Happiness Within Enlightenment

No matter how many relationships I accidentally screw up on my journey, there will always be a new person around the corner. You’ll never run out of options, so treat life as a playing field, gathering power and knowledge as you learn through failure. No reason to be broken up about life. Simply experience. Respect and value others, but don’t make them anything more than they are meant to be.


Nonjudgmental attitude, accept everyone and show them fun love regardless what their life situation might be. Fight anger, hatred, sadness and anything else with love. There needs to be a click to achieve happiness.

People ask me whether it happens suddenly or throughout some given period, to which my answer happens to be extremely profound. Does happiness come gradually or with a bang?

As an Indian yogi named Sadhguru once said, enlightenment is achieved just as mango fruit is developing over and over again every single year. First it is bitter, as the seeds are still working their way towards becoming the mango. Seeds are quite bitter, as we most likely all already know, however, at one certain point the seed becomes sweet and tasty. It has become the long waited mango. If the seed had not been on its way to become the mango, it would have never gotten there. And if the seed had asked for a result right away, it would not have gotten it right away, but only through pain and suffering, which can be also called deep work. The process of becoming your best self. In conclusion, happiness works the same way.

It happens gradually with a bang.


Some time ago I had to take a step back and see my perspective for what it’s really worth. My goal was to sleep with hot chicks every single day and through that get really good at pickup to be the master in the field of seduction. However, my heart was tired of it and the life that seemed to be so grand from an outsider’s perspective was just a tedious rat race for me who was living it.

There was no pleasure in fucking those girls nor did I find any enjoyment in getting better and making progress at great speed. I was doing the thing many success gurus tell you to do, to push through under any circumstances and achieve greatness whatever the cost, but if the cost is giving up your soul for a cause that you don’t even believe in anymore, then I do not want to be a part of this success. As humans, we go through these different stages of ideals. We think of success and imagine the workload that needs to be done, yet we never stop to ask ourselves whether the success is really what we want.

Maybe we are just looking for happiness, which is most definitely not found in making loads of money or leaving a legacy. Happiness is a state that you’re in at all times, like an energy field that surrounds the individual in both good and bad. Happiness does not make us destroy the dark side, it just teaches us how one lives with it. Hell is not evil nor is heaven good.

There would be no hell without heaven and there would be no heaven without hell. Take away hell, and soon enough heaven will dissolve into two factions of good heaven and bad heaven, which will eventually become the new hell. There can be no good without bad. Life is meaningless without death.


There are no wrong or right answers.

There’s just the answer you choose for yourself.

The way you’ll feel about choosing that answer will determine your happiness in life.






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