What This Blog Is Really All About

Many people have been wondering why is there so much content about meditations, fitness optimisation, diet and other self-development concepts in a blog that is strictly meant for dating, especially for men. In fact, some of my last posts have been about embracing chaos, success barriers and even enlightenment!



What the fuck is going on?

Well, first right off the bat let me say that this blog IS strictly about dating and nothing more. Everything that I post up here is about becoming a stronger version of yourself, becoming the best man (and woman) you could possibly be. Even though many of my posts are meant for men only, since they talk about the ways of becoming irresistible to women, most of my content is also extremely beneficial for women too. Many of these attraction laws that I talk about endlessly are the universal truths of what it means to be human, how to optimize your learning curve and get the most out of life.

Therefore, how does it all correlate into picking up women and embracing the lifestyle of a womanizer?

pizap (10).jpg

If you learn the ways of becoming a womanizer, you’ll see how it’s not so much about what you do and more about who you are. Sure, you could have flawless verbal skills, always knowing what to say to a woman, yet that would not work if you did not have the mindset to back up your manhood, so to say.

You see…

Dating is actually very simple, if you follow a couple of universal laws, or in this case – laws of sexual attraction. One of these laws is being the best version of yourself. Now as you see, the things you can talk about in that category are pretty much endless.



Let’s take meditation for an example. 

Mastering the art of meditation and practising it daily will benefit your dating life in a way you cannot even imagine! You’ll become more aware of your surroundings, you’ll be more present to the moment and have this cool guy vibe around you that just makes people want to be around you since you’re so chill, so at ease with yourself, so awake. And that’s rare as fuck!



Let’s take fitness….

Costly signaling, people. By mastering the art of fitness, being ripped, being fit beyond measure will make you look like you’re a winner, a real confident guy who is able to handle tough situations that life throws at you. On top of this you’ll be more confident since you feel stronger, faster and much much more healthier. You’ll overall happiness will be much higher!






The ability to handle chaos…

To be able to handle chaos is a trait only a handful of people on this planet possess. If you learn to be one of them, you’ll be drowning in female attention.



The ability to not give a fuck…

It’s not just about not giving a fuck, it’s about giving a fuck about the right things. Therefore, you’ll filter out the everyday bullshit that makes most of us angry and frustrated on a daily basis, which will ultimately attract more women since you’ll be more confident and sure of yourself since you know what you’re about and what matters in life.


And so on…

You get my point by now. It’s not just about field reports and teaching you techniques to attract women. It’s about becoming a guy worthy of a fuck. And, as I like to always tone out – this blog is also a huge influence for an enterprising woman who likes to be on top of her game!





On top of all this, this blog is packed with beautiful pictures taken in various places of the world to make the experience and the message for the reader even more meaningful.





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