On Dating…


Dating lots of girls is a great accomplishment. I’ve done that. More than most men.

Having a relationship with super beautiful feminine girls is also amazing. Have done that too.

But there’s no greater accomplishment for a man, when it comes to relationships or anything in life, than to be a man connected to his masculine energy no matter what. A man who doesn’t stop being who he truly is. A man that is strong, focused, resilient, fulfilled and centered, whether he’s single and dating no one, or single and dating many girls casually or in a relationship with the most powerful, beautiful feminine crazy girl you could imagine. Because believe me, if you’re minimizing yourself now while you’re single and dating no one, you will definitely be minimized in a relationship, by your own self and by the woman.



Make this your biggest goal my friend. Forget about being fucking hungry to be in a relationship, or to fuck many women, nothing will fulfill you and make you feel truly free and in power, no matter how incredible the other person is, unless you stop making yourself and your life small, and being pity and judgmental with you. Grab your balls and be a man. Regardless of your current “status”. You are not your status. Your power doesn’t come from your status. Your power comes from who you are regardless of what you have or who you’re with.



Make your goal and priority to be the masculine energy you down deep are, that powerful force that moves forward every single day in one way or another, and doesn’t get stuck in suppression and limitation from others or his own mind, make your goal to be truly free, free of everything that’s killing you, free of having to be in a relationship or out of a relationship to feel powerful and fulfilled.


Want to go deeper?


Have a strong desire to find out more about women?


Do you happen to identify yourself as a guy who’s willing and passionate and won’t give up?




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