’ll realize something. Maybe you’re a self proclaimed introvert and all you really needed was a little push.

All this being said, there are people who tend to reload their batteries when alone and vise versa (you know who you are). I don’t believe this is something we can choose, yet it’s something we can create after long periods of time spent acting and thinking one way or another. From a psychological point of view, this concept mainly comes down to your childhood experiences during those first 7 years, how you’ve been brought up (have you been brought up as an introvert or an extrovert) and which side you relate with the most.


Even though we can’t really choose whether we want to be social or not just out of the blue, we can choose our perception and what we think is going to happen and how are people reacting to us. And, perhaps the most important point, we can choose how our life’s philosophy, of why we’re here and what we value the most in life. You can be an introvert, yet still choose to love socializing and talking to new people, making friends, creating connections and being a fun person around others. This is something we CAN choose no matter which personality side we might identify with. The ability to be able to talk to others and also enjoy every single minute of it comes down to you.

If you think you’re an introvert, but you also think you like to socialize, then you’ll socialize. It’s just that it might take a little bit more energy for you than for an extrovert. You might not be able to gather energy as you go about meeting people, but you can arrange your life in a way that when you hit up venues that are filled with potential new partners and other connections, you’ll be set to approach and enjoy your time with them.


Think of yourself as a phone. You do not need to have your ass stuck to a charger at all times, only during nighttime or even an hour or so from your day if you’ve been really busy. A phone also works when it’s not connected to any sort of power supply, battery wise of course. Same case with introverted people. The fact that you are losing energy when socializing does not mean your life is over. It’s just a feature of yours that’s not a big deal and can easily be played around.

All this being said…

Do YOU see yourself as an introvert?

Yes? Then read the following:

You’ve seen yourself as an introvert and that’s the meaning you’ve placed yourself around, therefore it’s the way you have acted. Due to the label you yourself created. But what if you didn’t see yourself as an introvert? What if that label would suddenly change? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes having fun with people? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes to offer value, do cool shit and experience life? What if you believed in yourself so much that approaching strangers and asking for their number would not be your small little victory, but instead be theirs? What if you going up to that girl and asking her out in your mind would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to that girl despite her reaction? If you were a freaking celebrity like Leo or Brad, would you really be gaining more from the interaction than the girl from you? No, that girl would run home crying, texting and calling all her friends while hysterically screaming “Brad Pitt just asked me out!”

What if you saw yourself as that cool guy that’s not winning himself, but that others are winning the lottery by you simply approaching them? Wouldn’t it be nice to make someone’s day (or even life) by doing this simple act of saying “Hi?”

Now that’s up to you, man.

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