How To Get Laid As An Introvert

Last night I got this question from a good friend of mine. How does one get laid as an introvert? Since every approach that involves picking up girls that I talk about in this blog seems like it’s meant to the people who have no problem with socializing. The guy that asked this question is a shy person who really struggles with social anxiety, who is not fueled by social interactions and who would prefer to stay home on a friday night to play video games or watch a movie. Are introverted people in this sense doomed? Hell nah!


So, what’s the solution?

Let me start off by saying this. You are what you think you are. If you think you’re an introvert and bad as socializing, then you’ll act like an introvert and are bad at socializing. But, if you think you’re an extrovert and like socializing, then you’ll talk more and be more social. It’s a simple mind shift.

All this being said, there are people who tend to reload their batteries when alone and vise versa. I don’t believe this is something we can choose, yet it’s something we can create during long periods of time. This concept mainly comes down to your childhood experiences during those first 7 years, how you’ve been brought up (have you been brought up as an introvert or an extrovert) and which side you relate with the most.


Even though we can’t really choose whether we want to be social or not just out of the blue, we can choose our perception and what we think is going to happen and how are people reacting to us. And, perhaps the most important point, we can choose how our life’s philosophy, of why we’re here and what we value the most in life. You can be an introvert, yet still choose to love socializing and talking to new people, making friends, creating connections and being a fun person around others. This is something we CAN choose no matter which personality side we might identify with. The ability to be able to talk to others and also enjoy every single minute of it comes down to you.

If you think you’re an introvert, but you also think you like to socialize, then you’ll socialize. It’s just that it might take a little bit more energy for you than for an extrovert. You might not be able to gather energy as you go about meeting people, but you can arrange your life in a way that when you hit up venues that are filled with potential new partners and other connections, you’ll be set to approach and enjoy your time with them.


Think of yourself as a phone. You do not need to have your ass stuck to a charger at all times, only during nighttime or even an hour or so from your day if you’ve been really busy. A phone also works when it’s not connected to any sort of power supply, battery wise of course. Same case with introverted people. The fact that you are losing energy when socializing does not mean your life is over. It’s just a feature of yours that’s not a big deal and can easily be played around.

All this being said…

Do YOU see yourself as an introvert?

Yes? Then read the following:

You’ve seen yourself as an introvert and that’s the meaning you’ve placed yourself around, therefore it’s the way you have acted. Due to the label you yourself created. But what if you didn’t see yourself as an introvert? What if that label would suddenly change? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes having fun with people? What if you saw yourself as a cool guy who likes to offer value, do cool shit and experience life? What if you believed in yourself so much that approaching strangers and asking for their number would not be your small little victory, but instead be theirs? What if you going up to that girl and asking her out in your mind would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to that girl despite her reaction? If you were a freaking celebrity like Leo or Brad, would you really be gaining more from the interaction than the girl from you? No, that girl would run home crying, texting and calling all her friends while hysterically screaming “Brad Pitt just asked me out!”

What if you saw yourself as that cool guy that’s not winning himself, but that others are winning the lottery by you simply approaching them? Wouldn’t it be nice to make someone’s day (or even life) by doing this simple act of saying “Hi?”

Now that’s up to you, man.

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Fuck Learning Pickup, Do This Instead

A buddy in mine was left devastated yesterday over the fact that a girl who he got along with extremely well, meaning they had an absolute blast together, ended up rejecting him in the end trying to go for a makeout. You might ask why is that so. Like, if it seems like the girl loves hanging out with you and if she’s having a great time, why would she reject and friendzone you. Well, the reasoning for this goes back to the ancient rule of attraction.

pizap (34).jpg

Girls are attracted to guys of higher status, the ultimate trait of manliness. 

If you’re expressing yourself as a high status man would, then creating rapport with the girl has already been done for you. Guys tend to think that in order to sleep with a girl you need to be likeable, which in turn leads to being agreeable on anything. Guys tend to think being nice, friendly and offering good emotions will get them the girl. Its like you can never disagree with someone, you can never have a conflict with someone. This is a lie.

If you want to create true investment with women and true attraction on a deep level, then it’s not about being the source of good emotions, it’s about being the source of strong emotions.


When a fuckworthy guy is talking to her, she’s already feeling strong emotions, making creating rapport and trying to find things to talk about simply pointless, since they don’t really help or serve any purpose. To bond with someone and create friendships you do need to create rapport, but to be fuckworthy and make girls wet you just need to feel yourself being fuckworthy and stop going out of your way to entertain or impress some chick, because a fuckworthy guy would not even bother to compromise his own style in order to be likeable.

A fuckworthy, high status guy already brings so much impact on the table by just being there that you do not need to do all the external, witty pickup tricks. All the work has already been done for him because of who he is and what he’s built himself into before the interaction even happened.

