How To Create Deep, Everlasting Change

The moment you start to live your life in a way that’s the most pleasing to you, that very same moment is the very same moment when your friends, family, girlfriend and boyfriend, basically everybody that’s close to you, will start condemning you for your choices and the actions you’re about to take. Yet, change is necessary. It is our way of life to always keep moving and evolve even if it cannot be seen with your own eyes. Evolution happens slowly, all we can ever do is to set our course and trust the process. But to stand still, we are giving away one of the greatest gifts this life has to offer. Progress, which will provide ultimate satisfaction. We don’t need junk food nor drugs. We just need the right mindset, and everything else will start to flow in the right rhythm towards the right destination. Keep in mind that what we believe to be right is really the right thing. There is no ultimate answer or if there is, then our generations won’t find it. What we have is our perception, so let’s make it a powerful one.


Humans do not embrace change. We love to talk and think about it saying one day everything will change for the better, one day we’ll be on the right track doing right things for the right reasons, yet we never do it since change is fucking terrifying. Change will test you and everybody else around you, since one person taking action will affect the ones around him on a deeper level, because the responsability for their own actions falls right into their own lap thanks to the influence your bravery and the ability to say “fuck it” has. You’re taking action towards becoming something new, something better, and that is tremendously horrifying for the people around you. It puts the pressure on them, since you doing so to improve your life is the manifestation of one simple rule: our life is one hundred percent our own responsibility, and the further you go on this rabbit hole the more your dearly beloved ones feel insecure and will try to protect their ego by making you feel bad about your choices. It’s not that they don’t want you to succeed, they just don’t want to feel as a failure themselves, which is far more powerful thought than the idea of seeing your good friend, son, daughter or even parent succeeding going through mist of change and becoming something that’s far greater than they could have ever imagined. Change is scary. But, staying the same without improving for one’s entire life is in the long run much more dreadful. We tend to not think about it. We are not ready to sacrifice our current state of “okay” emotions to feel worse even if it’s a necessity to get to where we desire to be at. Transformation follows pain. Pain is necessary. Pain is not abysmal, rather divine. Now, it is very important to realize whether we’re in pain due to right reasons that will get us ahead, of are we in pain just because we’re afraid of what’s behind the next door, and would rather live in fear and sorrow than to face whatever comes through the doorway. The person who is fearful of change, never will change. But if everyone could do it, then it would not be special. This is why we admire winners. Winners have the ability to say “fuck it” and do their own thing, pouring their heart into their beloved endeavor and work towards the dream like there’s no tomorrow. I often see these athletes who experience heart failure on the playing field and suddenly drop dead. Despite it being a sad sight to experience, it is also really damn beautiful in its own way. That athlete has worked his ass off to reach a higher ground and now he pays the price for it. Yet, if you’d get a chance to ask him if it was worth it, he would most likely say he’d do it all over again. It’s sad, yet glorifying. Death gives life meaning. And to waste one’s life on embarking on endeavors one does not enjoy and will not provide any value not even in the long run…that’s the definition of wasting your life.


There is no denying of a fact that some perceptions are more powerful than others. Operating from hatred towards women can get you tons of dates with a happy ending simply because you’re an alpha who does not take shit from females and who stays on his own path. That’s called being extremely masculine, yet at the same time also incredibly stupid. It works, yet it is most certainly not the best route to embark on. Hatred is a powerful emotion and will empower almost any endeavor of your choosing, especially in sports and business growth. You need this killer instinct to be able to succeed in such nasty business. However, there is two sides to every coin and believe it or not, balance is where at the ultimate happiness formula really lies. To be able to realize that this world can be a nasty place and that people are willing to cross anyone at any time to save themselves from horrid experiences, yet still accept them as they are. This does not mean we should not have anger and not hate anything, because that’s just suppressing the emotions that will eventually form this bubble that could go off at any moment and destroy your entire life, starting from your perfect little perception. I mentioned before that one is supposed to create her own perception of how she chooses to see life, and to make it into a strong idea, a powerful philosophy that’s pretty much untouchable. Every single lie is touchable since it can never be completely solid, so the only thing left for us to do is to find the truth, or at least discover enough of it to realize what this life of ours really represents.



I can tell you right now that I do not have the answer to everything, nor does anybody else on this planet. With all these complexities that the universe holds it’s impossible to really get to know the truth. Realizing this is the truth, believe it or not. Our beliefs are not rock solid, since they are always based on a lie, be it as small as it can. We do not know everything and probably never will, but fully understanding this idea will put us back in touch with our existance. Accepting this fact will make us realize this truth of nothing is true and anything can so easily be flawed. Therefore, according to this, the most powerful philosophy I’ve been able to find, we should still work for our dreams and have opinions we believe to be the honest truth, yet in the back of our mind still understand that our ideas can easily be false, and most likely is. It’s the philosophy of absurd, of embracing chaos and uncertainty. It’s to fight for what you believe to be right, because everyone else is despite not knowing for sure. Life is like a game that holds no specific point, yet everyone will create them anyway and work hard to make others bow down to their own ideas due to psychological complexes of needing power due to being powerless, looking for approval from the wrong places and so forth. Our perceptions are flawed, and realising this without falling into depression and self-loathing will be your ultimate destination, if you’re looking to find the good life.

Believe whatever you want, but realize how fragile this truth really is. Don’t run away from it, but simply embrace it. We make mistakes all the time. There is nothing wrong with putting your faith in a lie, since we all are doing so on some level or another. So it is the question of are we all doomed, or are we all simply fine in this way, being flawed, or much simply said – being human. I’d much rather refer to believe that it is what it is, and it is fine, which can also be a lie. Which is also fine. Perfectly fine. Every single perspective that exists in this world is perfectly fine. It’s just that some perspectives are more optimal for our mental growth and most of all – for our happiness.

I choose the fucks I give.


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