Why Are Rockstars Getting Laid So Much? (The Truth)

Why Are Rockstars Getting Laid So Much?

We are all exposed to the fact that rock stars and famous men overall have a big swarm of women who circle around them and are ready and open for a sexual intercourse with them at any moment. It’s like they have this aura around them that just attracts the opposite sex and does it with a major success. Or maybe those guys are just rich and all the women that wish desperately to get their attention, are all gold-diggers? Let me explain you a woman’s subliminal thought process behind all this by using the example of rock stars, since most of them are overly known to have slept with thousands of women.

A rockstar has many quality traits that make him EXTREMELY attractive to pretty much all women. Many of them don’t even dare to admit this, but the more likely the chances of her to sleep with a rockstar are, they’ll most likely take it. Rockstars possess more than just one trait that makes them attractive and puts them in the top list of guys out there. Let’s take a look at what they are.

A famous singer/rockstar/musician…

is expressing his true self through the music he creates. He is putting his personality out there and risks everything. If it’s not fake and also something that he is outside of the stage life, then it’s attractive as hell. Major confidence, not giving a fuck attitude and doing something that he loves for a living. An authentic self. All quality traits of a successful and smart alpha male who knows what he wants and how to get it.

is rich. Money is not the deciding factor here because he is able to provide, it’s more of a signal, an indicator that the guy has mastered something in his life, and therefore most likely has other valuable traits to offer. It’s called costly signaling. When you have the ability to do something that’s considered hard, you signal that you also have other successful traits. The real reason girls said they life humorous guys is not because women actually like jokes, since they could just watch a comedy show on YouTube at any time they like. Women like funny guys because it’s a costly signal meaning people have to use glucose in their brain to exhibit IQ and wit and all that stuff. All humor ever does, is showing the girl that the guy is witty, smart and worthy to keep around. It’s the same with power, money, fitness and all that kind of high class stuff.

is overall cool thanks to his “live fast die young” lifestyle. Girls are designed to follow guys meaning they’re attractive to this function, this leadership like personality. They care a lot more about man’s ability to lead and be cool, looks and money and fame will always be secondary and viewed as a bonus, not the actual reason why to sleep with you. If you have the first level of attractiveness cleared up in your own head and you fall into the category of having your shit together, then these secondary traits will not be necessary at all. Once again, this is a costly signal of a high value guy.

is loved by tons of other people. This is social proof that the guy really is something special. If so many others like and even love him that much, if so many other women want to be with him also, then he must have something to offer, something of high value. Social proof also eliminates the factor of fear, meaning the guy is probably not a killer or a rapist, so the girl will feel much more safer without the star actually needing to prove it.

We can’t deny the fact that there are also many gold diggers that really go for the money, but at the end of the day, they have feelings and emotions as well as the rest of us. They’re also human. So even if they’re going after financial values, they cannot help to notice other traits that I just described and that the stars usually have, or at least signal to have.

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