True Love – Is It Real?

As a pickup artist, as I’ve studied this craft amongst psychology and philosophy for tens of thousands of hours, I’m telling you this right here, right now, to avoid any confusion: Love is very real, but not in the shape or form of what most people believe to be true. True love of your life, love at first sight or anything other of that matter is not the right interpretation of life. A person who believes those things to be true has only seen one side of the coin, or chooses to ignore the other one on purpose to feel better about his or her own life situation. However, love for living, for people, or in other words the desire to choose to focus on the positives and realize that life is what it is, is the only form of love that can exist in this world. Truth is real love, and it is a deep truth for sure. One is not able to explain this point any better than with these simple words – life just is, the meaning of it comes from our own perspective, which is accumulated through our experiences since the very moment of our existence.


This can sound like major bullshit to so many of you, yet it is the best way I’ve been able to handle this matter, of explaining you how the so-called “enlightened” ones see it. And I am not a guru, do not mistake me for being one. I am not a cult leader of any sort, nor do I belong in any. I simply am.

So yeah, love between two people can exist only if those people have their interpretations set on it. A blind man who is unable to see the world meets a girl who has never had any gentleman callers in her life, those two meet and feel this deep connection between themselves due to both of them having this deep need for human connection, both romantic and friendly. Since those two can exist simultaneously, they feel this deep urge to be with each other. You can call it love, sure. I call it simple psychology. Well, probably not so simple to many of you.

You either love life or you don’t. If you only love parts of it, then you enjoy pleasure of some sort, either dwelling back to your past and recreating those moments, or you’re out for stimulation of pleasure. There are more options that have the possibility to be the reason for your own explanation of why you live as you live, but I don’t find it to be useful to be written down here. They’d probably be, but let’s be honest here – I’m just too fucking lazy to list them out. It is my passion to spend time on doing the things that hold great importance to me, and this, sadly, is not one of them.


Love is either a psychological reaction that requires for us to be in the right place at the right time, or it’s a lifestyle of how one chooses to live his life. It’s either the decision you make, to be happy and accept people as they are, or you choose to live in deeper uncertainty, reinforce your ego to believe your ideas that later on can extremely easily become your downfall. Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging anyone for their choices, since every single thing that we choose to do in our life is completely fine in the eyes of nature, fate and even ultimate logic. Life simply is, it just exists and that’s the end of it. It’s a free world and the smart ones are free to live it according to their own rules, be they unethical, dangerous or even disastrous to others. We create our reality, so we better make it a strong one that would provide us with the most optimal way of life, to life a life of great quality and enjoy every moment we’ve been given. I sound like a fucking Christian, I know, but there is really not much difference between the ultimate truth and major religions. According to David R. Hawkins, the author of one of the greatest that I’ve read, “Power vs Force”, all major world religions were in the beginning based on a common idea, to live in peace and harmony. It’s just that other’s interpretation of it got out of hand, some even more than others.

But in the end none of this does not even matter. If life just is, then how could anything else hold any meaning in the eyes of a higher power? First off, there probably is not high power, but even if there was, there would still be no meaning. Only meaning is what we give. And human beings need something to fight for, something to work towards and root for. It’s how we have been wired throughout evolution. So even if there is no meaning to life, in order to live a life of great quality one should still live as if there is one. Just understand that it’s not as serious as you might think. That way you’re able to design your life and give it your all towards reaching that dream, and yet at the same time be completely outcome independent and be okay with everything that might happen. You need to have something to fight for, yet accept any outcome despite the occurrences. Embrace your choise fully and do whatever it takes to fulfill your dream, yet also be okay if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason. The perfect balance.

This is what happens when you combine logic with science and art.

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