Therefore, learning pickup is not so much about coming up with clever lines that will make girls wonder if you’re a comic or something, nor is it about keeping the conversation going or being at the right place at the right time. Learning pickup is mainly about becoming that fuckworthy guy, that high status guy without actually owning any external values that society encourages you to have in order to be complete. Learning pickup is about implementing those traits of fuckworthiness in your head, not outside. As a matter of fact, this is exactly what my book teaches.

Hope you enjoyed this.


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The First Kiss With A Girl You’ve Just Met

When I look around, I see people struggling with their approach anxiety, being afraid to put themselves out there due to low self-esteem and self-worth.  Then there are guys that have HUGE entitlement and think they deserve every girl out there, yet have no sold actions to back it up, and I’m talking about body language and pickup skills. There is also a big group of guys that think they do not need to improve and therefore end up sucking with social interactions, failing to create arousal within the girl and fail to present themselves as a man in general.

My sticking point, however, has always been the same. The first kiss.


For some fucked up reason I’ve always found it hard to go in for the kiss and as many of you already know from my book, that first kiss between you and the girl you’re trying to seduce is almost the biggest stepping stone towards creating strong and meaningful attraction between you two. Sure, you have probably seen me pull girls without kissing them or seen girls chase guys without the guy doing anything to even seem appealing to that specific girl. Those things happen and are entirely dependent on that specific situation that you’re in, but in most cases kissing the girl you’re with before having sex with her is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL.


After dealing with this problem for years (yes, that is correct) I finally found out why it was so. The reason was actually very simple. My frame was just not optimal for the attraction or in this case, the kiss, to take place. I did not have a clear goal in mind, like what I want from the girl and what I’m even doing there in the first place, which was mostly caused by me being overly keen on Eckhart Tolle’s books and practising the power of now without having a clear purpose in mind. Sure, you can feel happy and satisfied when being in the “power of now” zone, but the kiss is not going to happen if you do not implement that shit yourself, and to do so one must have at least a clear destination in mind of where he wants to go with this girl. My frame at that time was to just enjoy every moment and experience the present, but I got too caught up in it and forgot to work towards my future goals, which is this case were to improve my seduction skills and eventually have sex with lots of women.

So in the end my failure to kiss the girl on a date even when she was into me came down to these simple principles:

-Lack of experience (obviously)

-Lack of purpose, not knowing what I was there for, not having a clear sense of where I want to take this.


But hey, I make mistakes so that you guys would not have to!


Oh and one last thing.


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The Easiest Way To Connect With Girls (And People In General)

Perhaps the easiest way to get a girlfriend and to connect with humans in general in such manner of which they see you as the most charismatic, open and fun person in the world is to actually GIVE A SHIT about others.

Don’t get me wrong here, not giving a fuck is the most powerful idea in the world, but this idea does not revolve around the idea of not giving a fuck about anything, instead it’s about giving a fuck about the right things.


For instance you might get mad over some sleazy salesman scamming you or a homeless person trashing your car. The best option would be to not give a shit about it, therefore have no emotional outbreak. You’d be like “Okay, that’s pretty fucked up and the person that did this is a motherfucker, but fuck it, I ain’t mad.” But to not give a shit about anything means godlike nihilism and hedonism, which in turn will fuck up your life. Drugs, sex and endless alcohol. Might seem fun, but that shit gets old and once you realize this, then it’s too late. But do what you like man, really.

Moving on…

Always try to put yourself into the shoes of others. People are not NPC’s, there’e people, with their own ideas and perceptions. Try to understand what he or she is all about, try to understand that she is also a human – as are you. She is not some goddess that needs godlike treatment. She is not special. She is not a unique snowflake. We are all different, and yet the same. We are all the same meat bags that walk the earth, or as Tyler would say, we are the same compost heap, the all dancing all singing crap of the world. Each and every one of us unique in our own way, yet from an outsider’s perspective the same ant as that guy that’s standing right next to you.



Try to somewhat immerse yourself mentally and emotionally into someone else’s point of view. Be compassionate, yet live your life for you anyway. Projection is key.

That girl you find to be the most attractive girl in the world is not her looks. She is not her bank account. She is not her tight yoga pants. She is not her trimmed amazing looking butt muscles. She is not special because every single guy out there tries to hit on her. She’s a simple human, and as with humans the thing always is – we’re flawed. We take a shit every day. No matter how cool you are, at some point of the day you’re sitting on a toilet trying to squeeze one out while looking overly funny and ridiculous. It’s all natural.

