How To Become Unreactive To Bullshit

Being unreactive to anything that’s external is perhaps one of the most powerful concepts one could master in the dating game.

It’s the state where you simply do not care what happens at all and are completely drawn into the power of now, harnessing energy as you go and having no outcome dependence or any kind of insecurities at all.

It’s the state of where you become the watcher. You no longer practise picking up chicks, nor do you sell yourself to get something from the girls.

You become the game. 


Think of a table.

Does the table care, when you analyse or judge or just look at it? Does it flinch, get nervous because it’s in the spotlight?


The table does not care. He just stands there so that stuff could be put on it. You could say or do whatever you want to it, but it just does not care.

You will not hear any talking back or trying to the table justifying its actions.

However, what would a person do? What would you do?

You’d probably get a bit nervous and start thinking whether the things the other man is projecting from you are positive or negative.

It’s okay, almost all of us do. Especially when the criticism is coming from an authority. It’s like you trying to write while someone stands right nearby and stares at you the entire time. In those situations it’s really difficult to focus.

I belive this is something we can really learn from inanimate objects. They don’t care what others think about them, because they can’t. They have their own job in our world. So do we. We are unfortunately not born with the ability to not care what others thing about us, so we need to create it ourselves. It’s up to us whether we let others discourage us.

When we reach the point where everything that’s not useful to you is nothing but a background noise, you’ll possess the power of being rock solid.


Is being rock solid just about not caring what people think of you?

In a way, yes.

It’s the ability to be yourself without letting others shake your mental state with their words and also moving in the direction of becoming better because you understand how life works.

It’s about being an unstoppable force, being someone who is ready to take on anything that life throws at you on the road of following your dreams.

How to follow your dreams? A person becomes what he thinks about.


If you wish to be rich, you’ll be rich. If you wish to be famous, but don’t think it’s possible for you, you’ll never be famous. If you don’t even wish to be anything else, then you will not be anything more than you are right now.

The only trick is to really want the things you desire and wish them exclusively, not just wish hundred other incomparable things at the same time. Focus on a handful of things and once you get them, expand.

Wishing something so strongly that you’ll stop at nothing to get it, is being Rock Solid. And being rock solid will get you laid and beyond.

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