Genetics VS Environment

We have been conditioned in two ways:



Genetical conditioning means that we look like our relatives. Environmental conditioning means that we are shaped by the environment that we spend our time in.


Think of this for a moment. A baby that was born and lives in a favela in Brazil would be speaking portuguese when he or she grows up while having probably no knowledge of the english language. When you take the same baby when it’s born and make him live in London, he will grow up speaking english while most likely not knowing any words in portuguese. Why? We are programmed with the language that we’re surrounded by.

We are also programmed with the lifestyle we’re surrounded by. In prisons, most of those who we let out, go back into prison in few years time, because the rate of re-committing a felony is around 85 to 90%.

Three percent of our population earns 97% of the money that’s being earned. Why is it so?


In our brain we have certain beliefs known as paradigms. They have been created by the different environments that we have lived in. It’s just like the example with a baby. This is why our influences plays a big role in our success, not necessarily the education we get in schools. There are so many people who know very little about mainstream education. Many millionaires, even most of them, have skipped university, college or even high school. So if the education is not the key to success, then what is? It’s our brain’s paradigm. A paradigm is the environment for our thoughts. Our thoughts shape our actions. Rich get richer and poor stay poor. It’s about having a winner’s mentality, understanding that everything we do and how we think is in line with our paradigm.

In schools we are constantly reminded that we need education to be successful in life and that it’s highly important to study well. Without understanding how the attraction of success works, a person who gets only A’s throughout all education facilities, will only know how to be a good worker, a slave working on achieving someone else’s dreams.

Independent thinking is something that’s entirely new for those people.


If you go around the street having interviews with random people, ask them about their job, having kids and life in general by just using one question – why, then I can guarantee you that the answers will be same for 99% of people you’ll meet. The answer is that they do not have an answer. Why? We do not have the foundation for having an answer. We inherited the beliefs without questioning them, we did not originate them. It’s a part of our paradigm. Paradigm is culture. Culture is nothing but a group habit. Group habbit is again a paradigm. If you change one of these things in this circle, then everything will change.

When we get past our cultural differences, then people are essentially the same. The paradigm is controlling us. The social conditioning is affecting our paradigm, our belief system. Our belief system is the way we do all things. If we could control our paradigm and make it ourselves into what we want it to be, then we could be anyone we like, work anywhere we want, marry whoever we choose, live the life we’ve always wanted.

Here’s what nobody really tells you. We can shape our paradigm. It’s really possible. Let’s say we want to be in the 3% of the richest people in the world. How does one do it? This is the point where the paradigm has to be changed. In order to do so we need to step out of our comfort zone, develop new habits and start thinking positively. When you do this, then your life will change in an instant. It’s not even the matter of working hard, it’s all in choosing what to belive in. Everything else will follow after you’ve created a solid belief system. People say it’s tough to be a hard worker. That’s just because their paradigm is not the same as someone’s who is a hard worker. If your paradigm is all about being a hard worker, then for you it’s not hard at all. It’s totally normal just like going to work is ordinary for so many of us right now. You won’t even question whether we all should work or not at all, you’ll just do it. If you have the paradigm of working hard and also negativity, then you’ll be working for most of your life while feeling terrible. If it’s however positive, then the same thing applies, just with a positive mindset.


The point is that every paradigm can be changed by shaping our actions. It all starts with changing few habits. You don’t become a success over night, but you can change your habbits (quit smoking, drinking, read books for an hour every day etc) in a heartbeat by just making a solid transformation that’s backed up with persistence, which is also a paradigm. By doing this, soon enough you’ll have success and belive me, it’s sooner than you expected.

(How to develop new habits? Simple. New actions repeated over and over again.)

Everything is a paradigm. Positivity, negativity, working, being broke, exercise, social interactions, relationships, school, learning. Everything. And it all can be changed according to your choise. Be your own programmer.


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