How To Reach Financial Freedom And How It Translates Into Success With Women

“Confidence and secureness comes from knowing who you are. That’s why it’s important to have at least some sort of knowing where your life is headed. You do not need to know every little detail on how you’re going to do this or that, but knowing what you like and what you would like to do is a good start.

Once you figure out your purpose, you’ll start to value your time. This is one of the most useful and also attractive traits to have.

Women love a guy who know what they want and consider him valuable. And valuable men respect women, who know what they want. Valuing your time is knowing what you want and going for it.”


There are people who are familiar with the concept of not wasting time and making the most of it, but they use this knowledge in a wrong way. For an example I have friends, who are extremely hardworking people, but they put all that energy into something that does not really help them to get ahead in life. For years they work on a dead end job with low pay putting a good amount of effort into it always coming home exhausted and too tired to do anything else. For someone, who values new experiences or has an idea what to do with that money and knows that it’s the most optimal way — this is probably the way to go for some time period. A majority of us have no particular plans and will most likely end up on a job like this for the rest of their life just thinking that hard work will pay off or not even thinking anything at all.

Hard work pays off tremedously, but we need to direct the energy in the right direction. There is a huge difference between trying to walk endlessly for months with a bag full of gold into the store to sell it since the market is far from the goldmine, not to even mention all the threats and occasional natural disasters that might occur and figuring out in which direction the train station is and getting there fast and safe in just a few days. If money is so important to us, then putting our energy into self-development and understanding the world is much more useful than being a brainless robot with few basic skills working small wage for the rest of our lives and in the end probably not even getting close to financial abundance that we’re so desperate to have.


If you really think about it, then you’ll realise that the reason why we want to make loads of money is because we want to prove something, or we think we need luxury goods in order to feel happy, or we want to impress our parents or the opposite sex…

You could sum it all up by saying that we want to become rich in order to feel like we are enough. Well, that’s one way of doing it, and by far not the best one. As long as you’re depending on something that’s external, outside of yourself such as money and looks and girls and so on, then deep down you’ll always be scared of losing it all, because if you lose it all, then you’ll have nothing and be worth nothing…at least in your mind. Therefore, never be completely happy and constantly living in this state of passive fear.

Sounds terrible, right?

But how to fix that?

The answer is about as deep as it can get.


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