What I Learned From Tai Lopez

It’s amazing how the reticular activating system (RAS) and our ability to rationalise our behaviour is so powerful that our brains will rationalise almost anything that it thinks is in our best interest. If we get to a point where we have become addicted to the laziness, our RAS is going to activate in such way where we are going to justify the laziness. We rationalise laziness to ourselves with a set of lies and half-truths. Any time we lie to yourself, what will happen? What happens as we build further beliefs on that foundation? More lies. It becomes just like a spider’s web. We begin to build on the foundation of lies. The blocks that are used to portray the truth, do not fit in there just like with legos, otherwise the tower would fall down. It’s scary to be lazy, because eventually we’ll go crazy with all the fake beliefs you have developed about yourself, people around you, and the world as a whole. We lose sight of what we really are.

Once we have gotten addicted to the motion of laziness, it has entered into our body. It wants to self-perpetuate. That makes us develop the need for the lies in our lives in order to keep our world from falling apart. This is why it’s so difficult to bring people out from negative thinking. They don’t want to leave because it’s somewhat comfortable to stay in lies. It’s a fantasy world where we can choose to not have the problems that we otherwise would have to deal with in the real world. In result of this we fall too far off from our path continuing to lie to ourselves about the reasons why we are doing or not doing something. The older you get, the harder it is to change your mind about something you’ve been believing for a long time. It also gives us an idea that we have been living in a lie for so long, the feeling that life has been wasted.

The only way to come back from this mindset of lies is to be forced out of it where it’s too damn painful to preserve the laziness and lies. This is done by either realising how powerful our minds really are, or waiting for the moment when we’ve had enough of living like shit. It’s also one of the coolest points of hard work – it brings us back to reality. When we take action, we’re forced to see reality and ourselves for what we truly are.


A movie called “Trumbo” is one of the best examples I can give you about realising what’s happening and in result of this working your way to the top. When you work, you’ll see the reality. When you see the reality while also having a positive mindset about it, you’ll create quality.


A smart person thinks big and outside of the box. A smart person is clever and takes risks. Do not confuse it with fact knowledge and book smarts.


Tai Lopez

A hugely successful entrepreneur called Tai Lopez has brought my world to levels I could have never imagined of reaching. One of the main things he talked about was his definition of having everything – the good life, as he calls it. It included mastering four areas in your life – health, wealth, love and happiness. I do respect the guy alot, he has a great concept about creating success and he is amazing at sharing the ideas that he has. However, I do have my own version of having everything.

In my mind, the good life can be achieved very easily. Good is a word thrown around very often. If you’re doing mediocre also known as „fine“, then by the standards of society you’re already living the good life. „Buy our products and you’ll feel happy! “ Does this ring the bell? I bet it does. Chocolate, fancy clothes and everything else like that are in the same category. I do think these things can make us feel better, but by relying only on these types of stimulations, having everything is quite impossible to achieve. We can compare it to consuming junk food. It brings us joy for just a couple of minutes untill we’re done with it. Basically what I’m trying to say is that the happiness coming from external stimulation. It’s situational and cannot be relied upon. Once we’ve done eating it, our situational happiness is gone and replaced by regret. We’ll begin to justify our decision of putting junk into your body by saying stuff like „once in a month is totally fine“ or „its okay, I deserve it.“ This creates a habbit of needing things outside of ourselves just to feel happy. If we were completely honest, then we would know what is the right thing to do. The realisation can take a lot of time, years even to realize the things we do wrong in our life. For so many of us it takes a lifetime.

In my mind, having everything can be translated into living with a goal in mind. Not just an idea, but having a solid vision. Once we achieve it, we will not feel complete so we’ll look for something else to improve on.

While you’re working your way to the top or while mastering a skill, you’ll feel a high that you can’t get any other way. It’s the feeling when you’re about to finish a marathon for the first time in your life having only few seconds left and feeling on top of the world. It’s the feeling of bettering yourself and becoming stronger. It’s possible to feel that way all the time by doing anything anywhere with anyone by just having a vision for your life, knowing what to do and doing it! If everything we do is aligned with your end goal, then it does not feel like work, it feels like living. For me, in life there is no better feeling. This is what I call having everything. Not actually having the thing you want yet, but walking on a road that leads to it. At the end of the day things do not provide happiness. Only our minds have that power.

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