The idea is to put yourself in the other person, and I do not mean this literally, even though this is a dating blog for men. Try to understand the girl, the guy, your parents, your boss or whoever might be in your life. Try to see the world through her eyes. Try to realize why she thinks in such way. Try to see how her thought process works. Once you do that, it’s easy to realize that no person is good or bad. We are just either ego thriven or love thriven, and this last part is in tremendous minority. If you’re ego thriven, then you’ll be just like everyone else that’s trying to gain from other’s disadvantage, some being subtle about it and some open. If you’re love thriven – well, you’ll be the next Buddha.


So how to get a girlfriend, that’s the main question of this post, believe it or not.

Simply. Care. About. Others.


Care about other people, care about their perspective, try to understand it, but on the flip side also try to disconnect your own emotions from their doings. Their actions might be selfish, utterly stupid and maybe even evil, but once you understand where their deeds are coming from, you won’t be mad at all. Have the decency to see humans as humans. If you do that, then your insecurity, you putting women on a pedestal, any kind of criticising and putting others down will be a mere history. You’ll be the man who’s real, who doesn’t fall onto his knees in front of a girl begging for validation. You will be grounded in your own energy and also have this incredible sense of empathy for others, the healthy kind which does not fuck up your emotional state whenever you see or hear about stranger’s death. You’ll be the high value guy.

Understanding and projecting is the key to life. Wisdom is power. 


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Your Friends Are NOT Your Friends

The question is –

Who Are Your True Friends?

Many of us answer to this questions with names such as Mark, Alex, Dima, whatever. But are they really your friends? If you check the definition for the word „friend“, you’ll find „a person who you like and enjoy being with.” Yes, in this case these people who you just mentioned might actually be your friends. But there is another definition. A friend is a person who helps or supports someone or something. This is the breaking point. The people you care the most of, are they helping you to reach your goals or are they rather dragging you down and telling you all the ways your dream can’t work out?


Let’s use the example of a friend that I had. Let’s call him Mike. I used to be fat, almost to the point of obesity. Mike was not as fit himself, but he was definitely not as fat as I was. One day I decided to lose weight and become healthy. Mike pushed me and loaded me up with courage, told me yes I should. He was literally calling me fat so he could feel better about himself. This gave me strength to really go through with it and lose about 40 pounds. I was really healthy and even saw my abs for the first time in my life. When Mike saw me and my success, he began to draw distance from me and even saying I’ve changed. „You’re too much of an asshole“, he said. After hearing that I felt sadness. Not because of what he said about me, but because of the fact that you could see the jealousy in his eyes. We all get jealous sometimes, but the way he did it… he was determined to bring me down rather improving himself just like I did. He could not call me a friend anymore, because every time he saw me, he remembered how he has failed to take action in his life. Mike started avoiding me to protect his small little world from crumbling down.

Later in life I had a realisation with everything else I did that most of the people I knew started to avoid me because of all their failures I reminded them by just being in their sight. You can say that I was cocky. You can say that I was full of myself. Yes. When somebody with a bad stuttering problem loses over 40 pounds and becomes extremely fit, sleeps with hundreds of girls in few years while the other dude struggles to get even one their entire life, writes a book at a very young age and makes more money than all his friends, then yes, you do feel like you are better than other people. What else do you call someone who creates the will to better himself despite of most of his friends just drinking their lives away, playing video games and doing absolutely nothing to get smarter. I would call it a better man. A more successful man. And with success, confidence follows. And confidence is easily mistaken for being an asshole.


Most of the people I knew, I can’t call them friends anymore. I would still hang out with them and for the love of everything in the world, I’d LOVE to help them anyway I can, but they were not supportive, they tried so hard to keep me in the world of mediocrity. They were not my real friends.

I want you to think about your life and the people you spend time with. If they are not supporting you in your goals, just cut them loose. They will keep you down permanently if you let them. You can come back later and help them, but while you’re struggling so hard and need all the help you can get, removing all the people who are negative towards you will help a lot. If you stay on the path of self-development, you’ll meet great people who support each other, because your change will motivate and inspire them. It’s a beneficial for all of you. Besides, it’s in human nature to support each other. Only fools will try to push someone who is actually trying, away just to save themselves from reality and work.

If you’re someone who is ambitious, eager to learn and determined to reach your goals in life, then be kind and treat people with respect. Motivate them when they need it the most and be there for them during dark times. Those, who don’t treat you that way back, cut them loose.


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Ambition Kills Creativity

Ambition Kills Creativity

I’ve been away from my computer and all technical devices in general for few days now. People have been telling me to take a break and clear my head since the new book I’m working on is going to be a killer, especially in the way how it’s affecting my mental state. I’m burned out. Writing over five thousand word daily plus going over my old material to correct errors is truly taking my breath away. Yet, going on a vacation made me realize how much I really hate holidays.

Most of us work for these days, the days where everything is easy and nobody makes you do anything you don’t want to do. For most of us, these are the days to live for. However, the more you praise free time, the more you’ll start to hate work, which is an essential component of any kind of success.

Great success is the combination of hard and smart work.

