Start Loving Chaos Like It’s Your One True Love

“Chaos makes us move. It makes us think on a higher level, because it feels like our time is limited.”


Best ideas come while you’re under the pressure. Many of the greatest businesses such as Disney, Burger King, Microsoft, Apple, 20th Century Fox, Electronic Arts and many many more were founded in the period of great depression. Using that knowledge we can make an assumption that chaos is insecurity, that was caused by uncharted territories such as the economic downturn and arising opportunities.




For the ordinary people chaos may refer to any state of confusion or disorder. For people with a strong vision and goals in mind, people who have The Spark in their eyes, see chaos as opportunity. Chaos is the perfect situation to make something extraordinary happen whether it’s associated with business, fitness or something else entirely different.  Let’s just say for the sake of making a point that you’re a fitness guru and love working out. Imagine yourself as a bodybuilder back in 1930s. Back then there were no people like that or if there were then they were certainly not accepted by the world’s community. You would have been so different from everyone else. And being different and controversial creates value. Everyone would be so curious about you. You would be hated by some, but also loved by many for following your dreams and goals. And I’m not even talking about all the health benefits that come from exercise! You would have been one of the first people to do something like this and if you were also excellent at it, you’d be a sensation, most likely one of the leading figures in this revolution! You could be an icon if you started your own gym chain. Trust me, someone in that kind of position would have all the tools in order to achieve something like this. Sure, you’d get criticised a lot, but that comes with greatness. Every single person who’s been great, has been criticised more than the average person could think it’s possible.




So why is chaos so useful? If you stay cool under the pressure, you’ll be like a 9000 pound stonebrick in shitstorm. Nothing could move you, because you have a vision. And since most of the people would be in panic (let’s use the great depression period for an example), they would look for someone who has his shit together and follow that person by either working for him or just taking his advice for granted. This is why chaos is one of the best times to start new trends, business chains such as Starbucks, Walmart and so on. If you’re not into business, chaos can be used to raise your authority among your friends, relatives, pretty much everyone who know you. Because when the shit hits us, most of the people lose their cool and those who were not cool in the first place, go even in a darker place. If they see you being grounded and sure of yourself and also using the time to create something in value, they will latch onto you like a virus and look for guidance. They are not going to say it to you like I write here, but deep down in their consciousness they are looking for just that. And I don’t mean it in a bad way! That’s just the beauty of the human mind. And the person, who knows how to use it to their advantage, will be MUCH better off than someone who does not use nor even see it.


Loving chaos takes a special kind of human being. Someone, who is determined to succeed and understands the way life works. Chaos is a wonderful period for growth, making the most of your life. So when the next storm occurs, make the most of it. You will not get a better opportunity.

The darker the night, the brighter the stars.

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