Should You Take Breaks From Work, Training, Hobbies…

Since I’m also an athlete, I’ll start off by sharing with you a simple example.

In bodybuilding, you’ll destroy the muscle while lifting heavy weights like dumbbells, barbells or anything heavy and then growing it back stronger while you’re resting from the workout. If you skip the rest period, the muscle does not have the chance to build itself back stronger. If you skip your rest period and take on another workout too quickly, you’ll be tired and also weaker. Basically you’re going to have a terrible training day without any physical improvements. This is why nutrition, sleep, and taking some time off between lifting sessions are an absolute necessity in sports also apply to other aspects of life.

In order to be an effective learner, a good night sleep is strongly required so our brain could process all the information it received during the day. If we don’t sleep, then we can’t apply our highest performance the next day and the information we learned during the time we should have used for sleeping, is exteremely wasteful.



Another concept is to take some time to do other things between studying like playing sports, working on something creative, talking to friends or just even reading a book. If you are thinking about one topic all the time without any breaks, you’ll burn out and are ineffective. Sure, you might learn some useful stuff, but it cannot even be compared to the knowledge, that your brain on full power could suck in. Without breaks we become dizzy and probably are going to miss a lot of information that could be read between the lines. Being fully rested, eager to learn and free of the bullshit of „needing“ to succeed is your brain on full power. We don’t „need“ to succeed. Success is just the product that comes with growth, which is a big part of our happiness. This makes growth extremely desired. As you see, it’s not all about getting a good night sleep. It is also about taking some time to do other things with your life. To have hobbies to get your mind off the important things, to recharge your brain, so you could be highly effective when you work on your goals. The trick is to make your hobbies relaxing, but also effective and helpful with your work. Let’s say your job requires you to be competitive. By picking up any kind of competitive sport for your free time, you’ll stay in the zone of trying to be the best while also getting health benefits and being more attractive overall both mentally and physically. Everything we do should be aligned with our desired end result.

Many motivational speakers say we need to focus on our work all day, every day with every single drop of energy that our body produces. In my opinion a really bad advice in the long run. Without breaks and rest periods our brain will suffer and begins to work with low power if not recharged. This means we will miss many of the creative ideas that could hit us. In result of this the idea may never present itself again. It’s like most of the professional writers always say: You get distracted once and you’ll miss the greatest idea you ever had.

Taking some time off to rest is essential to be fully functioning and giving your all in all your endeavours. Giving your all does not always mean working 24/7. It means working consistently while your brain is on the highest power. At least this is the best case scenario. Sure, you can be successful by working like an animal without any breaks, but if you’re able to do this, then you can also do it the smart way. Having breaks and still being successful is just good time management. It’s a skill. A learnable skill. Think of the people who climb Everest. Even tho the time limit is tremendously short, taking breaks is still in their schedule. So must we all, because the energy levels fluctuate all the time. It’s not just one full power ride from the start to finish. Life is a marathon. In order to be fully functioning on the highest level and also be happy – balance between working and resting is extremely necessary.  



Think of Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins.

Bruce needed to take some time off from everything he held precious just to rekindle the light inside himself that was about to be diminished.


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