I’ve found that those of us who really look forward to our vacation, to the days when we can forget the troubles at work and just let go, those of us are not perfectly aware of what life is about. Those are the people who follow instead of being a leader. By leading I do not mean bossing people around, making others do your work. Not at all. By being a leader I mean living your life the way it’s the most pleasing to our human nature.

It has come to my attention after doing some research, especially on the books of Osho and most importantly, his book called Creativity. Osho was a mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher from India, who was also praised by millions of people around the world. His stuff is quite advanced and can have the ability to make the ones that are unaware of the subject of self-improvement to completely fall off course. However, if you’re able to fully understand his teachings, then you’ll perhaps find more wisdom than any other self-help guru is able to provide.

What Osho describes is our creativity and where it comes from. It is his understanding that every single human being is born as a creator. We are made to carve our own path, to find out destiny and do what we find pleasing. Our society does not allow this. In reality, it actually does, and quite perfectly if I might add, but the method for accomplishing this is hidden and therefore also missed by a great majority of us. We tend to follow because we’re thought to follow, but according to Osho and many other eastern beliefs, it’s not in our nature. We’re born as creators.

Another great point made in the book was this:

Ambition kills creativity.

An interesting idea to play around with.

Ambition is about you, creativity is about something you want to share with the world. Focusing too much on yourself will put your desire to better something or someone out of the picture.

I had hard time with this. Still do. As an ambitions person I found this concept really hard to digest and even accept. However, the more I think about this, the more I start seeing how it might be one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard. Whenever I think of myself, what I can achieve, how big can I be some day, how many lives am I able to influence and so on, I’m using my ambitious side. But when I’m all about just letting creation flow out of me, to give something without expecting anything in return, I’m working from the state of ultimate creativity.

Whatever you might think of this idea, it does not really matter. What does matters is your focus. Putting too much attention on your own needs will make you produce less valuable content while only caring about expressing your true personality and giving all you can without wanting literally anything in return will make you produce the best kind of content you could ever create. The trick is to not worry about what you need, but about what others need, and then simply do everything in your power to provide it. This kind of care will make you rich, famous and powerful. This kind of mindset will make you someone who creates trends, not just follow them. We supposedly all have it inside of us and it’s also essential to find true peace of mind.

In my opinion…maybe we do, maybe we don’t. Whatever the truth is, it’s worth trying out for yourself. Once you find and accept what you truly want to do in life, your craziest dream whatever it is, you’ll be able to dive into the full state of creativity.

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How To Reach Financial Freedom And How It Translates Into Success With Women

“Confidence and secureness comes from knowing who you are. That’s why it’s important to have at least some sort of knowing where your life is headed. You do not need to know every little detail on how you’re going to do this or that. But knowing what you like and what you would like to do is a good start. Once you figure out your purpose, you’ll start to value your time. This is one of the most useful and also attractive traits to have. Women love a guy who know what they want and consider him valuable. And valuable men respect women, who know what they want. Valuing your time is knowing what you want and going for it.”

 Johann Rannu


There are people who are familiar with the concept of not wasting time and making the most of it, but they use this knowledge in a wrong way. For an example I have friends, who are extremely hardworking people, but they put all that energy into something that does not really help them to get ahead in life. For years they work on a dead end job with low pay putting a good amount of effort into it always coming home exhausted and too tired to do anything else. For someone, who values new experiences or has an idea what to do with that money and knows that it’s the most optimal way — this is probably the way to go for some time period. A majority of us have no particular plans and will most likely end up on a job like this for the rest of their life just thinking that hard work will pay off or not even thinking anything at all.

Hard work pays off tremedously, but we need to direct the energy in the right direction. There is a huge difference between trying to walk endlessly for months with a bag full of gold into the store to sell it since the market is far from the goldmine, not to even mention all the threats and occasional natural disasters that might occur and figuring out in which direction the train station is and getting there fast and safe in just a few days. If money is so important to us, then putting our energy into self-development and understanding the world is much more useful than being a brainless robot with few basic skills working small wage for the rest of our lives and in the end probably not even getting close to financial abundance that we’re so desperate to have.


If you really think about it, then you’ll realise that the reason why we want to make loads of money is because we want to prove something, or we think we need luxury goods in order to feel happy, or we want to impress our parents or the opposite sex…

You could sum it all up by saying that we want to become rich in order to feel like we are enough. Well, that’s one way of doing it, and by far not the best one. As long as you’re depending on something that’s external, outside of yourself such as money and looks and girls and so on, then deep down you’ll always be scared of losing it all, because if you lose it all, then you’ll have nothing and be worth nothing…at least in your mind. Therefore, never be completely happy and constantly living in this state of passive fear.

Sounds terrible, right?

But how to fix that?

The answer is about as deep as it can get.


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