How To Have Unlimited Power

Charisma is a funny thing. To possess it fully, one can achieve anything. Literally anything. The way we influence others, the way we make them feel is by far the greatest power one could posess, apart from being Superman. Working on yourself with the idea of developing your personality, making yourself more powerful in terms of verbal and nonverbal communication. If you decide to study chemistry, then you’ll the master of potions, you’ll be able to create all kinds of cool shit, but you’re unable to influence people to do this for you. You will be the master of this craft, a really cool craft for that being, but the fact remains –


the master of chemistry. You are not able to posess a person who could do chemistry for you, therefore you’ll have to take matters into your own hands and do the work on your own.




Let’s say you hate chemistry and decide to become an engineer. And you will, you’ll become a wonderful engineer, a handy craftsman who can fix just about anything. On top of this you’re also able to create even some new stuff, invent all kinds of cool shit that the mankind could use to move forward in life, to evolve into a more advanced era, become more sophisticated species. You might even with a Nobel Prize! You’ll be considered as one of the greatest minds of all time, and that’s all thanks to your wise choise and will of becoming a grand engineer. Yet, the fact still stands – you’re the engineer. You’re not able to control anyone else to make stuff for you, so you’ll do it yourself. Don’t get me wrong because you’ll be awesome at it, but it’s not anybody else doing the job for you, it’s just you doing the work.


By now you probably see where I’m going with this. A person who high charisma, a person who’s really fucking influencial and so-called “special”, IS ABLE TO influence others to work for him and not in the literal way. A person like this can make specialists of their own craft look up to you, to seek for YOUR approval, to want to socialize with you, to be your friend, to pick your brain because you make them feel in such way. Charisma is a universal trait that will make people want to see you and meet up with you over and over and over again. They want to share their life with you. Now why the fuck would anybody say no to that? Professional self-help gurus say a man can only master one field in his or her lifetime. But when one masters the subtle art of charisma, he’ll master them all. Now this is what I call unlimited power.


My own person guide on how to become charismatic:

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