The First Kiss With A Girl You’ve Just Met

When I look around, I see people struggling with their approach anxiety, being afraid to put themselves out there due to low self-esteem and self-worth.  Then there are guys that have HUGE entitlement and think they deserve every girl out there, yet have no sold actions to back it up, and I’m talking about body language and pickup skills. There is also a big group of guys that think they do not need to improve and therefore end up sucking with social interactions, failing to create arousal within the girl and fail to present themselves as a man in general.

My sticking point, however, has always been the same. The first kiss.


For some fucked up reason I’ve always found it hard to go in for the kiss and as many of you already know from my book, that first kiss between you and the girl you’re trying to seduce is almost the biggest stepping stone towards creating strong and meaningful attraction between you two. Sure, you have probably seen me pull girls without kissing them or seen girls chase guys without the guy doing anything to even seem appealing to that specific girl. Those things happen and are entirely dependent on that specific situation that you’re in, but in most cases kissing the girl you’re with before having sex with her is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL.


After dealing with this problem for years (yes, that is correct) I finally found out why it was so. The reason was actually very simple. My frame was just not optimal for the attraction or in this case, the kiss, to take place. I did not have a clear goal in mind, like what I want from the girl and what I’m even doing there in the first place, which was mostly caused by me being overly keen on Eckhart Tolle’s books and practising the power of now without having a clear purpose in mind. Sure, you can feel happy and satisfied when being in the “power of now” zone, but the kiss is not going to happen if you do not implement that shit yourself, and to do so one must have at least a clear destination in mind of where he wants to go with this girl. My frame at that time was to just enjoy every moment and experience the present, but I got too caught up in it and forgot to work towards my future goals, which is this case were to improve my seduction skills and eventually have sex with lots of women.

So in the end my failure to kiss the girl on a date even when she was into me came down to these simple principles:

-Lack of experience (obviously)

-Lack of purpose, not knowing what I was there for, not having a clear sense of where I want to take this.


But hey, I make mistakes so that you guys would not have to!


Oh and one last thing.


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