I’m Living The Dream Yet I Feel Like Shit

As of today, I finally decided to put all of my thoughts (or at least as many as possible) on paper, or in this case – big ass white electronic screen. The topic is not something I can speak about lightheartedly since it involves both me very personally and also everybody else.

You see…

Although my friends and acquaintances see me as an open person who has nothing to hide, there is still this ONE topic, this one idea that I tend to overlook whenever I’m going deep into my thoughts through some mindfulness meditations. In fact, there is a GRAND possibility of YOU having the same conflict as me within you.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight in!




Lately I’ve been asking myself whether this life of mine is on the right track and I’m sure you do so from time to time as well.


You could be successfully running marathons, writing a self-help blog to help others in need by sharing your own experiences (which is an extremely awarding job by the way), be the author of THREE big books at the age of just 21, and have major success in your dating life, meaning you’re decades ahead of the competition, be that people from your own age or even much older.

On top of this you could be working from home, living the 4-hour workweek routine and make a significant amount of money doing so! Life could not be better, am I right?


You could be doing all of those things and feel like shit at all times. You could have even greater achievements under your belt. Hell, you could be the world champion in bodybuilding at the age of 21! You could be the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, cashing in millions before you’d even figure out what to do with the dough!

Point being…

You could have ALL OF THESE FINEST THINGS in the world, yet still feel like shit because you are not sure about your life’s purpose. You are not sure if the path you’re on is the right path. You are not sure whether you could be doing something much more rewarding and useful for the world. You are not sure if this life that you’re living is worth the sacrifice. You’re just not sure.

We tend to think our problems are unique. We think we are the only ones going through these confusing experiences. We have the nerve to think other people are mentally way better off then we are. We think they’re happy and satisfied with their lives, have it all figured out, and for some reason – we don’t.



If you study human psychology, neuroscience or just think logically about this whole situation…

This is most certainly NOT the case.

The fact is – everyone are scared. Everyone is feeling lonely from time to time, some more, some less. Everyone are feeling as if they don’t belong at least once in a while. Everyone have doubts about whether they’ve picked the right career, whether they’d be better off following their parent’s advice or the other way around, whether they’re wasting time chasing dreams and trying to make magic happen with a very low success percentage, such as becoming the lead actor in the next marvel movie and so on.

Everyone is confused, scared, insecure and have doubts about their life. To actually find a person that has it all figured out…good luck with that!

Hence the following question:


How to solve this situation?

How to solve the unsolvable? By trusting your gut, realising that anything that we do in the grand scheme of things is actually perfectly okay, recognizing the times that we find ourselves asking such answerless questions and simply stop.

Whenever you get these periods of insecurity, use the advice that Barney Stinson gave us:


Referring back to the line that I said before about life could not be better, and then calling it wrong…

Life is already tremendously good! Whether you’re a broke jobless student or a multimillionaire, life is all about your perception. Problems always stay, they just change in quality. I remember one time going home with this girl from a club and feeling like an utter loser since I did not pull another girl to have a threesome back in my apartment. Yet, two years ago I was the happiest man alive simply because I was able to stick to my diet for one day. Rewind the clock one year before that and you’d see me even happier when I found out that I could actually man up and say “Hi” to a stranger on a street!

Do you see what’s happening here?


Problems never go away, they just change in quality. One guy could be happy over staying true to his diet for a day while the other guy tears his hair out for making a bit less than a million dollars from this last deal he ran.

Therefore, coming back to the first question that I pointed out in this article – are you on a right path?

It’s not a “yes” or “no” or even “I don’t know” question.

There is no answer.

By realizing what’s actually going on and getting to the root of the cause, we fix the problem, BAM, just like that.


Here’s the book that will take your dating life to a whole another level.

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