Fuck Learning Pickup, Do This Instead

A buddy in mine was left devastated yesterday over the fact that a girl who he got along with extremely well, meaning they had an absolute blast together, ended up rejecting him in the end trying to go for a makeout. You might ask why is that so. Like, if it seems like the girl loves hanging out with you and if she’s having a great time, why would she reject and friendzone you. Well, the reasoning for this goes back to the ancient rule of attraction.

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Girls are attracted to guys of higher status, the ultimate trait of manliness. 

If you’re expressing yourself as a high status man would, then creating rapport with the girl has already been done for you. Guys tend to think that in order to sleep with a girl you need to be likeable, which in turn leads to being agreeable on anything. Guys tend to think being nice, friendly and offering good emotions will get them the girl. Its like you can never disagree with someone, you can never have a conflict with someone. This is a lie.

If you want to create true investment with women and true attraction on a deep level, then it’s not about being the source of good emotions, it’s about being the source of strong emotions.


When a fuckworthy guy is talking to her, she’s already feeling strong emotions, making creating rapport and trying to find things to talk about simply pointless, since they don’t really help or serve any purpose. To bond with someone and create friendships you do need to create rapport, but to be fuckworthy and make girls wet you just need to feel yourself being fuckworthy and stop going out of your way to entertain or impress some chick, because a fuckworthy guy would not even bother to compromise his own style in order to be likeable.

A fuckworthy, high status guy already brings so much impact on the table by just being there that you do not need to do all the external, witty pickup tricks. All the work has already been done for him because of who he is and what he’s built himself into before the interaction even happened.

Therefore, learning pickup is not so much about coming up with clever lines that will make girls wonder if you’re a comic or something, nor is it about keeping the conversation going or being at the right place at the right time. Learning pickup is mainly about becoming that fuckworthy guy, that high status guy without actually owning any external values that society encourages you to have in order to be complete. Learning pickup is about implementing those traits of fuckworthiness in your head, not outside. As a matter of fact, this is exactly what my book teaches.

Hope you enjoyed this.


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