No Title Needed

“I often praise myself for doing exactly the opposite of what’s expected of me.
People get a job working at a bar, I go borrow money and triple it playing online stock market.
People say writing books is dead-end and that I have zero talent in it what so ever, I go and publish 3 of them without even having the slightest desire to be a writer.
People say you should be nice and respectable, I go ruin relationships both my own and others just to get a kick out of abusing my powers and showing you what’s possible. I’m not trying to preserve peace, I’m all for creating a powerful and entertaining story.
I’ll always be doing the opposite just for the sake of not having the upper hand. People say it’s wise to fit in and be rational about your life such as making money, building a family and taking care of them, but I chose a different path.
Without following the traditional path and not sharing the same values as others – I’ll always have power over everyone that do. You can’t buy me since my perverted pleasure comes from beating you in your own game. You can’t threaten me since I have nothing to lose.
I’m a power junkie.
Gurus say this is the last step before enlightenment and soon I’ll be able to let go of this life, these desires and accept everything.
Maybe. Maybe not. Why spend your time even giving a fuck?”

Published by

Johann Rannu

What happens if one extremely motivated guy decides to devote his life to learning the art of seduction and social dynamics? I'm the living example of this. I'm a professional pick-up artist, dating coach, freelance writer, psychology&medical student. So far, my life has been extremely versatile and the experiences I've had and my will to share the knowledge I've learned from them will help any of you to reach success in dating, with your fitness goals and all of life in general. Feel free to ask me anything, I'll happily answer to all of you guys.

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