How To Become “Hot” As a Man

True self-esteem comes from living up to your own values.

It’s one thing to just go around and say “I’m the most badass person alive”, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually feel such as you’re living up to your values and feeling like the most badass person alive. As we say in the dating industry – you can’t successfully fake your way to the top. Faking is a great method for you to get started and get a strong push towards the end goal, yet it is not a flawless technique that will last. For any beginner, going out and telling to yourself statements such as you’re awesome, you’re the greatest person alive and the girls you’re gonna hit up will be the most luckiest women on the planet purely because they get to experience you, and so on. It really fucking helps.

But, as you go about your journey and reach deeper, more advanced concepts, already being in the top 1%, but trying to reach even higher, what you’ll find is that “fake it till you make it” method will not be sustainable.

During those times, let’s call them the advanced concept for an advanced level of man, you’ll find that simply faking will not cut it. You’ll actually need to live up to your own values and beliefs in order to get that authenticity and charismatic flow around you. Once you’ll do that, then you’ll be equipped with an impenetrable aura that holds the secret to magnetic attraction.

It is one thing to go around and think I’m the shit, I’m awesome and so forth, but if it is not rooted in an adherence to a set system of code of conduct values, ways that you want people to view you, ways you want to be viewed by the world, the image you want to put forth, then it is not going to be legit.

When you are living up to your own values, let’s say you value being in shape and you are in shape and you value staying true to your word and you are doing so, then you’ll get that core confidence that comes from living up to your own standards. That’s when you have that true ability to be indifferent when you’re approaching a beautiful woman. You’ll no longer be worried about others liking you, because you’ll have an awareness that everyone does not have to like you. That’s when you’ll get labeled as that hot guy.


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