Ambition Kills Creativity

Ambition Kills Creativity

I’ve been away from my computer and all technical devices in general for few days now. People have been telling me to take a break and clear my head since the new book I’m working on is going to be a killer, especially in the way how it’s affecting my mental state. I’m burned out. Writing over five thousand word daily plus going over my old material to correct errors is truly taking my breath away. Yet, going on a vacation made me realize how much I really hate holidays.

Most of us work for these days, the days where everything is easy and nobody makes you do anything you don’t want to do. For most of us, these are the days to live for. However, the more you praise free time, the more you’ll start to hate work, which is an essential component of any kind of success.

Great success is the combination of hard and smart work.

I’ve found that those of us who really look forward to our vacation, to the days when we can forget the troubles at work and just let go, those of us are not perfectly aware of what life is about. Those are the people who follow instead of being a leader. By leading I do not mean bossing people around, making others do your work. Not at all. By being a leader I mean living your life the way it’s the most pleasing to our human nature.

It has come to my attention after doing some research, especially on the books of Osho and most importantly, his book called Creativity. Osho was a mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher from India, who was also praised by millions of people around the world. His stuff is quite advanced and can have the ability to make the ones that are unaware of the subject of self-improvement to completely fall off course. However, if you’re able to fully understand his teachings, then you’ll perhaps find more wisdom than any other self-help guru is able to provide.

What Osho describes is our creativity and where it comes from. It is his understanding that every single human being is born as a creator. We are made to carve our own path, to find out destiny and do what we find pleasing. Our society does not allow this. In reality, it actually does, and quite perfectly if I might add, but the method for accomplishing this is hidden and therefore also missed by a great majority of us. We tend to follow because we’re thought to follow, but according to Osho and many other eastern beliefs, it’s not in our nature. We’re born as creators.

Another great point made in the book was this:

Ambition kills creativity.

An interesting idea to play around with.

Ambition is about you, creativity is about something you want to share with the world. Focusing too much on yourself will put your desire to better something or someone out of the picture.

I had hard time with this. Still do. As an ambitions person I found this concept really hard to digest and even accept. However, the more I think about this, the more I start seeing how it might be one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard. Whenever I think of myself, what I can achieve, how big can I be some day, how many lives am I able to influence and so on, I’m using my ambitious side. But when I’m all about just letting creation flow out of me, to give something without expecting anything in return, I’m working from the state of ultimate creativity.

Whatever you might think of this idea, it does not really matter. What does matters is your focus. Putting too much attention on your own needs will make you produce less valuable content while only caring about expressing your true personality and giving all you can without wanting literally anything in return will make you produce the best kind of content you could ever create. The trick is to not worry about what you need, but about what others need, and then simply do everything in your power to provide it. This kind of care will make you rich, famous and powerful. This kind of mindset will make you someone who creates trends, not just follow them. We supposedly all have it inside of us and it’s also essential to find true peace of mind.

In my opinion…maybe we do, maybe we don’t. Whatever the truth is, it’s worth trying out for yourself. Once you find and accept what you truly want to do in life, your craziest dream whatever it is, you’ll be able to dive into the full state of creativity.

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